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The subject line is from Carrie Fisher's Twitter bio. I learned of her death when I saw "Remembering Carrie Fisher" on a TV at Liuzza's, and one of the sadder things I saw later in the week was a sheaf of WizardWorld Comic Con flyers curled behind a machine or rack in a French Quarter coffee shop. The con is going on even as I type (January 6 to 8), but without Fisher, who had been listed on the top line of guests:

WizardWorld Comic Con flyer

I also saw two murals -- one on a wall with "RIP" prominent on wall, and the other on the door of the Krewe of Chewbacchus HQ. Friday morning, we spotted kegs being delivered for the second line parade to be led by the Leijorettes ("most ... are roller derby players").

Leijorettes HQ

A post I bookmarked while mentally drafting this one: TJ's goals for this year.

Speaking of fighting fascists, here's what Penzeys Spices has to say:

The stories of cooks, at least the way we see them, super-humanize. If it looks like you, or someone you know, are going to be standing in the way of the new administration, we need your story, and a recipe or two, and this time we can't wait until July. No doubt public school teachers will once again be on the front lines of the right's anger echo chamber, but we're thinking this time it won't be just teachers, and this is why we are asking for your help. This year, the list will be long, and we would like to get a leg up on any direction it could head. Clearly this time around the targets are the environment, immigration, gender equality, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, income inequality, and pretty much anyone who is in any way a minority in any shape or form.

If you, or someone you know, is on the front lines of one of these issues and have a good recipe or two to share, please contact us at, and tell us a little about your background and your concerns. And please, don't think your experience needs to be dramatic, or that you need to have some sort of job title to participate. It's the every day decency of cooks that carries the day, not fame or celebrity.

And because you may well be first up on the block, if you are one of those pre-existing condition-havers that have had a brief period of almost normal life because of the Affordable Care Act, please get in touch with us right away. The people need to understand your experience. Once again, please contact us at with a brief description of your story, and one of our gifted and friendly writers will get in touch. Please. We all need your experience.

Speaking of cooking, last night I scooped the Meyer lemon sorbet into smaller containers, and tonight I may proceed with this recipe for grapefruit-lemon marmalade. First, though, there is cleaning to do, but before that, lunch (a bowlful of leftovers, plus coffee dregs perked up with cardamom [from Penzeys], ginger, cinnamon, and coriander, with hot water and almond milk refilling the mug).

What are you cooking or dreaming about this weekend, loves?
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  • A rec: Frostfire's Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack Harkness/Chewbacca, 3480 words, NC-17, awesometastic crossover goodness:

    "Right," said Chewbacca. "Jack. And what brings you here, besides the blue drinks and the attractive Wookiees?"

    "Well, I wouldn't need any more reason than that," said Jack, "but you know, I have these friends," he waved towards the other two humans, "and they like to travel around and get into other people's business."

    Chewbacca tensed. "How into other people's business?"

    "Oh, they won't do anything unless you're in trouble. Or getting someone else in trouble. Or if you look like you're going to get into trouble or get someone else in trouble." Jack sighed. "So, if you're in the business of getting people in trouble--maybe put it on hold until you don't see us around anymore?"

    Chewbacca thought about this. "Han doesn't like people who stick their noses into other people's business," he said finally.

    Jack gave him a quick, penetrating look. "Oh yeah? And what do you think?"

    "He's the captain," said Chewbacca.

    Jack leaned onto the bar, looked down into his drink. "Right. I know how that works. Get caught up in something, meet this guy, suddenly you're flying around with him in his ship, doing what he does, except whoops, by the way, he's fucking crazy."

    Chewbacca couldn't help it; he started to laugh.

  • Via a friend: science badges. The existence of a "I'm a marine biologist and, to be honest, I kind of f***ing hate dolphins" badge and its manifesto nearly made me spit my tea all over my netbook.

  • Via my alma mater's alumni magazine: a look at an ongoing effort to produce in vitro meat.
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    At this morning's pre-inaguration service at St. John's Episcopal Church:

    Bishop T.D. Jakes, a senior pastor from Houston, used Scripture to offer the incoming president four lessons for his administration. "In time of crisis, good men must stand up," Jakes said. "God always sends the best men into the worst times." He also told the worshipers, "This is not a time for politeness or correctness; this is a time for people to confront issues and bring about change. . . . You cannot enjoy the light without enduring the heat."

    Looking directly at Obama, Jakes said, "The problems are mighty and the solutions are not simple, and everywhere you turn there will be a critic waiting to attack every decision that you make. But you are all fired up, sir, and you are ready to go. And this nation goes with you. God goes with you."

