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(Sixty-volume lot currently going for $40; bidding ends for this item May 11. Other items on offer include critiques from authors, editors, and agents; one-of-a-kind annotated reading copies; Melissa Marr tattoos; etc.)

Personal update: May 6. Since then:

* Still a water shortage -- I "washed" my hair with Israeli talc this morning -- but plenty of bottles/jugs available at the Turnip Truck, so we're managing. It feels oddly decadent to be rinsing my knives with bottled H20, but needs must.

* Dried floodwater = muddy, stinky flakes. Ugh.

* Baked nine loaves of apricot bread for my church's Herb Fair. (Officially donated six -- the first three came out undercooked, which I realized only when the bottoms fell through the cooling rack. The one bloody time I follow the recipe instead of my gut...)

* Still doing battle with the ficlet I started a week ago. I think it's a meta essay wearing a PWP costume. *headdesk*

* Need more sleep, and then I need to rehearse / crunch numbers / copyedit 'til I drop. Onward!
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...I don't visit Facebook often, but the Nashville Weather Penis page had me howling. (And it's now up to 6889 followers. *snerk*)

My favorite comment, from May 2 (the day the rain and rivers did their worst): "We're all having to take it in the basement."