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About Francis Sill Wickware's profile of Field in Life:

It was a superior example of snide journalism, and it affronted Field greatly. It also hurt him deeply. The misstatements of fact were perhaps to be expected, but the invention of conversations that had never taken place, or the casual quoting of previously invented conversations, was simply shoddy reporting. (236)

... Much of Field's anger at all this was the contained, glacial resentment of a gentleman who has been near-slandered; some of it was the helpless resentment of any honest man derided by cocky and inaccurate journalism; but some of it was the moral dismay of an idealist pouring more and more of his life to responsible publishing. As an honest publisher he must have felt lonely, betrayed, apprehensive: if a major magazine could do no better in something as unimportant (his modesty would have insisted) as a profile of Marshall Field, where could people turn for any sort of reliable interpretation of the people and events that were changing the world? Part of the answer -- and this he had known before -- was that the press as a whole had no interest in changing the world. Its weapons, from editorial polemics to gossip columns by way of slanted news, were at the service of a comfortable status quo (if not ante quo), and anything that happened anywhere was interpreted in the light of the assumption that traditional American prejudices were the highest possible flights of man's spirit. It was discouraging, to say the least, but it confirmed him in a resolve so simple and naive as to be almost embarassing: he would keep his own life, and his own publications, honest. Maybe it was all that a man could do; maybe it was the least a man could do; at any rate, he would do it. (238)


13/11/13 13:42
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Over in a friend's locked journal, there's a meme prompting one to recollect one's First Sue, Longest-Running Sue, and Honorary Sue.

I don't recall scribbling down any of my fandom-inspired fantasies as a child, but if I had, the First Sue may well have been a vision of myself as one of Encyclopedia Brown's gal pals (i.e., a less tomboy-ish variation of Sally).

My Longest-Running Sue is as Sherlock Holmes's extremely low-profile sister (to the extent that when I joined the Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem, I chose "No Sister of His" as my canonical name).

Honorary Sue: Harriet Vane. Though again, my tendency through the years has been to imagine myself as a character very dear to the protagonists but very behind-the-scenes and between-the-lines in terms of presence and influence.

In terms of publicly available fic, only two Ribbons-based Sues spring immediately to mind -- the messy-haired swot in the University of Chicago French class chez D'accord, D'accord, and the Asian wizard (again in Chicago, come to think of it...) in Outskirting the Dark. I'm more likely to amuse myself by inserting characters who happen to share distinctive traits with the designated recipient; that pretty much started when I was drafting A Face of Faith for the very first Snupin Santa fest (Ellid's love of quilting and singing being an irresistible springboard for the landlady's personality).
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The May-June issue of my alumni magazine has a feature on Jeannette Piccard. Three excerpts that will resonate among you, for different reasons among you:

An interviewer read from [Piccard's] preflight checklist, which included the task "wipe windows." He smiled at her and said, “Everything changes but the eternally feminine.”

"Oh, there was nothing feminine about that," Piccard replied. "That's a safety engineer. You don't take off with dirty windows or windows that will frost up."

* * *

At age 11, her mother asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. "When I said I wanted to be a priest, poor darling, she burst into tears and ran out of the room," Piccard said. "That was the only time I saw my Victorian mother run."

* * *

In 1972 Piccard enrolled at Manhattan's General Theological Seminary, at age 77, intent on becoming a priest if the church ever permitted it.

As it turned out, she didn't wait for permission. In 1974 Piccard was the first woman ordained a priest, part of a group known as the "Philadelphia 11," in an "irregular" ceremony that defied church doctrine.

[What else is on my dining room table? See for details on the grumpy, the goofy, and the glad. Now to my third cup of coffee...]
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songs, words, film, anger )

5. Favourite book and why?
This changes every three minutes. Two minutes ago it was volume 4 of FAKE, because I was spot-rereading it: it contains some of my favorite episodes, I'm almost 1000 words into drafting Part 5 of "Not as Dumb," and it makes me nostalgic for Chicago because I bought it at Myopic Books and read it while staying in a nice hotel while attending a convention where I met too many fun people to list and discovered that I loooovvvve dancing with [personal profile] ravenna_c_tan, and I remember reading the last page of volume 4 and going, OMG, I've got to find the rest of the series now (I'd picked up v2 and v4 because that's what the bookstore had, and [ profile] lore had said good things about the series in her Coming Out of the Yaoi Closet post right before I'd left for Chicago), and whenever I think about that trip I also remember all the faxing I did (I was in the process of selling my mother's house) and [personal profile] marginaliana and [personal profile] valis2 bursting into laughter when they saw my face after Quidditch in Grant Park and the beautiful collage [personal profile] marginaliana later made of a poem I wrote, and sometimes I also remember the giddy e-mail [ profile] musigneus sent me after drafting Not About You and I feel all "Toi and Moi" bouncy about having lured her into reading the series. :-)

(In short, it's not just about the book, it's about the places and people twined into my memories of finding, reading, and revisiting it.)