    "I say to you as my son who is here today, my 14-year-old son -- he probably would not quote Scripture. He probably would use Star Trek instead. And so I say, 'May the force be with you.' "

    [Source: The Washington Post]
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    To borrow Gramarye1971's articulation, I'm among those feeling like "December 2008 crept up behind them and coshed them on the back of the head," but much of it's my own darn fault, and the stuff that isn't can't be helped, so I will restock on dried squid tomorrow and brew buckets of tea all month, and all will eventually be well.

    Plus, it seems churlish to wax anxious or fretful about anything when there's so much well with me already:

  • The new issue of flashquake is up, and it includes two of my poems: "The Sharpshooter Assembles A Relish Tray" and "A Stack of Cards."

  • I just got back from a week in the United Kingdom, where I got to meet up with [ profile] aunty_marion at the Islington Slug and Lettuce, poked around Bletchley Park (which is in Buckinghamshire, and yes, there may eventually be TDiR fic from this), and meandered around Glasgow and Belfast with my sweetie. (And as with every trip, there were more people we would have liked to see than time to see them in, but we hope to be back (and for a longer holiday) in a couple of years...)

  • "Cthulhu" -- the BPAL scent, that is -- came to the rescue on our train ride from London to Glasgow, since I hadn't adequately anticipated the reek vs. sleep factor (i.e., sharing a very enclosed cabin after a long day sans showers).

  • Lots of anecdotal notes to self on differences between US and UK customs (what is(n't) comped in hotel rooms, etc.) and general climate (Belfast: lots of short skirts and high heeled boots in spite of the cold) and other things, which may show up here later either in fic or general natterings. I'll save it for January or later, though, since it's not like any of you lack things to read right now, and many of you are in the same boat as I am re: Stuff That Must Be Written Before Solstice. (All together now: EEK!) (And, deep breath: EEE!) (Who knows when they'll get written, but the plots, they are like the innards of intricately carved chesspieces...)

  • In Glasgow, there's a major road called Sauchiehall Street (pronounced "suckyhall"). It translates to "Way of the Willows."

  • In Glasgow's Museum of Transport, there's a Ford Anglia on display. There's a white owl perched inside...

  • After the Beautiful Young Man heard about Marion's plan to copyedit Book 7, he said, "You know how some dude edited Star Wars and got rid of Jar-Jar? Someone needs to phantom-edit HP and ditch Dobby."

  • Cedar, every time I saw the Odeon Leicester Square sign, I thought of you.

  • One of Belfast's most fashionable clothing stores (in the new, uber-fashionable Victoria Square complex) is called Remus Uomo. I've been telling you all for years that the shabby clothes were a front...

  • Cannot get "Together in Electric Dreams" out of my head. This is primarily from a late-night drink at the Stiff Kitten, where the DJ was playing what both the BYM and I think of as "80s comfort music" - which was all the more entertaining because two local, not-too-drunk lads periodically kept trying out breakdancing moves, with no one else in the bar paying them any mind. (We also stopped by the Morning Star, another pub where several tables of older people kept bursting into song. Some of it wasn't bad, but the multiple attempts at "New York, New York" were rather dire, and in spite of ordering a drink that came with its own plastic oar, I was not near tipsy enough to encourage them directly.)

  • There's more, but I need to tidy up and grab a quick bite before a meeting. Later, loves! *blows kisses and wafts warm studying/shopping/surviving/sketching/snoozing vibes at all y'all*
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  • There's a favorite/hated words discussion at Nothing But Bonfires that has just made me grin from ear to ear - first, because I have just learned that Tolkien was fond of the phrase "cellar door"; second, because it's fantastic reading about other people's visceral responses to specific words; and third, because someone in the comments confessed to having a favorite prime number.

  • I borrowed my husband's copy of Wired last week because one of the cover stories was on Leland Chee, who is the "continuity cop" for the Star Wars empire. What has stuck in my head, however, is John Pavlus's attempt to explain quantum physics in terms of reality TV casting -- an intersection that immediately made me think of several of you on the friendlist. *cheeky grin*
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    HP: I knew I was forgetting a fic when I posted last night! (Incoming company and 983 footnotes (in three languages and umpteen styles, no less), they make a gal scatterbrained. And the 983 is not a made-up number.): [ profile] westernredcedar's Odeon Leicester Square: May 25, 1980, which is2K, NC-17, and has to do with Snape and Lupin watching The Empire Strikes Back. It is related to the [ profile] dearsanta fic she wrote for me last year, Why Severus Snape Might Have to Shout 'Yoda' in the Midst of Battle (and one of these days I will rec something that isn't related to something I prompted, but like so many of you, I'm focused much more on my own IOUs than reading new work at the moment). "Odeon..." has dangerous!Lupin and protective-under-veneer-of-contempt!Snape, which are two of my biggest, fattest, come-smack-and-then-massage-me kinks, and [ profile] nehalenia says it made her nipples hard. :-D

