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My weekend so far, fandom edition:

  • Prompted [ profile] r_grayjoy with "marshmallows" and one of my favorite HP characters. Her response (with [ profile] eeyore9990's help, I'm told): Mischief Unmanageable (MWPP, G, 315 words). Hee!

  • Trading lewd and silly haiku with [ profile] brit_columbia in the comments of Sexy Boys, a FAKE one-shot PWP that I think some of you would dig even if you haven't read the series (as long as you're okay being spoiled for it): very explicit, dubcon highschool roleplay. (*hears half of the readership shriek "ACK!" and the other half immediately head over there*) Brit is best known in FAKE fandom for her novel-length A New Day, but another one-shot that doesn't require intimate knowledge of canon or the New Day-verse is Sweet Frustration.

  • It'll likely be a couple weeks before I can fit in the reading I need to do for Part 5 of Not As Dumb (some logistical issues need sorting out), but I'm feeling happy with how the episode's going so far: much to my surprise, I finished the first scene (~ 460 words) before breakfast yesterday, and the plot's in the active ferment phase where I'm locking onto new revelations about it and/or the characters several times a day. (Just now: "Oh! So that's how ____ and ___ are related!" As much as I bitch about my subconscious being a pain in the tuchis, it really is smarter than me scary often.)

    I promised some pictures of the drafting process for part 4. Here they be:

    Longhand chunks of plot, February 2009:
    From brain vs bunnies

    I keep a stack of obsolete library signature cards by my bed for use as scratch paper. Earlier last week:
    From brain vs bunnies

    Finetuning a hard-copy printout, Thursday morning:
    From brain vs bunnies

  • Offline, there's been funky weather, the BYM's high school reunion, and assorted other mayhem. It was good company and good food (especially the hush puppies and shot of Absolut Citron at Cabana) but all I want for today is to knock a couple things off the Must Do list and then kick back with either the Sunday Times or a fat book -- specifically Edward Conlon's Blue Blood, a NYPD memoir I bought back in December 2008 (finding it on sale was coincidental, as was the fact that I'd copyedited an anthology with one of Conlon's pieces a few months before, but my interest in it was indeed primarily fueled by my need to know more for "Not As Dumb"). I'm enjoying his style so far:

    For a long time, I kept to myself at work. I said hello to other cops but not much else. I always carried a book with me, slipping it under my vest or in a jacket pocket. When someone asked why, I'd say gravely, "You never know when nothing's going to happen."
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    New words on "Not as Dumb" since lunchtime: 2692. Plus longhand notes on both sides of four old library sign-out cards, and yes, I'm alive to the irony of appropriating them for the purposes of plotting online fic. (I'll post a photograph later.)

    LJ link-farming fail: detailed here and elsewhere. Read more... )

    Anyhow, main point: posting it here as a FYI for those of you who do want to know what LJ is doing with your link-clicks.

    On a happier note, I've indulged in a fair amount of really good fic the past couple of days. The standouts include:

    An Interesting and Difficult Woman. Author currently anon at the hp_beholder fest. Aunt Muriel/Ollivander. 10K, NWS. Splendid depiction of two older people keeping on and playing chess with each other, both literally and figuratively.

    [... and I had another "over 40 kickass female" rec I was thinking of in relation to this, but the bookmark might be on the other computer. Oops...]

    Half the World is Waiting by [ profile] dreamlittleryo. FAKE, Bikky/Carol and Dee/Ryo and others, futurefic, about 5K, PG-13, terrific characterization (including of tertiary characters like Lai). Love, love, love.

    Okay, that's enough tab-wrangling for the moment. Post on wolves and sheep TK...
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    Note to self:

    Do your best. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
    Other people's hangups = their loss, not yours.
    Good things happen when you encourage others.

    (Some of the perennial kerfuffles have got me down. Hence reminding myself what has served me well over the years.)

    And on that note, some recent and upcoming pleasures:

  • I totally have to restructure Day 6 of "The Second One Is Love." This is not a bad thing: it will lead to a better read, my beta rules, and at least I've realized this after sweating a mere 527 drops of blood through my forehead, as opposed to 5,982.

