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[personal profile] bronze_ribbons visiting the Do the Write Thing For Nashville online auction: all the offerings are writing/publishing/reading-related, all proceeds will go to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee flood relief efforts. Please visit early and visit often - new items to be added daily; bidding open for only three days for each offering.

Thank you in advance for helping out any way that you can. As it happens, I'm typing this with black and blue fingers - the result of peeling apart and blotting hundreds of photos rescued from a friend's flooded-out house yesterday afternoon. I could wax poetic about, say, peeling apart sodden envelopes now marbled with the streaks of the images they were supposed to shelter. Or about the ghostliness of inscriptions that now exist only as mirror images of themselves, the floodwater erasing them from their original surfaces and imprinting them on the photo or sheet that happened to be adjacent to them. I could go on and on, but I was up all night and I couldn't save everything, and while I knew going in that I couldn't, and that whatever I could do would be more than would get done otherwise, it's still wrenching to know that the stains on my hands are in the end a mere fraction of what my friend has lost.

On a happier note, my birthday is this Sunday, and the chamber choir will be singing Clausen's arrangement of Songs 8:6-7, which has been my favorite pair of verses in the Bible for nigh upon twenty-five years: ... Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.


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