And ten minutes from now it will be the CMOS... )
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From the Fall/Winter 2009 College Newsletter - an article on dorm/room names:

...there is the Helens' Suite, a gift from an anonymous alumna in honor of her mother, Helen, as well as her sister and herself (Helen is their middle name). "We were thinking it also has a Greek/Western civ/Common Core ring to it as well," said the donor. In a similar vein, two anonymous alumni named a room in honor of Constantemente Funzionando, meaning "constantly working" in Italian.

And finally, the room the undergrads probably fight over: the Room of Requirement, after a room in the Harry Potter series filled with whatever you need right then. Tonny and Fay Soesanto wanted to name a room to recognize their daughter Charlotte's College graduation in 2009, and that was the name she chose. Since the Room of Requirement is on the seventh floor of Hogwarts, UChicago's is on the seventh floor of the seventh house, Crown House.

[A side note: Aside from lack of time, the main reason I'm no longer interviewing prospective students (a volunteer activity I enjoyed for almost a decade) is that there are now so many new buildings and other developments (including changes to the curricula) that I no longer feel I can speak with authority on what the College is like. (I mean, I could if I made it a priority, but reading up on chemistry and Handel happens to be much higher on my list.) I do still review applications for their internship program, which provides the same boost of entertainment and optimism -- it's very, very cool to see what the smart and ambitious kids are up to, and there's the satisfaction of doing my part to match the opportunities to the candidates who will both give it their best and get the most out of it.]

And, at, a photography series tagged "The University of Chicogwarts." Feeling nostalgic for Rockefeller Chapel now. (I lived across the street from the place for two years, and gave its dean at the time a copy of The Compleat Traveller in Black because he shared a name with one of its characters.)
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  • A rec: Frostfire's Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack Harkness/Chewbacca, 3480 words, NC-17, awesometastic crossover goodness:

    "Right," said Chewbacca. "Jack. And what brings you here, besides the blue drinks and the attractive Wookiees?"

    "Well, I wouldn't need any more reason than that," said Jack, "but you know, I have these friends," he waved towards the other two humans, "and they like to travel around and get into other people's business."

    Chewbacca tensed. "How into other people's business?"

    "Oh, they won't do anything unless you're in trouble. Or getting someone else in trouble. Or if you look like you're going to get into trouble or get someone else in trouble." Jack sighed. "So, if you're in the business of getting people in trouble--maybe put it on hold until you don't see us around anymore?"

    Chewbacca thought about this. "Han doesn't like people who stick their noses into other people's business," he said finally.

    Jack gave him a quick, penetrating look. "Oh yeah? And what do you think?"

    "He's the captain," said Chewbacca.

    Jack leaned onto the bar, looked down into his drink. "Right. I know how that works. Get caught up in something, meet this guy, suddenly you're flying around with him in his ship, doing what he does, except whoops, by the way, he's fucking crazy."

    Chewbacca couldn't help it; he started to laugh.

  • Via a friend: science badges. The existence of a "I'm a marine biologist and, to be honest, I kind of f***ing hate dolphins" badge and its manifesto nearly made me spit my tea all over my netbook.

  • Via my alma mater's alumni magazine: a look at an ongoing effort to produce in vitro meat.
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    Today's NaPoWriMo prompt from Poetic Asides was "travel." I started to write about Amsterdam, but somehow ended up with this:


    Last summer, while in Chicago, I gave away )

    Oh, and I've got two cinquains in the new issue of AMAZE. One of them was inspired by the Japanese Festival of Seven Herbs.

    In other news, all y'all can go ahead and laugh at me: I have indeed been staying up until stupid hours with part 3 of "Not As Dumb" -- and I think it's on the verge of done. (The smut's been deferred to part 4, however - there's a reason I've mentally labelled this fic "The One Where the Characters Will Not Shut Up"...). I'll post it in a day or two (i.e., after I finish this Sunday's sermon, and provided I don't find anything unspeakably irreparable when I go tidy it up).
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    The University of Chicago magazine is hosting Peeps Diorama Contest: "...alumni (or their families) are asked to use Peeps — a medium almost as indestructible as marble, though lighter and more malleable — to create a Maroon-themed scene."