  • Lucie/Vera vs. Tathiana/JJ in doubles. (Translation for non-tennis nerds: high-strung drama queens on deck. I just now realized there's no video coverage until tomorrow, alas, but that means I'll get to whatever I should be doing instead, so win.)

  • Hit for Haiti - California edition. More beer and popcorn...

  • Dr. Fujiwara's Several Surprises, a "Women's Battle College, Isle of Skye" flash fic by Kat Beyer

  • [www.livejournal profile] Nineveh-uk's Moving On, in which Sylvia and Eiluned help Harriet sort out her possessions before her marriage.

  • The Other Way of the World by [www.livejournal profile] candle-beck, via a rec by [personal profile] schemingreader. I am generally not much for Holmes/Watson slash (nothing against it, just not my thing) but this is beautifully wrought, and by that I mean not only is Watson so much the match for Holmes (in multiple senses of that word), there are exchanges such as this:

    Holmes laughed, a crooked humourless thing that smuggled a chill up Watson's spine. "Some hours ago you laid claim to my soul, and now a bump on the head is enough to deter you? O faithless man," and Holmes darted in to steal a kiss off him, a surprise attack.

    Heat stained Watson's face, his mouth feeling swollen, and he stared at his hands fisted in Holmes's shirt so he would not have to look at the man himself.

    "Any other epithet I will take from you, but there is no justice in that one," Watson said quietly.

  • I have good coffee and rum-ginger brownies at hand, which should be fortification enough for raga-rehearsing and spreadsheet-wrangling.
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  • This morning's church service was on gender - Beyond Male and Female - and the main speaker will be teaching a free three-session course on "Understanding the 'T' in LGBT." The sanctuary was packed - in part because there was a congregational meeting afterwards, but also with a number of visitors from the wider community. Good to see.

  • I made turkey-and-zucchini fried rice for dinner, and am roasting chicken tenders & onions for weekday noshing. I also have turkey bao, salmon with couscous, and a mess of noodles left over from last week's meals.

  • Catching some of the Australian Open doubles action on (Sadly, not tonight, as Other Things Need To Get Done, but it's been lovely having the option.) (On the other hand, the dogfight between Kohlmann-Nieminen and Bolelli - Seppi is seriously tempting me. Maybe for the last handful of games... Also, word is that Henri Leconte was imitating Nadal during a Legends match a couple nights ago (after the crowd chant morphed from "C'mon Rafter" to "C'mon Rafa!"). Hee!)

  • Current Fic of Doom is at 3300 words and about 4.1/7 done. There's a sentence that I've been beached on all day, but I think I'm about to shove past it now.

  • Jewels and Jill Elmore's The Family Chef, which happened to be on the library New Book shelf when I stopped by to pick up some manga last week. (And have I mentioned lately how cool it is that my library has a decent selection of manga?) Apparently they're celebrity chefs, but what I've read so far is pleasantly down-to-earth and the recipes look very doable. I'll be getting my own copy of this (I'm a messy cook).

  • Speaking of messy, there are dishes to wash. Onwards!
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  • Sundown being so early last Friday night meant I was able to light eighth-night candles before my overnight Room in the Inn shift.

  • It was a pretty mellow shift, all things considered. We didn't have time to rustle up a more recent movie, but Bulletproof Monk was stupid fun, and while everyone else slept, I whaled through some copyediting and read volume 2 of Antique Bakery.

  • Sometimes it really is timing: when I first tried reading AB a couple years ago, I couldn't get through more than a couple episodes, and had brought along v2 mainly to give it one last try before putting it in my trade-in pile. This time, though, I was grinning from ear to ear. (It didn't hurt that Recipe 9 is a Christmas story. With croquembouche.)

  • This, of course, means looking at what AB fic there be out there. I am so in love with Omikuji, and Cakemate is soooo cute.

  • !@%#$^ vorpal fic of doom is still !@%#@!% vorpal fic of doom EATING MY HEAD. I have nothing to say about it that isn't profane or blasphemous. Moving on...

  • Picked up some sort of lemon-flavored liquid energy shot from Whole Foods back in the summer, stuck it in the fridge, and promptly forgot about it. Tried it yesterday after naps stopped working. Tasted nasty, but damn if it didn't work. But I think I'll try to return to getting enough sleep and brewing strong tea.

