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Assorted goings-on:

  • "Unharvest," a new poem by [personal profile] gretacabrel at Thirteen Myna Birds

  • Great match between Berdych and Nadal last night (Indian Wells quarterfinal). They are two of the fittest guys on the tour, and the shotmaking got crazy-good, including an exchange of smashes in the tiebreak.

  • Covering the overnight shift at Room in the Inn tonight. I love it when the guys and I can spend the evening watching sports on TV - yay for March Madness!

  • Via [insanejournal.com profile] lore: manga collector sentenced to six-month term; Digital Manga and other publishers/distributors canvassed for responses

  • The proceeds from BPAL's Fifteen Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot (inspired by the Neil Gaiman short story) are donated to the The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

  • There's a poem in Alison Luterman's See How We Almost Fly called "The World Card," which begins:

    I always wanted the World card,
    naked androgynous figure striding the globe,
    adorned with laurel and lightning bolts...

    and oh, how it travels, all the way to

    I wanted to cross the sky and come back
    bearing dead stars in my hands, fossil fuel
    for poems. I wanted to inhale God's breath
    till it singed my lungs; to be used up by love,
    to hang from a tree by my heels.
    "Be careful," the old fortune-teller advised me shrewdly
    at the shop where I paid her ten bucks
    to turn the deck over in her ringed, swollen fingers.
    "It's not always a good thing, you know --"
    but I wouldn't let her finish. I didn't want good,
    good was too small. I wanted the world.
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