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Because of pesky logistical challenges such as limited days off and mortgages to pay, another summer will likely go by without me getting myself to the Stratford Festival, even though the poster and headshot for Macbeth had me paying attention (not so much the side shot of the couple -- what a difference angles and lighting make), and even though I would really like to see A Little Night Music live (and performing it is also on the "maybe someday" list. World enough and time, verse the forty-first...).

The festival is also producing an adaptation of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I like the glimpse of the lion in their teaser and am intrigued by how Tom McCamus will play him.

Coincidentally, I came across [personal profile] antisoppist's "Bredon in Narnia" fic from 2009 while looking up something else a few minutes ago. It is short and delightful. The line about Turkish Delight is absolutely perfect.
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"Brinksmanship," by [personal profile] gramarye1971. From the author's summary: "A missing scene, set during Silver on the Tree."
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From Yotam Ottonlenghi's Plenty, p. 188, in his introduction to "Soba noodles with wakame":

In 2009 I traveled to Tokyo with the sole purpose of eating. I have always liked Japanese food but this time I was blown away, completely taken over by food and by the fact that the Japanese, like no other culture that I know of, are all foodies. It was fantastic being in the company of so many who, just like me, are willing to line up for the best sponge cake in the world, the finest slice of raw fish or the greatest soba noodles. The latter I tasted, along with dozens of businessmen in fancy suits, at Yabusoba, an unassuming restaurant in the old neighborhood of Kanda.

Unrelated: [personal profile] anke's illustration of [personal profile] jjhunter's Bakemono-san
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[Subject line from All Creatures Now, a standard from my madrigal-warbling days. Now is the month of maying and all that.]

A pawful of notes:
about tennis, fandom, and eggplant souffle... )

  • [personal profile] okrablossom and I wrote a linked pair of sonnets a couple of years ago; Blue Print Review just published it, with calligraphy added into the mix. Both the piece and the issue have received some rave reviews, which pleases me greatly. (There's also been some pieces at 7x20, including a rare autobiographical one, and a bundle at PicFic -- and, thirty-five rejections. [Lots of editors catching up on their backlogs last month. And there was much sulking and sighing, and my To Revise stack remains taller than the dog. Ars ever-freaking longa...])

  • and more on poetry, and the Pentagon Papers... )
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    Highlights of week so far: lunch with [personal profile] xochiquetzl; drinks and dinner with Mike and Mary; notes from assorted friends; the latest episodes in [ profile] geri_chan's Unmasked

    Downsides: much swearing at Microsoft; current project kicking my butt enough that I've had to punt tennis, correspondence, and getting together with other friends. Also feeling worried-helpless about some of those friends.

    Signal boost: Blizzard's Global Writing Contest: "The company is accepting 2,500 to 7,500-word pieces of fiction set in the Diablo, StarCraft or WarCraft universes until August 23, 2010."

    Recent publications (all very short):

  • "Hazy on the Details," a PicFic

  • "By the waters..." at microcosms

  • "A Study in Setting" (text and audio) at qarrtsiluni

  • "free from school..." at tinywords
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    Now that tennis is done for the day, here are some of the other things that've been catching my eye:

  • Laurel Snyder's Any Which Wall, a fantasy novel that includes the lines, "...they all enjoyed themselves in a summery kind of way. This might have continued indefinitely if at the end of the fourth week of vacation Roy hadn't gotten stung seven times by what he called Apis mellifera (though they looked a lot like plain old bees to Henry and Emma) during a raspberry raid in a thicket at the park." (*waves to [personal profile] apis_mellifera and [personal profile] xanthophyllippa in particular*)

  • A NYT article on, among other things, writers who choose to write in French (more details and quotes in my post at [profile] forked_tongues.

  • The Secret of Kells ([ profile] rymenhild and [ profile] ellid, have you seen this yet? It has Pangur Ban!)
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    New words on "Not as Dumb" since lunchtime: 2692. Plus longhand notes on both sides of four old library sign-out cards, and yes, I'm alive to the irony of appropriating them for the purposes of plotting online fic. (I'll post a photograph later.)

    LJ link-farming fail: detailed here and elsewhere. Read more... )

    Anyhow, main point: posting it here as a FYI for those of you who do want to know what LJ is doing with your link-clicks.