  • Things I'd like to get to today, in addition to billable obligations: reviewing some spots I stumbled over when I was sight-reading this year's Lessons and Carols pieces; prepping for the dinner I'm hosting for my beau-pere's birthday; writing some holiday/New Year notes; working on my Penny Experiment art -- oh, who am I kidding, that's more mountain than I can scale today as it is. (Also, we have houseguests. Fortunately, the BYM has been wholly in charge of that, and they all headed out for breakfast while I was still asleep.) Onward!
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  • Cliff Richard's cover of "Lay All Your Love On Me" is far too unspeakably twee for my taste -- but I do love that he changes "smoking" to "tennis" in the line "you've heard me say that smoking is my only vice." And the smirky ball-pop sound he makes at the change, okay, that's nicely done as well.

  • Sauce and Haas are on the list of players planning to show up in Memphis. This makes me super-happy in a packing-my-best-knickers-even-though-no-one-there-will-see-them way. ;-) (The BYM is not into watching other people bounce, pass, toss, spin, or whack yellow/orange/brown/green balls for hours on end. Alas.)

  • Stayed up past 4 a.m. to wrestle with the current, out-of-nowhere plotbunny. I may be am a trifle loopier than usual, but I'm also at 1539 words and counting, go me!

  • Also, I really, really need to restock our fridge (we're out of juice, bread, and eggs), but there be Santas rampaging between me and the grocery stores at the moment, so I'm outright hiding from them until they get themselves downtown. (Of course I haven't been a good girl this year. Derr.)
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    The recs (both by currently anon):

    Open Hand
    Nc-17, Snape/Lupin, 6000 words
    Author's summary: After the war, Severus must decide whether or not he wants to pick up where he left off with Remus, and Remus helps him make up his mind.
    Author's warnings: not canon compliant in that Snape and Lupin survive the war and Teddy isn't Remus' biological child, mutual masturbation, use of Legilimency during sex, desperation, established relationship
    Ribbons's reaction: Superb hurt-comfort, dry humor, a Remus equal to Severus

    "...the media are portraying you as a redeemed anti-hero," Remus said, amusement lacing his voice. "A wizarding version of Heathcliff, if you will."

    Severus rolled his eyes at that and gave an annoyed huff.

    "Well, you are tall, dark, and broody," Remus pointed out. "I dare say you'll have women flinging their knickers at you after this, eager to help you forget the lingering memory of your doomed and tragic love for Lily."

    Remus was giving him a pointed look, and Severus tried not to appear sheepish as he glanced away and picked idly at the bed sheets, grateful he couldn't talk at the moment.

    "Admit it: you were trying to rattle Harry even in your almost-dying moments."

    Severus grimaced and nodded, silently damning Remus for knowing him too well.

    Amor Vitae
    Rating: PG-13, gen, 5K
    Character(s): Flitwick, McGonagall, Snape, Moody, Lupin
    Author's summary: "Some people wonder why Filius Flitwick is always so cheerful at Christmas"
    Ribbons's reaction: I have a soft spot for fics that give Flitwick his due, and this one does so in a way that's both heartbreaking (I was in tears by the end) and hopeful (as befits the season). The author is deft with both characterization and revelation, and rereading it, I keep admiring how s/he shows you what's just happened without over-detailing or over-dialoguing it, if that makes sense.
    Excerpt (and yes, I'm conscious this bit doesn't mention Flitwick at all, but it's the first, short, non-spoilery part that best illustrates why I'll be rereading this story):

    "Anyone else for tea?" Minerva snapped her book shut and got up from her armchair by the fireplace.

    "Not me, thanks," Remus said as he slumped down on the lumpy sofa.

    "What you call tea should be a Class A tradable substance," Alastor Moody growled. "But I'll have some if you're making it anyway. And how often have I told you to take your wand with you, even if you go to the kitchen?"

    Minerva pursed her lips and shoved her wand between the folds of her robes.

    "TIP DOWN! You wouldn't be the first witch to lose a..."

    He was reduced to silence by the arched eyebrow that every British witch or wizard under the age of thirty-eight knew to interpret as a danger sign. "Thank you for your concern, Alastor, but not everybody handles their wand with such brute force that they blow off their..."