    Fake (Sanami Matoh): A while back, [ profile] lore posted a Big Post of Awesomeness about getting into yaoi, and she, [ profile] iheartbowie, and [ profile] geminia905 mentioned how much they liked this series, so when I saw several volumes at Myopic Books earlier this month, I decided to see for myself. ... and I ended up really, REALLY liking them, so I picked up another volume from a library reseller and then the remaining four from Amazon, which is having a "4-for-3" sale that happens to include various manga. (Also, FWIW, I saw a listing on eBay yesterday for all seven volumes that was under $10 at the time I was on.) And now I have RA-1 on order, and I've devoured scans of the first season extras/second season episodes and Like, Like, Love.

    It's nowhere near a perfect series (the mangaka readily admits she gets a lot of things wrong), but it doesn't take itself too seriously to start with, and its mixture of hawtness, tenderness, violence, and zaniness has been what I've been in the mood for -- there's even a point where one character is lurking outside of another character's hotel room door and says, "Just you wait... we're going to bang a nice little M into this sorry excuse for a manga yet."

    As lagniappe, from a translation geek POV, there are some old scanlations still floating around the Net, and it's fun for me to compare those with the licensed versions.

    [Ack, called away. More in a bit!]
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    EEEEEEEEE! I win at fests! You know why? Because people write things like this for meeeeeeee:

    Title: Why Severus Snape Might Have to Shout 'Yoda' in the Midst of Battle
    By: an anonymous elf for [ profile] dearsanta
    Pairing: Snape/Lupin
    Prompt: Snape and Lupin kicking ass and defying the odds.
    Summary: What do you do when the one you love is fighting against you in a war? Well, you plan ahead, just in case.
    Rated: PG-15
    Five reasons why my elf rocks the whole North Pole casbah:
    (1) Lupin ambushed by four Death Eaters, "hooded and masked and able to move shockingly fast in so much draping fabric. Four against one." (Canon resonance FTW!)
    (2) Desperate snogging.
    (3) Really upset, scolding!Snape.
    (4) Uncontrollably angry!Lupin.
    (5) Did I mention the desperate, slammed-up-against-the-wall snogging? :-D :-D :-D
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    Harry Potter:

    Ten signs you might be reading one of my fics. Or someone else's. Heh. Some fascinating discussion threads resulting from these at individual writers' journals, and I laughed out loud at Rosy's list, which included commentary by her Snape and Lupin.

    Chocolate and Asphodel! Still very much with the squeeing here, although it is currently stashed in my own "To Print and Peruse At Leisure" folder. Which, given that Snupin Santa goes live in less than 48 hours...

    Speaking of SnuSa, mine is done and it is turned in! *reclaims brain from the maraudering plotbunny*

    HP/The Dark Is Rising:

    There's an intelligent and positive article on fan fiction in the November issue of the Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine. One of the fics it recommends is Harry Potter and the Legacy of the Light (also dba "The Crossover Monstrosity"), which longtime readers may recall as the fic that I often blame credit for pulling me headlong into active online fandom. :-)

    Lord Peter Wimsey:

    Nineveh is trying to incite someone to commit Wimseyfic in which a certain pair of characters visit the Orb. I want to read this too. Go forth and be bunnied.

    [Please to discuss over at her journal instead of mine; I am being deliberately vague because there are folks on my f-list who have not yet read Sayers or Bujold but plan to, and they don't want to be spoiled.]

    Star Wars:

    Darth Tater. (It's apparently been around for several seasons, but this is the first time it's shown up on my radar.)


    I've made a few additions to the log. Today I'm wearing "Sol" (decant, discontinued) - not sure what I think of it yet. It is brighter and sharper than a lot of the stuff I'm accustomed to wearing, but it's not unpleasant. May need to sniff it next to "Prague" and see how it compares... (The lab description is "Authority - Creativity - Courage - Leadership - Abundance - Good Health & Healing - Illumination - Truth - Honesty - Wise Counsel - Prophecy - Pride - Revelation - Equilibrium - Mediation - Nobility - Generosity" -- IOW, probably inspiring to those inspired by such things, but not terribly helpful to my overly concrete-minded noggin.)


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