    On a happier note, I've indulged in a fair amount of really good fic the past couple of days. The standouts include:

    An Interesting and Difficult Woman. Author currently anon at the hp_beholder fest. Aunt Muriel/Ollivander. 10K, NWS. Splendid depiction of two older people keeping on and playing chess with each other, both literally and figuratively.

    [... and I had another "over 40 kickass female" rec I was thinking of in relation to this, but the bookmark might be on the other computer. Oops...]

    Half the World is Waiting by [ profile] dreamlittleryo. FAKE, Bikky/Carol and Dee/Ryo and others, futurefic, about 5K, PG-13, terrific characterization (including of tertiary characters like Lai). Love, love, love.

    Okay, that's enough tab-wrangling for the moment. Post on wolves and sheep TK...
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    In spite of being a rational, "it's just a number" gal 99.13% of the time, I'm admittedly somewhat freaked out about a Certain Birthday being less than a month away. So, to tell my subconscious to SHUT UP ALREADY... )

    ... but the ultimate point of this list is that these treasures shouldn't stay confined to my hodgepodge of archives and memories; if by linking to them I can spark new connections, commissions, and/or gleeful mayhem among all y'all -- or just provide you with an extra bit of sparkle or comfort to your day -- that will make me very happy indeed.

    40 splendid creations )

    In short: network of awesome. And now I gotta get back to hammering away at my own stuff... :-)
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    First, from the online coaching klatsch:

    Christine Kane )

    Ashley Sinclair: Calling all Perfectionists: 2 Steps to Taming the Beast [Via Havi Brooks, who'd linked to Naomi Dunsford (whose blog I hadn't visited before today, but her posts on fear and tattoos and semicolons (especially the first handful of comments to the latter) are ones I'll be revisiting), who'd linked...]

    A recitation of pleasures:

    * It hit 80 degrees here a week ago. The downside of allergens galore has been more than offset by joys such as napping in a sunlit living room and discussing Trust business at a picnic table.

    * Lone red tulip in the front yard. I didn't plant it, so, y'know, a gift.

    * Cooking: roast chicken, chicken stock, corn bread (from mix) and chocolate pudding (from scratch). And chicken jelly on chopped cucumbers (sounds weird, I know, but it was super-delicious).

    * Gwendolyn MacEwen on Magic Cats [via Joanne Merriam].

    * Finding out the presentation I'm working on should be only 30 minutes instead of an hour. MUCH less pressure, huzzah!

    * Writing: nothing jelling at the rate I want it to, and two sets of rejections over the weekend, BUT also a couple of good lines last night, a revision-upon-request yesterday, and an acceptance this morning, so go me!
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    Assorted goings-on:

  • "Unharvest," a new poem by [personal profile] gretacabrel at Thirteen Myna Birds

  • Great match between Berdych and Nadal last night (Indian Wells quarterfinal). They are two of the fittest guys on the tour, and the shotmaking got crazy-good, including an exchange of smashes in the tiebreak.

  • Covering the overnight shift at Room in the Inn tonight. I love it when the guys and I can spend the evening watching sports on TV - yay for March Madness!

  • Via [ profile] lore: manga collector sentenced to six-month term; Digital Manga and other publishers/distributors canvassed for responses

  • The proceeds from BPAL's Fifteen Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot (inspired by the Neil Gaiman short story) are donated to the The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

  • There's a poem in Alison Luterman's See How We Almost Fly called "The World Card," which begins:

    I always wanted the World card,
    naked androgynous figure striding the globe,
    adorned with laurel and lightning bolts...

    and oh, how it travels, all the way to

    I wanted to cross the sky and come back
    bearing dead stars in my hands, fossil fuel
    for poems. I wanted to inhale God's breath
    till it singed my lungs; to be used up by love,
    to hang from a tree by my heels.
    "Be careful," the old fortune-teller advised me shrewdly
    at the shop where I paid her ten bucks
    to turn the deck over in her ringed, swollen fingers.
    "It's not always a good thing, you know --"
    but I wouldn't let her finish. I didn't want good,
    good was too small. I wanted the world.
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    Note to self:

    Do your best. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
    Other people's hangups = their loss, not yours.
    Good things happen when you encourage others.

    (Some of the perennial kerfuffles have got me down. Hence reminding myself what has served me well over the years.)

    And on that note, some recent and upcoming pleasures:

  • I totally have to restructure Day 6 of "The Second One Is Love." This is not a bad thing: it will lead to a better read, my beta rules, and at least I've realized this after sweating a mere 527 drops of blood through my forehead, as opposed to 5,982.