    I should start a pool for how many When Harry Met Sally deli scenes they're gonna get.

    ETA: The Village Peeple (image 22). MY EYES.
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    SQUEE! FAKE fic for me! "you, me and none of the others." I have reread it several times already and will continue to revisit it, because it is so good - it's seven vignettes from Ryo's point of view, and I especially love #4, because the interactions amongst the guys at the 27th as well as Ryo's internal thoughts - pitch-perfect. *glee*

    And someone else was kind enough to give me an extra treat in the form of "Shrapnel," a FAKE ficlet. Lyrical, vivid, jaggedly sad, and yet ultimately hopeful.

    Some notes and recs, featuring Lord Peter Wimsey (with major Mrs Climpson), Vicky Bliss (with major Schmidt), Aphrodite/various, Tennant/Barrowman, Will/Bran, Emanuel/Obama, Schroeder (Peanuts), and Federer/Nadal )
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    Now that I've finished bleeding words through my forehead my deathmatch with the most recent albatross, I can finally deal with some photos that've been sitting on my hard drive since mid-August(click images to view larger versions). Dodgy quality (they're from my cellphone) but good memories...

    Chicago - so full of yay! )

    squids! )

    The rec:
    Trubbleclef's A Simple Misunderstanding. Neville/Harry, NC-17, 3187 words, discussion of watersports, Luna being awesome, funny.

    The randomness (because I have got to stash this somewhere, because I am going to want to look this up again, but heaven knows why): there was an article in the New York Times this morning about people whose relatives' ashes are in Yankee and Shea Stadiums,... Read more... )


    16/8/08 19:34
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    Look at what's #1 on Quimby's bestseller list!

    :-D :-D :-D

    (And the preceding post begins with "Wow what a week. I think Erotic Harry Potter Vol 1 may have out sold Watchmen!")

    (And if you weren't/aren't in Chicago and would like a copy, Ravenna has some left......)
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    Since I can't shower, rehearse, and eat at the same time, and eating is the messiest of the three, here's a report. Photos later.

    Played three full games in a row this morning, all as a Beater. It turns out I'm respectable at it, in spite of (1) having never played before and (2) a propensity to trip over the Bludgers. (I'd be even better if I was truly in shape and not operating on con-lack-of-sleep reserves of energy.) The Pixies lost all three games, but apparently scored enough to be seeded Not Dead Last for the quarterfinal, which is nice. My favorite team to play was the Werewolves (their Seeker has "Lupin" on his jersey and is the guy getting married tomorrow at the Leaving Ball (officially and legally - he and his fiancee got engaged during the formal ball at one of the earlier conferences), so now I can claim I've played with Lupin (in something other than my Evil Fic/Comic-Writer incarnation). Anyway, they're competitive but relaxed about it (unlike the Crystal Balls, hp-ohio's team, who brought the "All Stars" from their league), and before our match there was a group "Sexy Dance" in which everyone from both teams got into one big huddle and wriggled our butts while saying "sehhhhhhhhxxxxxyyyyy." (This probably is way more fun than it sounds, but you know, I do want to remember it. *g*) I can also claim to have played with Lucius, since Stephanie (a well-known Lucius cosplayer) was captain. (I'm trying to remember if she, ahem, subbed for me in the afternoon, but it really is already getting pretty blurry.) They also shout "orgy, orgy!" when there's an on-the-ground tussle for a Quaffle. My favorite quote from the morning was one of the Ninjas, who declared, "Our goal is to score -- that's why we came to Terminus for!" *g*

    (Brief description of game mechanics: the Chasers are essentially playing basketball with a beanie and without dribblin. The Beaters are playing field hockey with flimsy plastic sticks and kickballs (an interesting combination, let me tell you). The Seekers run around, trying to stay out of the way of the Bludger and waiting for the human Snitch-carriers to run onto the field, at which point it becomes flag football. The Keepers are goalies in front of three hoops in the air. Since all of this is happening at the same time, it gets chaotic.)

    Anyhow, I did get to see Marginaliana, Drusilla, and Valis briefly after the morning rounds, and the looks on M and V's face when they saw my face were priceless (it was completely smeared with black paint -- I got it all over myself and a number of other players, who took to calling it pixie dust (one of them even rubbed her jersey against my cheek when we hugged after the game)) -- M and V stared, and then they burst out laughing. I peeled away to grab a mango Jamba smoothie (starting to feel a cold coming on, so I'm upping the fruit I consume) and crash-nap for a bit. At the smoothie place, I ended up striking up a conversation with two other Terminus-goers who I hadn't met before, and it was nice -- they mentioned that, being Snape-fans, they were very interested in my reading, although they weren't sure they could make it to 11 p.m. (I did mention there would be baklava, since one of them is also torn between the other reading at that time), so that was nifty. :-)

    (And I just fumble-spilled seaweed-cucumber-salad all over myself. Yep, snacking before showering was definitely the right move.)

