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As I have indicated here before, C. H. Sisson's "Letter to John Donne" is a poem that is not in sync with my personal theology, and yet it grabs me by the collar whenever I revisit it. I happened to peer into my copy of Foster and Guthrie last night for something else, and ended up reading the Sisson aloud to myself.

And so, here is what a youngish Southern U.S. woman sounds like communing with the words of a Tory Anglican from a couple of generations ago:

And this link will take you to a recording by Sisson himself:

(Both the reading and writing keep hopscotching up the to-do queue. Ars longa, verse the twenty-first...)
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Fourteen (and perhaps more by the time you see this) takes on Gerard Manley Hopkins's The Windhover, including mine (... minus the profane muttering about "falling paeonic rhythm, sprung and outriding" the tweeps were treated to ;-) ).
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I'm squeeing (which autocorrect wants to change to "squeezing"...)about Nic Sebastian's lovely reading of "Playing Duets with Heisenberg's Ghost," which is now up at The Poetry Storehouse.

There are also four other poems of mine at the Storehouse. The invitation: remix or adapt them or use them as springboards! (Or play with some of the other poets' pieces there...)
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Haven't listened to the episodes yet, but I just noticed over at Moby Dick Big Read that Chapter 134 is read by Roger Allam, and the Epilogue by Mary Oliver.
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At LJ, katieandrew presents a lovely recording of my drabble "Mistletoe." (With festive cover art by jkivela, too!) *squee*
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I've been meaning to record this for over a year. Finally...

Title: Inhalation
Author: [ profile] bonfoi
Reader: Ribbons
Pairing: Snape/Lupin
Length: 1:22

Background: [personal profile] zephre posted a drawing titled Scent to IJ's lupin-snape comm; bonfoi wrote a lovely little fic in the comments.

If you enjoy the illustration and/or the fic, it would be awesome if you would let the creators know. :-)

Download from YouSendIt

(Edited 4:52 pm CDT to fix the download URL)

[ETA 9/21: chaotic week; I'll re-up the link, x-post to comms, etc. when I'm a bit less scattered]
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Rhea34 over at LJ has recorded my little futurefic (700 words) about Bikky, "Forward." *bounce bounce bounce* If you enjoy it, please let her know. The link to download it is at

...and, if you click on the amplificathon tag for FAKE, you'll see two other podfics she's recorded. "Shrapnel" was a Yuletide gift written for me by paperuni three years ago, so I'm extra-excited to find it now exists in audio as well. :-)
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what I've written

"Paper, Scissors, Stone, Well" [Harry Potter; Lupin/Snape; PG; 1600]

"Flattered and Insulted" [Haru wo Daiteita/WMLM/Comeback; Yoshizumi/Kenzaki; PG; ~3500 words]
At AO3 At IJ

"Just Dessert" [Haru wo Daiteita/WMLM/Comeback; Mochimune, Yoshizumi, Kenzaki, and Miyaska; PG; 1025 words]
At AO3 At IJ

Much More Original [Wimseyverse; Bunter/James; NWS (waxplay and dubcon); ~ 200 words]

The Ties That Do Not Bind [FAKE; Dee/Ryo; NWS (handcuffs); ~ 2300 words]

Fruitful [FAKE; Ryo/Dee; work-safe; 179 words]

Part 4 of Not As Dumb [FAKE; Ryo/Dee and others; NWS (warnings for handcuffs, bowel movements, fisting, consent/privacy issues, and more); nigh 20,000 so far and counting]

The Second One Is Love
[Tennis RPF; Roger, Rafa, Mirka; PG; ~10,600 total]

starring the Whomping Willow [the trope meme à la tree]

what I've read aloud

"the universe is a procession, with measured and beautiful motion" by busaikko
fandom: harry potter (snape/lupin, NWS)
text mp3 (17:38 / 17KB)

"Remus Lupin, Early Pioneer in the History of Magical Minority Rights" by [personal profile] magnetic_pole
fandom: harry potter (remus-centric gen with background lupin/snape)
text mp3 (11:40 / 11KB)


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