  • Lucie/Vera vs. Tathiana/JJ in doubles. (Translation for non-tennis nerds: high-strung drama queens on deck. I just now realized there's no video coverage until tomorrow, alas, but that means I'll get to whatever I should be doing instead, so win.)

  • Hit for Haiti - California edition. More beer and popcorn...

  • Dr. Fujiwara's Several Surprises, a "Women's Battle College, Isle of Skye" flash fic by Kat Beyer

  • [www.livejournal profile] Nineveh-uk's Moving On, in which Sylvia and Eiluned help Harriet sort out her possessions before her marriage.

  • The Other Way of the World by [www.livejournal profile] candle-beck, via a rec by [personal profile] schemingreader. I am generally not much for Holmes/Watson slash (nothing against it, just not my thing) but this is beautifully wrought, and by that I mean not only is Watson so much the match for Holmes (in multiple senses of that word), there are exchanges such as this:

    Holmes laughed, a crooked humourless thing that smuggled a chill up Watson's spine. "Some hours ago you laid claim to my soul, and now a bump on the head is enough to deter you? O faithless man," and Holmes darted in to steal a kiss off him, a surprise attack.

    Heat stained Watson's face, his mouth feeling swollen, and he stared at his hands fisted in Holmes's shirt so he would not have to look at the man himself.

    "Any other epithet I will take from you, but there is no justice in that one," Watson said quietly.

  • I have good coffee and rum-ginger brownies at hand, which should be fortification enough for raga-rehearsing and spreadsheet-wrangling.
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    Seen first at [personal profile] schemingreader's and most recently at [personal profile] aunty_marion's: When you see this, post a poem in your journal.

    "Invisible Work"

    the unseen / unbelievable effort it takes to live )
    - Alison Luterman
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  • We spent Christmas evening at my parents-in-law's, where the shawl [personal profile] marginaliana had made for me was much admired, and I received the first volume of Love Control from my sibs-in-law, who had sent it in a box with other things for other members of the family. My mother-in-law said, "At first I thought the box was for us, but when I saw that, I figured I'd better look for a note explaining who was getting what."

  • Started James Turner's Rex Libris: I, Librarian over breakfast. Cover blurb: "The World's Favorite Kick-Ass Sesquepedalian Librarian!" There is an evil mastermind with cat. Evil masterminds with cats = happy Ribbons.

  • I had no intention of writing a fic yesterday. I blame geri-chan for the bunny-ambush that resulted in Present Understanding (Yoshizumi/Kenzaki, Haru wo Daiteita, PG, ~1025 words).

  • I made beef bourguignon for my father-in-law's birthday earlier in the week, and "garlicky beef daube" for lunch just now. And the nephews+niece gave the BYM a bag of peppermint chocolate bark. Nom nom nom.


    I'm reading very sporadically, and bookmarking anything over 5K for later (current powers of concentration = nil). With that caveat, the standouts for me so far:

    Haru wo Daiteita: Dust to Dust. 3273 words. Iwaki/Katou, with significant Yoshizumi and Mochimune. Make that awesome!Yoshizumi. This fills me with almost more glee than I know what to do with.

    FAKE: Things Moving and Known. 2404 words. Dee/Ryo, with a Bikky cameo that is full of win. Set a month after Like Like Love.

    Lord Peter Wimsey: The Sceptre at the Feast. 2784 words. Vignettes across the life of Viscount St. George. I especially felt that the author did well by Helen, which is not an easy ask.

    Brideshead Revisited: The Invisible Line. 1182 words. Charles and Cordelia meet after the war. A glimpse of different ways to love the lost.

    Brideshead Revisited: Gillyflowers. 1308 words. Charles and Sebastian. Sensual and heartbreaking.

    If on a Winter's Night a Traveler: I'm recommending the entire category, because they are all centered on a reader trying to access his/her Yuletide fic, and the comments on both the fest and fandom behavior in general are a collective hoot. If you are a fandom meta junkie, you must read these.

    A side note: There is Cambridge Latin Course fic (locked to archive members only). With a BDSM tag. Dude.

