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First UU Nashville hosted quite the ordination this past Sunday. There were multiple quotes and allusions to Wonder Woman, including in the program:

Rev. Robern's love of science fiction and pop culture was acknowledged and celebrated throughout the ceremony, including the charge to the minister (delivered by a colleague from Idaho with "Black Lives Matter" among the emblems on her stole). One of the readings was a passage by Octavia Butler. Her stole was brought to the with a Disney beach bag as its carrier (she and her partner had eloped to Disneyworld when they decided to make things official), and the stole itself featured Scarlet Pimpernel motifs on the front and allusions to various franchises (Star Trek, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy) on the underside. The music included "Spirit in the Sky" (from Guardians of the Galaxy), "Turn the World Around," and "Mystery" (which the subject line of this entry comes from).

For the buffet, I contributed a pair of dragon cakes (using a mold Musigneus had given me several years ago). Still working on my painting game, but it's improving; if I'd had more time (i.e., if it had occurred to me earlier), I would've tried harder to mix a turquoise to match Singing the Journey.

mixing cake paint

Because the colors were for dragons, I used smoked rum as the binder for the Pharaoh Gold powder.

Pharaoh Gold cake paint

And because my sense of humor is twenty kinds of inappropriate, I picked Devil's Food as one of the flavors. Hence Yellow-Bellied Dragon and Devil's Food Dragon:

yellow-bellied dragon cake

devil's food dragon cake


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