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Part 3 of "Not As Dumb" [FAKE, Ryo/Dee, 4200 words this part, heaps of warnings]

Gimlet [Haru wo Daiteita, Sawa Nagisa-centric, PG-13, 1000 words]

Assorted FYIs:

  • Dreamwidth looks like it may well be(come) the best match to my personal style and preferences, but you don't have to follow me there to stay in touch. I almost never lock posts (except for the very occasional gift conspiracy), and I plan to mirror everything I post on DW at IJ, LJ, and JF, so please select or stick with whichever service suits you best.

  • I treat my various logins as de facto reading filters, so I am likely to friend you only on the network where you post most often.

  • In a few days, I'll be heading overseas for a month. This means I'll be skipping a lot, and slow to read/answer what I do manage to see, no matter where you might be posting or commenting. Your patience will be much appreciated.

  • My main fest-esque activity in April was participating in NaPoWriMo. I cross-posted most of my drafts at Vary the Line, a group blog I share with Mary Alexandra Agner, Joanne Merriam, and Jeannine Hall Gailey.

  • Odds are I'm forgetting something, but I had best get back to the comma corral regardless. Here's wishing all y'all a happy May.
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    All work-safe unless marked otherwise.

    Not As Dumb (WIP - 6 parts planned): Part 1 (2000 words). Part 2 (6800 words). Part 3 (4200 words). Ryo/Dee and others.

    Professionals. Second half of a drabble pair. Dee.

    Some Glimpses of More Than Anything. 50 sentences, some light R. Dee/Ryo.

    Not a Floating Spar. 130 words. Diana and Carol.

    Developing. 100 words. Ryo (about Aunt Elena).

    When Damsels Grow Up. 100 words. Carol.

    Emiry Nightingale. 100 words. Emiry.

    Any Direction in High Heels. 218 words. Diana.

    Ten Hats and a Gallon. 1665 words. Ryo-centric.

    Room. 2187 words. Crossover with The Dark Is Rising. Bikky and Bran, gen.

    When the Night Falls on You. 2000+ words. Ryo/Dee and others.

    Forward. Seven linked drabbles about Bikky.

    A Little Bit of Sugar. 265 words. Severus Snape/Rikka Kaito.

    Lolita 1, Love 0. Two-minute comment-fic challenge. Ryo and Dee.

    Because I Love You More Than I Can Say. 2850 words. R. Ryo/Dee and Iwaki/Katou (Harudaki). Sequel to "Fair to See."

    Harried. Severus Snape/Dee Laytner. Not a nice drabble.

    Fair to See - drabble. Ryo/Dee and Iwaki/Katou (Harudaki).

    The Randy "Ryo" Maclean fanlisting The Dee Laytner fanlisting
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    Fics written in the universe of Haru wo Daiteita (Embracing Love), a manga series by Youka Nitta.

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    [incomplete / under renovation]
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    2005 )
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    [A partial list -- to be updated as time permits. Also includes fics in which I appear (!).]

    A belladonna - Untitled - Snape/Lupin, PG-13 but NWS [art]

    Almost Clara:
    The Art of Delegation - Snape and Squid, G [art][friendslocked]
    The Roar of Pebbles - Snape, G [art]

    Corvidae9: Come Together - Snape/Lupin, Tonks/Ginny, and a whole mess of others, R [fic]

    Ebonyserpent - A Shocking Discovery - Snape/Lupin, NC-17 [art]

    Florahart - Stitches in Time - Snape/Lupin, PG [fic]

    [ profile] lore:
    Anything But - Snape/Lupin and Black, G [drabble; part of the Triumvirate universe]
    Picking Apart Remainders - Remus and Sirius, G [drabble; part of the "Not One or the Other" universe]
    Taking Leaves of Their Senses - Snape/Lupin/Whomping Willow, PG-13 [ficlet]

    Marginaliana - Another Year - Wimsey/HP crossover, PG [fic]

    McKay - birthday drabble - Snape/Lupin, G [fic]

    Icon, Bread and Wine, Hymn, and Coda - Snape/Lupin, G/R/PG [fic]
    Seen - Snape/Lupin, R [fic; an expansion of my drabble "Heard"]
    Through the Looking Glass - chapter 9 was for my birthday (Snape/Lupin and Willow/Squid!) and I appear in chapter 19. Snape/Lupin, NC-17 [fic]

    Swooop - The Secret of the Giant Squid - Nancy Drew/HP crossover, PG-13 [fic]
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    My current object of unrequited lust is a chicken salad sandwich. Thanks to a nasty bout of gastroenteritis, I'm presently limited to crackers, jello, and very soggy rice. Grrrr, sayeth I. Grrr, grrr, grrr. I was supposed to help out with a big Italian feast this coming weekend, but as I told one of the coordinators just now, any masochistic tendencies I might possess do not extend to spending an entire evening around food I cannot eat.

    That said, I've been able to stay off painkillers today, so life is definitely looking up. Also, the writing mojo roared back to life over the weekend. I didn't have it in me to work on research-related projects or formal poetry, but I did fiddle with some free verse, and "The Collar" pretty much wouldn't leave me alone until I finished it. Some stories just insist on being told, even when they have to be typed out mostly lying down.

    (As [ profile] elisem wrote in her ArtLog about the necklace she's calling "Vienna, Then": "I'd be sorry, except I'm not. Thus art doth make hard-hearted something-or-others of us all. But you know, if I didn't have this, I'd be praying for it right now.")