    Another side note: I am not yet clicking on the link to the massive Dr. Who/Lord Peter Wimsey Great War crossover out of sheer self-preservation, but I hear tell that it rocks the casbah, and that there is significant Bunter. (Is that a redundancy? Anyway, that'll be a treat for some afternoon when I'm not out of orange juice and marjoram...)
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  • Sundown being so early last Friday night meant I was able to light eighth-night candles before my overnight Room in the Inn shift.

  • It was a pretty mellow shift, all things considered. We didn't have time to rustle up a more recent movie, but Bulletproof Monk was stupid fun, and while everyone else slept, I whaled through some copyediting and read volume 2 of Antique Bakery.

  • Sometimes it really is timing: when I first tried reading AB a couple years ago, I couldn't get through more than a couple episodes, and had brought along v2 mainly to give it one last try before putting it in my trade-in pile. This time, though, I was grinning from ear to ear. (It didn't hurt that Recipe 9 is a Christmas story. With croquembouche.)

  • This, of course, means looking at what AB fic there be out there. I am so in love with Omikuji, and Cakemate is soooo cute.

  • !@%#$^ vorpal fic of doom is still !@%#@!% vorpal fic of doom EATING MY HEAD. I have nothing to say about it that isn't profane or blasphemous. Moving on...

  • Picked up some sort of lemon-flavored liquid energy shot from Whole Foods back in the summer, stuck it in the fridge, and promptly forgot about it. Tried it yesterday after naps stopped working. Tasted nasty, but damn if it didn't work. But I think I'll try to return to getting enough sleep and brewing strong tea.

  • Things I'd like to get to today, in addition to billable obligations: reviewing some spots I stumbled over when I was sight-reading this year's Lessons and Carols pieces; prepping for the dinner I'm hosting for my beau-pere's birthday; writing some holiday/New Year notes; working on my Penny Experiment art -- oh, who am I kidding, that's more mountain than I can scale today as it is. (Also, we have houseguests. Fortunately, the BYM has been wholly in charge of that, and they all headed out for breakfast while I was still asleep.) Onward!
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    Horror #1: so-called unicorn on Etsy. My own reaction was a distinctly un-eloquent "What the -- EWW!" (which is rich, considering my own reputation for sick nonsense). My favorite reaction has been LJ:hugh_mannity's "Fair enough use of a stillborn lamb, but the horn's just wrong." (I wish he was kidding. Again, EWWW.)

    Horror #2: Reading the plot of Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning. Again, kinda rich coming from me, given how I have no qualms about inflicting character death and alternate universe in my own fanfic. But still, I thought "A Continuing Story" was dreadful from start to end (with the sole exception of Anne and Gilbert's reunion clinch), and this sounds like more of the same. Ergggggh.

    Ooh-ing: The Blythes Are Quoted. I read the old edition of The Road to Yesterday back in high school, and that there's now more - ooh, yes. *adds to wishlist*

    Rec #1: The Howling Moon at Snupin Santa. NC-17, 17K, warnings for "underage sexual activity among same-age teens, frottage, oral, hand-job, dub/non-con, bestiality/werewolf sex, angst, smoking." Author notes that "this story diverges from canon around the time of the Shrieking Shack incident, for reasons which will (hopefully) be apparent from the text." Why it stood out for me: outstanding portrayal of Severus/Lily friendship (there's a scene where they do the best-friends-making-out thing, and it's awesome), inventive plotting, and a lovely imagining of a happier alternate storyline.

    Rec #2: Veiled Christmas at Kinky Kristmas. NC-17, 4555 words, kinks/Themes include "threesomes, bondage, gags, cockrings, pegging, piercing, voyeurism, breathplay, cockgagging, dirty talk, facials, and pervy use of the Death Chamber and Veil." Author's summary: "Teddy has finally found an intimate connection to his parents -- in the Department of Mysteries. Victoire, on the other hand, has found an entertaining idea of what to do with it." Hands-down THE filthiest fic I've read this season so far (*watches half of friendslist immediately scamper off*), and Victoire is so much a chip off the old cursebreaker. This exchange between her and Teddy (as she's ordering him to strip) made me laugh out loud:

    "I used two Hittite locking charms, one Mayan, and one Etruscan. I do not think they will come in here even if they had cause."