    "I think I may have some tea after all," Remus said and got up from the sofa. He was still rather new to the Order of the Phoenix.

    A side-note: I learned about both these fics through the recs of other fans (in this case, lore and pale-moonlite respectively). Please, please comment on the ones you enjoy (even a one-word YES! warms the cockles of most writers' hearts) and rec if/when you are able (even if it's months later) - it means so much to the creators, and it is, in the end, our only means of rewarding them for sharing their gifts.

    The outright squee: LJ: opalmatrix's Appetizing: FAKE, Ryo/Dee, PG-13, 675 words. Prompt was "kissing someone to shut them up - eggplant." GLEE!

    The moan:

    Saints and saeurbraten, the fic-I-am-not-really-working-on-yet is ALREADY being a mejorama epic PAIN IN THE ASS. (And that's without a single mention of cows. Or cream. Yet, anyway.)

    Ok, back to work now. *shoves out-of-control outline into duffel bag and slams the locker door shut, panting*
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    ...from quoting this line from USA Today when it's time to wrassle with my next tennis plotbunny:

    Rarely has the men's game had such thick cream at the top.

    (I'll at least refrain from working in dubious and/or vicious jokes about Juliette the cow. Maybe. The problem is that now that the idea's occurred to me, the anti-guardian angel is already cooing potential punchlines into my ear. Have I mentioned lately that I hate my brain?)

    ETA: Cows lick home, owner calls police. Ribbons contemplates writing a scene in which a herd of house-munching cows interrupt hot top-and-cream action between two prominent tennis players. ...Ribbons suspects recipient of fic would justifiably come after her with an electric prod for answering a perfectly serious prompt with udderly mooronic comedy. *dodges boots and soggy mittens, gets back to work*
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    Dear Brain,

    When I tell you we need to table all fic until Bastille Day, that is SO TOTALLY not your cue to go get hijacked by RPS tennis bunnies. OMGWTFTOPSPIN.


    P.S. For the love of Bartenieff, stop sulking about how slow you are to learn dance combinations. This isn't grade school PE revisited: you've got better hair and clothes, you're in it for the workout, and it puts your rank-amateur classes into perspective. Yes, your butt and belly look huge in the studio mirrors, and you've got the Arms of Complete Clueless Placement-What-Placement? Flail 90 percent of the time, but you are literally twice as old as most of the students and some of the instructors. Your friends didn't have to tell you you looked hot in the short clingy purple dress last night, and yet they did, so shut up, enjoy that, and do your crunches already. Sheesh.
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    Today's NaPoWriMo prompt from Poetic Asides was "travel." I started to write about Amsterdam, but somehow ended up with this:


    Last summer, while in Chicago, I gave away )

    Oh, and I've got two cinquains in the new issue of AMAZE. One of them was inspired by the Japanese Festival of Seven Herbs.

    In other news, all y'all can go ahead and laugh at me: I have indeed been staying up until stupid hours with part 3 of "Not As Dumb" -- and I think it's on the verge of done. (The smut's been deferred to part 4, however - there's a reason I've mentally labelled this fic "The One Where the Characters Will Not Shut Up"...). I'll post it in a day or two (i.e., after I finish this Sunday's sermon, and provided I don't find anything unspeakably irreparable when I go tidy it up).
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    Remember a couple weeks ago, when I begged the boys to go back to their own story and start talking to each other already? And remember how I decided yesterday, oh, how much harm could there be in visiting them for a couple hours before dinnertime?

    ...Here's the weekend report. The story is looking more and more like a six-parter. The fest gods have got to be laughing at me, considering all I had in mind when I claimed the original prompt was a drabble.