    "The Collar" for [ profile] rexluscus, who begged for a story in which "a spell or potion gives Snape girl bits. Details up to you. Pages and pages of explicit Lupin/girlbits!Snape sex. Again, details up to you. No MPREG, please."
    Summary: When Remus Lupin stops in on Severus Snape, more than the past needs to be addressed.
    Additional warning: extensive quoting from Jesus Christ Superstar and various George Herbert poems.

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    Ready for Red - Lupin/girlbits!Snape comment-porn, in tandem with [ profile] busaikko and [ profile] snegurochka_lee.

    In the "for me, for ME!" category, [ profile] ellid posted the first part of On the Dynamics of an Asteroid yesterday. It's connected to her Motherless Child universe (and, by extension, to the Wimseyverse (*)), and is in answer to my Fantasy Fest request for a story in which "Snape/Lupin work with Holmes/Watson on a case. AU or time-travel cool by me. Would love to see the line, 'For God's sake, Lupin, say that you are not hurt!' somewhere in there." Gleeeeeeeeeee!

    (* You won't realise this if you've not read her Ghost Story, but I don't think it will spoil any of the stories to note that Harry is now living in Lord Peter's old flat. It downright cheers me up, imagining some of the possibilities for mayhem...)
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    What kind of week has it been? Well, I nearly ended up with horseradish in my iced tea (eurgh!) because I happened to be noshing on gefilte fish, and I did end up missing a rehearsal because I was halfway across town before not remembering whether I'd turned the damn oven off. Also, I still miss my cat like nobody's business, which isn't helping my current tendency to fly off handles and cry to well-wrought Baroque music.

    That, and trying to produce passable prose this week has been akin to sweating blood.

    It always could be worse, of course: the lights were still ablaze in the accountants' office when I locked up less than an hour ago (i.e., after midnight). Plus, you lot are awesome -- you keep giving me reasons to gloat. To wit:

    [ profile] xanthophyllippa wrote Prurient Proposals (Snape/Lupin, McGonagall/Hooch).

    [ profile] florahart's Stitches in Time. Snape/Lupin avec needles, sans anesthesia. Yay Fantasy fest!

    [ profile] ellid worked all of my prompts (!) into her mail-drabble. (See here for links to other takes...)

    [ profile] busaikko humored me with an eggplant-and-bloodplay vignette (with encouragement from [ profile] islandsmoke).


    a Blaise and Draco scene (not Blaise/Draco) in response to [ profile] wildestranger's prompt.

    Hooked. Double drabble, Snape/Lupin, for [ profile] toilntrouble.

    A birthday drabble for [ profile] schemingreader. Snape/Lupin.

    A birthday drabble for [ profile] thermidor. Charlie/Draco, Snape/Lupin.

    Their Man (Snape/Lupin/Tonks) - parts 10, 11, 12, 13, and
    14. (This series and my other WIPs are all on hold until I'm done wrestling with the Fantasy Fest bunny. It's a thumper...)

    And, I clearly need to resume writing food smut, since apparently all [ profile] busaikko has to do is mention mustard and Nutella to get me drabbling...
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    WIPs (sorry, y'all):

    Reasons for Defying Reason. Snape/Lupin. PG-13. For the [ profile] lupin_snape Birthday Challenge. To become part of a much longer songfic.

    Their Man drabble series: parts 8 and 9


    Cartoons of chipper and contemplative Remus/Severus for the [ profile] lupin_snape moodtheme project.

    Birthday drabble for [ profile] alegriagraciela (Neville and Minerva).


    [ profile] catrinella both drew and drabbled Willow/Squid for me. *is insanely happy about this*

    [ profile] busaikko celebrated Lupin's birthday by giving presents to her flist. Which included On the Proper Use of Good Manners for me and [ profile] innerslytherin. PG Snape/Lupin "with unlikely matchmaker McGonagall, oxtails, and onsen."

    [ profile] scribbulusink posted The World's Contracted Thus. Snape/Lupin, G. [ profile] lupin_snape birthday challenge. Donne. *watches half of the flist hurry over* :-)
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    Fun With Hunny. Heffalump/Snape non-con crackfic. 350 words. Dedicated to [ profile] nigita, but not her fault. For [ profile] 30_hath and the Animagus Challenge. [...and illustrated (!) by [ profile] animegurl65, but the link no longer seems to be working.]

    Sustained. Severus/Remus/Narcissa, adult, menstrual blood and sentimentality. 300 words. For [ profile] 30_hath.

    Comments 'n' bits:

    Drawble for [ profile] toilntrouble.

    Birthday limericks for [ profile] busaikko.

    Rationalisation Part 2. Neville/Luna, Snape/Lupin. (Not sure whether to blame [ profile] snegurochka_lee, who started the thread, or [ profile] busaikko, who posted Part 1...)

    Ten signs you're reading one of my fics (...the other 51 weeks of the year).
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    Except where noted otherwise: drabbles, all Snape/Lupin, all rated Universal.

    Burdened. For [ profile] toilntrouble. Also Harry (- Ginny). PG-13. 200 words.

    Force to Spill Me. Harry/Hermione/Ron (and reference to Remus/Severus/Tonks). Character deaths. For [ profile] 30_hath.

    Limbo. For [ profile] 30_hath.

    Not Yet Practiced Enough. For the Animagus Challenge. A bit over 100 words.

    Of Coffee and Collars. Mature. Dedicated to [ profile] catrinella. For [ profile] snupin100.

    On Offer. For [ profile] lupin100.

    Peacock!Harry. Cartoon for the Animagus Challenge.

    Protocol. For [ profile] 30_hath.

    Tended. For [ profile] tabiji. A bit over 100 words.

    An Unknown Blend. Also Lupin/Tonks. For [ profile] snape100
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    'Cause, for 2006, I intend the year in review to be "just click on the 'index' tag."

    the week +2 in review )


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