    After that, I took the train back to Grant Park. It ended up being the Red Line train, which was being rerouted for... well, I don't know why, but it worked. The Werewolves asked if we would be willing to sub, and then one of their Beaters got hit in the eye with a stick, so I ended up playing for them for a while, helping them handily defeat the FictionAlley Cats.

    Then when it came time to take the pitch against the Trolls, we were shorthanded (the British contingent of our team was frankly somewhat flaky. I ended up trying to call one of them this morning when they hadn't returned for our second match and the phone connected me with a Luke in Wyoming. They didn't even show up in the afternoon (to be fair, we'd considered forfeiting, what with lack of subs and two of the Brits' asthma problems (and they'd forgotten their inhalers), but it'd been decided in the end that it would be more sporting to show up, since forfeiting does mean another team doesn't actually get to play a game)). However, "Lovegood" from the FictionAlley team agreed to be a Chaser, one of the Ninjas filled in as a Keeper during the second half, and several of the Werewolves repaid our subbing by spelling us as needed. And, we were leading by the halftime! But then the Trolls caught the Golden Snitch. Alas.

    But it did mean I got to go back to the hotel sooner. But then my train got stalled at Randolph and Wabash with a minor equipment glitch, so it sat for a while there. *sigh*

    But now I have dinner! And coffee! And donuts! And some drabbles to write in my head in the shower (for mad_maudlin, who's not here because she's in the Peace Corp), and then another train to catch. More later, loves, and wish me luck!
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    More detailed notes/thoughts coming later as time permits, but here's an overview (and so that the memories aren't totally a blur by the time I get back to it):
    cut for snapshots; click them to view larger images )
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    To borrow and expand on a comment by a kindred spirit, I've already hit the point where I'd prefer to have coffee with just a few people I'd like to catch up with and/or get to know better rather than -- well, let's simply say that there are reasons I need more than a year between cons that shortage-of-sleep definitely exacerbates. But it's also been lovely chatting with various folks and admiring their handiwork and/or experience and/or exuberance.

    My day )
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    photos and squee under the cut )

    In other news, I committed another Haru wo Daite ita drabble before I caught the train. It's here...

    ETA: Ravenna's writeup is here. Reading it, it reminded me of Mijan's comment about how she hadn't realized that she would have to read her NC-17 Draco/Harry fic while dressed up as Harry. When I told her I'd assumed she'd done it on purpose, her response was something like, "I'm a kinky bitch, but not that kinky!" Hee!...
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    I can hear everything the guy next door's saying on the phone. So far he's conducted a fair amount of business and raved about the food here. (Which is totally understandable: I had a near-religious experience over garlic crispy tofu last night.)

    I've got fic to rehearse. I hope he can deal with overhearing Whomping Willow porn. :-)

    [More details over at chrysanthemum, for those that wants 'em.]

    ETA: Monday night's storms in Chicago included 9,361 lighting strikes in the metro area and 90,000 in northern Illinois (with 800+/bolts per minute at peak) - half a year's worth.
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    ...including on Hubbard Street, where I heard someone practicing Heart's "Alone." Turns out it was from a video above the entrance to Howl at the Moon, a "dueling piano bar" not too far away from a cluster of "adult" stores and a drag performance venue.

    (Turns out "Howl" is a national chain. Oh, the AU possibilities just get worse and worse...)

    I briefly flirted with the idea of going there after dinner, but it'll have to be some other time. Same with dancing at the Funky Buddha Lounge. And probably same with the Ginza Holiday festival.

    But the Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby? I am so there. Especially since I think the Snupin meetup's not too far away... *glee* thinking I can't get to Columbus Drive in time, but we'll see.
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    I have little to say about the TSA or airports at the moment that isn't rude or profane.

    So, let's concentrate on the good stuff instead: the view from where I'm staying is awesome. I can see the Chicago River and three rooftop swimming pools with dozens of frolicking folk.

    [Didn't get to bed at all last night, what with finishing bookmarks and packing other door prizes and schtuffing work into manageable chunks of stasis and hunting for my own swimsuit. So I'm heading out for some alcohol and food (in that order) and then either crashing for twelve hours or reading/writing something frivolous and then crashing for twelve hours. :-) ]


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