    ... and speaking of springkink, the new round of prompts is now available for signup. There are at least four prompts for FAKE (not all of them from me), two for Harudaki, and one for Umaimon Kuwasero available for claiming. No, I'm not touching any of them, but it'd be really cool if some of you did, especially considering the minimum's only 100 words. *is so Not Subtle about catapulting bunnies at friendslist*

    ETA: I keep forgetting to mention that I did finish the Embracing Spring ficlet, and it was beta'd by the ever-encouraging [ profile] geri_chan, who has a story in the fest as well that's both wicked hot and a fun study of several secondary characters (especially given how said characters are notable in how they don't like being secondary, which is admittedly a theme I am myself drawn to). I ended up calling mine "Gimlet"; my working title for the series is "Squeeze," but first I need Ryo and Dee to get to that Crisco. *resumes glaring at characters*

    ETA 2: I'm currently wearing a tank top with the word "POWNED" on it -- it's the name of a heavy metal band for which the painter of my Mom's house is the lead singer. When he saw the logo, my husband demanded, "What's that 'O' doing in there?" -- the same thing I did when I grabbed the shirt this morning. We both spend way too much time online, is what.
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    Dear Detectives Maclean and Laytner:

    Guys, behave already. Enough of your straying into the universe of my Embracing Spring ficlet. I'm aiming for less than a thousand words, so there won't be enough scenes for you to steal (even if the darn thing balloons to two or three K), and it's a Nitta fest, so I'm not about to indulge in an Exposition of Doom to explain how the hell you ended up staking out Roppongi clubs in the first place (especially considering that, in my fanon, neither of you speaks Japanese).

    Do me a favor, please: get yourselves back into the story that IS about you and get on with yelling at each other about what you've each been holding back. I mean it. There's some majorly kinky sex ahead for you, but until you come clean about some of the things you haven't been telling each other, your clothes are staying on and the Crisco's staying in the kitchen.

    [Don't give me that look, Ryo. It'll be worth it. You'll see.]

    Exasperatedly yours,
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  • Today's subject line comes from a poem by Hafiz that begins, "Admit something: / Everyone you see, you say to them, 'Love me.'"

  • 142 words today on Not as Dumb. With yet another OC ambling in from left field.

  • [ profile] geri_chan's comment detailing which dog breeds correspond to various Harudaki characters -- I have no words, because I am still laughing too hard to come up with them.

  • Read scans of Vassalord v3 yesterday, and my print copy of Yellow v1. Also came across scans of a manga titled Welcome to the Chemistry Lab. Who knows if it's any good, but with a title like that, of course I'm going to peek at it at some point.

  • The Talking Library shares a parking lot with a County Clerk branch, which means the congestion's impossible the last and first business day of each month (when people queue up to renew their car tags), so it turned out to be the perfect morning for a 6.5-hour shift: the first two hours were devoted to the Tennessean (which is fading right before our eyes -- the editorial section is literally half of what it was, and at least one funeral home lists its website in lieu of actual obituary details for its clients), and the rest to wrapping up The Red Necklace, which added up to twenty episodes (roughly twenty pages per half-hour).

  • The to-do list is reproaching me, but I am heading to bed anyway: I don't think I've caught the latest whats-it that knocked out at least three members of the chamber choir over the weekend, but I am definitely inordinately achy and out of sorts, in spite of copious quantities of both sleep and dried squid over the past forty-eight hours (in spite of being relatively well-behaved the forty-eight hours before -- I stayed in Friday night to work on a business tax return, and haven't touched any alcohol since Wednesday). I'm hoping more sleep and orange juice and Greek yogurt will do the trick...

  • Chouette! ;-)
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    I got myself up at 5:45 a.m. for this morning's Talking Library shift... only to find out that the sound engineer was dealing with car trouble, and there was no backup, so the reading had to be cancelled. So that was an hour's round-trip for nothing -- but the morning was already pretty, and I beat the school traffic home, even with a stop for gas, so I'm not too cranky about it.

    It also means I got home early enough to listen in on the visits from the cabinet guy and the general contractor, and dived into my second breakfast (leftover fajita fresca), and got going on the current I-Will-Not-Panic-But-How-Did-This-List-Get-So-Long? list, which included refining and posting yesterday's sermon on country dancing.

    On Saturday, I also hammered out a thousand more words on part 3 of Not As Dumb, which brings it up to about 2500 words, plus a couple pages of handwritten notes... and I'm tabling more work on it until after Easter, even though I'm itching to spend more time with it: the images of the whole chapter are so, so vivid and vibrant in my head, but there are at least two major chunks of plot that haven't quite settled into place yet, and a good part of that is me needing to do more reading and thinking about the characters' world. Which I can barely wait to do, but there are other promises that are more pressing, and they'll definitely take up most of March and probably beyond.