    " 'Less they called your Da," he commented as he let his trousers fall to the ground. The realization of what he said and what it would mean hit him like a brick to the face about three seconds later.
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    The recs (both by currently anon):

    Open Hand
    Nc-17, Snape/Lupin, 6000 words
    Author's summary: After the war, Severus must decide whether or not he wants to pick up where he left off with Remus, and Remus helps him make up his mind.
    Author's warnings: not canon compliant in that Snape and Lupin survive the war and Teddy isn't Remus' biological child, mutual masturbation, use of Legilimency during sex, desperation, established relationship
    Ribbons's reaction: Superb hurt-comfort, dry humor, a Remus equal to Severus

    "...the media are portraying you as a redeemed anti-hero," Remus said, amusement lacing his voice. "A wizarding version of Heathcliff, if you will."

    Severus rolled his eyes at that and gave an annoyed huff.

    "Well, you are tall, dark, and broody," Remus pointed out. "I dare say you'll have women flinging their knickers at you after this, eager to help you forget the lingering memory of your doomed and tragic love for Lily."

    Remus was giving him a pointed look, and Severus tried not to appear sheepish as he glanced away and picked idly at the bed sheets, grateful he couldn't talk at the moment.

    "Admit it: you were trying to rattle Harry even in your almost-dying moments."

    Severus grimaced and nodded, silently damning Remus for knowing him too well.

    Amor Vitae
    Rating: PG-13, gen, 5K
    Character(s): Flitwick, McGonagall, Snape, Moody, Lupin
    Author's summary: "Some people wonder why Filius Flitwick is always so cheerful at Christmas"
    Ribbons's reaction: I have a soft spot for fics that give Flitwick his due, and this one does so in a way that's both heartbreaking (I was in tears by the end) and hopeful (as befits the season). The author is deft with both characterization and revelation, and rereading it, I keep admiring how s/he shows you what's just happened without over-detailing or over-dialoguing it, if that makes sense.
    Excerpt (and yes, I'm conscious this bit doesn't mention Flitwick at all, but it's the first, short, non-spoilery part that best illustrates why I'll be rereading this story):

    "Anyone else for tea?" Minerva snapped her book shut and got up from her armchair by the fireplace.

    "Not me, thanks," Remus said as he slumped down on the lumpy sofa.

    "What you call tea should be a Class A tradable substance," Alastor Moody growled. "But I'll have some if you're making it anyway. And how often have I told you to take your wand with you, even if you go to the kitchen?"

    Minerva pursed her lips and shoved her wand between the folds of her robes.

    "TIP DOWN! You wouldn't be the first witch to lose a..."

    He was reduced to silence by the arched eyebrow that every British witch or wizard under the age of thirty-eight knew to interpret as a danger sign. "Thank you for your concern, Alastor, but not everybody handles their wand with such brute force that they blow off their..."

    "I think I may have some tea after all," Remus said and got up from the sofa. He was still rather new to the Order of the Phoenix.

    A side-note: I learned about both these fics through the recs of other fans (in this case, lore and pale-moonlite respectively). Please, please comment on the ones you enjoy (even a one-word YES! warms the cockles of most writers' hearts) and rec if/when you are able (even if it's months later) - it means so much to the creators, and it is, in the end, our only means of rewarding them for sharing their gifts.

    The outright squee: LJ: opalmatrix's Appetizing: FAKE, Ryo/Dee, PG-13, 675 words. Prompt was "kissing someone to shut them up - eggplant." GLEE!

    The moan:

    Saints and saeurbraten, the fic-I-am-not-really-working-on-yet is ALREADY being a mejorama epic PAIN IN THE ASS. (And that's without a single mention of cows. Or cream. Yet, anyway.)

    Ok, back to work now. *shoves out-of-control outline into duffel bag and slams the locker door shut, panting*
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    My favorites so far (all anon @ Snupin Santa):

    A Picture of Success
    PG-13, 11K, warnings for "implied prostitution, violence (though nothing worse than canon)."
    Giftee's prompt: "Snape and Lupin assigned to work together to find some arcane artifact for the Order."
    What Ribbons liked about it: mucho action, competent Remus, great use of a guest star, sneaky dark humor

    "So if any rumours do reach the Order, what do you want me to say?"

    "Tell them I'm a good fuck," Snape said dryly, tossing a handful of Floo powder into the fireplace, and disappeared into the flames.

