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You'll always be the voice of Lord Peter Wimsey to me.
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Earlier this year, [ profile] marginaliana won my offer to write a custom villanelle. Her prompts included "LPW, Peter reflecting on the way that his work leads to someone being put to death" and
"LPW, Bunter and Harriet's relationship." Herewith...

A man cannot help what he deduces... )

Thank you again to [ profile] marginaliana for contributing to the cause!
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SQUEE! FAKE fic for me! "you, me and none of the others." I have reread it several times already and will continue to revisit it, because it is so good - it's seven vignettes from Ryo's point of view, and I especially love #4, because the interactions amongst the guys at the 27th as well as Ryo's internal thoughts - pitch-perfect. *glee*

And someone else was kind enough to give me an extra treat in the form of "Shrapnel," a FAKE ficlet. Lyrical, vivid, jaggedly sad, and yet ultimately hopeful.

Some notes and recs, featuring Lord Peter Wimsey (with major Mrs Climpson), Vicky Bliss (with major Schmidt), Aphrodite/various, Tennant/Barrowman, Will/Bran, Emanuel/Obama, Schroeder (Peanuts), and Federer/Nadal )
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The foul: Saints and spermaceti, it sounds like Moby Dick is about to get Seeker'd. (Entertaining rant, though, albeit not for the faint of heart or delicate of sensibility. Link via odogoddess.)

The fine: Overmastered, Nineveh-UK's ficlet on Harriet Vane role-playing Bunter in the bedroom. spoiler cut for the folks saving their Sayers for a rainy day ) I am exceedingly delighted to be blamed for this.
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All details under the cut, since the character's a spoiler for the series.

Read more... )
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[As with the other lists, not quite complete, but a start. I hadn't realised it until just now, but today's the fourth anniversary of the first drabble I ever posted, IIRC]

["TDiR" = The Dark Is Rising (Susan Cooper)
"Wimseyverse" = Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane series (Dorothy L. Sayers)
"Vorkosiganverse" = Miles Vorkosigan series (Lois McMaster Bujold)]

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Title: Bringing His Lordship Around
Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey
Pairing: Lord Peter/Bunter
For: [ profile] marginaliana
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Yuletide's "New Year Resolutions"... which closed earlier this month. My brain unfortunately has the horsepower of a jalopy rather than a Daimler.
Prompt: "I'd really love to see some Peter/Bunter set pre-series at the time when Peter is having his nervous breakdown and Bunter shows up and puts him back together. Hot explicit mansex is a plus, but I'd also like to see something that prefigures Peter's relationship with Harriet - not that P/B would be angsty or end with B pining or anything like that, but something that wouldn't be utterly AU."
Summary: Bunter yearns for more than the status quo.
Wordcount: 3,700
Betas: The incomparable nineveh-uk and the inimitable [ profile] aunty_marion. What infelicities remain are my own, alas. Notes on quotations here.

As he cracked the shell of an egg and whisked its yolk into a sauce for the fish, Mervyn Bunter rejoiced in his perception that Lord Peter truly seemed to be getting better. )
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I feel exceedingly pretentious footnoting a pastiche to this degree, but I can't help thinking it would be even more obnoxious not to. (Everyone who's gritted their teeth at Sayers' swathes of untranslated French and snippets of Greek, raise your hands.) That, and some of you may find these well worth visiting (as far as I know, all of these are on the web except the Wyatt).

"the malodorous shag..." (prompted by the pillows in front of the fire): Conan Doyle's "The Man With the Twisted Lip"

"Thrice colder than salamanders..": John Donne, Satire III

"I burn for cold...": Sir Thomas Wyatt, "O, what undeserved cruelty"

"That there does abide a peace...": Matthew Arnold, "Lines Written In Kensington Gardens"

"As glorious a morning...": William Shakespeare, Sonnet XXXIII

"Time will run on smoother..." and "What neat repast...": John Milton, "To Mr. Lawrence." Incidentally, Favonius is a name for the god of the spring wind, which may remind some of you of a certain Tennyson quote in Strong Poison.

"Je ne suis pas si vilaine...": a verse from "Margot, labourez les vignes" ("Margot, go work in the vineyard"), a French madrigal set by Jacob Arcadelt. You can hear a version of it here. A loose translation: "I am not so dreadful, Margot, / since the king's sons love me. / Vine, vine, viney vine..."


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