    (I admit that my eagerness to get this story done is also because I've come across way too many FAKE novellas that got abandoned mid-saga, and the thought of being lumped in among those makes me inordinately twitchy. But I am a slow writer, and it took me over a year to finish "Just Like Strangers Here" -- which, come to think of it, was a much shorter story with a less complicated plot. Oh, ack. I need just to chill out and do justice to the fool thing once I can get back to it. And Mochimune/Miyasaka is getting deferred to 2010 or 2011, and if no one's still interested by then I'll cannibalize those notes for original fic.)

    On a much more mellow note, the page proofs for my chapter ("The Potterverse and the Pulpits: Beyond Apologia and Bannings") in Reading Harry Potter Again arrived in Saturday's mail. Soon to show up at a library near you! (Or, if not, there's interlibrary loan...) Whee!
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    It's been a skull-squeezing week so far, in both bad and good ways. The bad: food poisoning. )

    The good: progress on plotting 'Not As Dumb' )

    In a private discussion, a friend posted a variant of a 5 things meme:
    Comment on this post and I'll tell you five subjects/things I associate with you. Then you post them in your journal and elaborate.

    Her response to my comment was:

    1. poetry
    2. sermon
    3. joy
    4. Tennessee
    5. ribbons

    my elaborations )
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    Huh. I wrote more than I thought...

    what I wrote/drew )

    what the numbers say )

    Reflections )
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    See this post for header info. This post goes into the wherefore, what-in-the-world-spawned-THAT, gratuitous wibblings/wailings, etc.

    Other Work for Us to Do )

    About the next four stories -- these were all intended as additional rather than primary gifts. Since my wholly optional mission was to scatter some shiny silver nonpareils across the frosting rather than producing the cakes themselves, I could tell my tendency to try cramming kitchen sinks into prompted fics to go circle some other drain (especially since, in the case of the three manga-based stories, I was working only from the info in the Yuletide letters -- the original prompts weren't visible to me until mid-day Christmas Eve), so these got written more quickly and with significantly less self-inflicted angst than my usual efforts.

    Room )

    Witches Can Be Right, Giants Can Be Good )

    Ten Hats and a Gallon )

    Filling )
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    (1) Note to self: when you are doing your best take of Plath's "The Beekeeper's Daughter," it helps to have the mic on. *facepalm*

    (1a) An aside to the rest of y'all: I'm doing a series of poetry readings as a giftie to [ profile] red_day_dawning over at [ profile] red_day_love. (No author tag yet, but clicking the mp3 tag should filter 'em for you.)

    (1b) Some of you should also check out the comm because of [ profile] torino10154's sweet, short Snupin-lets.

    (2) Fic rec: [ profile] geri_chan's Kentucky Fried Christmas (Haru wo daiteita). Spot-on characterization and a nice read on Christmas in Japan.

    (2a) Mini-Christmas Romance fest currently on at [ profile] youka_nitta.

    (3) I'd hoped to finish at least one more treat for the Yuletide fest (not linking at the moment because of server congestion), but between work and church obligations, it's looking less than likely. Ah well. Considering the fandom in question had less than a half-dozen participants (out of over 1600) offering to write for it, odds are it'll be available as a New Year Resolutions prompt, and if it's not, I can always write it as a non-fest fic if the bunny's still alive and kicking after the reveal.

    (3a) Besides, I've posted four full-length stories already. What can I say? So much shiny...

    (4) Very few people come specifically to Nashville for its own sake, but it happens to be on the way to many other places, which is lovely: Monday night, an old flame on his way to Georgia treated me to a glass of hard cider at the Three Crow Bar, and yesterday two friends from New Orleans came by with satsumas, which was cause a-plenty to gather around my momentarily-cleared dining-room table with a bottle of 21 year old Glengoyne (marvelous) and a packet of Planets (meh). Good times. :-)

    Onwards! *blows dark chocolatey kisses at all y'all*
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    *looks at the latest plot that just hopped in*

    *utter horror*

    *scrambles to dodge Imperius*

    [Uploaded my assigned story Friday night (#136!). I have other things due. Brain, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?]


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