    No Greater Love
    R, 9K, warnings for "Warnings: Torture, suicide, character death"
    Author's summary: "When Remus learns that Severus has been spying on Voldemort all along and that he'll be executed at the next full moon, he embarks on a dangerous rescue mission into an England reigned by Voldemort to save the man he loves. On that mission, he receives help from the most unlikely people – and ends up saving not only Severus."
    Ribbons' reaction: beautifully plotted, inventive use of magic, deft characterization (in a story where there characters are continually on the cliff-edge of who they should(n't) trust)

    "I don't believe one word you're saying," he tells Peter, or whoever it is.

    "I know. But I’m sure you have Veritaserum, don't you?"

    Of course Remus does. It’s expensive and hard to get, but usually, all of them manage to keep at least one vial stocked most of the time. If nothing else helps, Hermione has learnt to brew it acceptably.

    "Why would I waste it on you? I should just call the French Aurors and let them deal with you. There's nothing that I need to know from you."

    But Peter only shakes his head.

    "It's about Severus," he says, as if that made it all clearer, as if that alone could change Remus’s mind.

    He is right.

    A Romance
    NC-17, 35K, warning: "Canon characters pop in and out of the story, and while (hopefully) the personalities are true to canon, the relative ages aren't."
    Author's summary: "Busaikko wanted a non-magical AU, supermarket-aisle paperback romance with unusual careers."
    Ribbons's reaction: This reads very much like a McKay or Arionrhod or Shanti_writes creation - super-sexy secure-in-his-sexuality Severus, sensuous descriptions of clothing and hair, good meals, quirky humor (there's a cat named Hairy, and yes, it has green eyes), and jokes/reactions about being older. Good fun while home sick on a dreary Sunday afternoon.

    It was Friday when they were made up and rolling that Severus asked his first personal question. "How did a New Orleans boy, who's lived around as much as you have, end up here?"

    Remus blinked. How the hell...? "Party trick?"

    Severus shrugged. "Hobby."
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    No Tell Books is offering a free tarot reading or dream interpretation to you if you purchase a book from them before the end of this weekend (August 9; publisher is based in the Eastern U.S.).

    (Sorry this alert is so eleventh-hour-ish, but I've been somewhat occupied with other things, so I only spotted the offer an hour ago meself.)

    My connection: one of my poems, "Coat," appears in The Bedside Guide to No Tell Books - Second Floor. "Because It Makes Me Ha--" appears in the first Bedside Guide. The archives of the online journal include four other poems by me.

    A recommendation: Wanton Textiles by Reb Livingston and Ravi Shankar, a collection with a beautiful cover and tremendous fun both to read and react to -- my copy is covered with my own scribblings (and water-wrinkled from keeping me company in my bathtub), which included the beginnings of two poems eventually published by flashquake.

    No Tell's catalog also includes a collection by Jill Alexander Essbaum, author of "On Reading Poorly Transcribed Erotica."
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    (1) meretricula's
    four reasons Roger Federer wished the Japanese Davis Cup team would fall into a really deep hole (and one reason they weren't that bad after all)
    . Tennis RPS / Prince of Tennis crossover, 2800 words, absolutely hysterical, and with mentions of the Spanish Davis Cup team as well. Its opening lines:

    To be fair, Roger actually liked playing Echizen. The kid was good, he was getting better all the time, and the stretch of trying to beat him was satisfying. The problem was that whenever he played Echizen, he would almost inevitably have to talk to Echizen, and as soon as the brat started speaking Roger felt an extremely uncharitable urge to punch him in the mouth. Since Echizen was seventeen years old and less than five and a half feet tall, Roger thought that this might be problematic for his reputation.

    (2) There's a teacher in Nevada seeking donations in order to purchase a gyotaku (rubber fish) printmaking set for her students.

    (2a) The anonymous donor from LJ's fandom-of-one comm is still making contributions to charity in honor of New Year's Resolution fic. She or he donated $5 to the rubber fish project in honor of Deserving. This has made me ridiculously happy, as did his/her earlier donation to a tennis-equipment-for-kids project (now fully funded) in honor of Interrobang.

    (2b) [blatant hinting] There are still 3625 prompts up for grabs at the Yuletide archive. You do not have to be a previous participant to play. You do not claim a prompt - you simply submit the story when it is done. (You do have to write the story specifically for NYR, and it has to be 1000 words minimum.) The open prompts currently include one for Harudaki (*cough* - yeah, it's mine) and others for Three Investigators, Bujold, the a-ha "Take on Me" video, and a bajillion manga/anime titles I've never even heard of...


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