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[Via [personal profile] kass, [personal profile] snottygrrl, and others. And also my damn ears: I woke up at 3 a.m. in part because a couple of people next door were shouting at each other, which was not cool, but it happened to be good timing, since I was due for my next dose of bacteria-be-gone (said bacteria still making things teechy in my right ear, among other areas. Grumpy kitten iz grumpy).]

Anyway, here's what other people have been reading. (Thank you all - I remain very grateful. To borrow what they say on airplanes, you have so many choices about what (else) to read, so I am honored whenever you choose to spend your time with my words.)

1. "No Life Save When the Swords Clash" / Haru wo Daiteita / 7,885 words / 874 hits

2. "Not as Dumb" (and not yet complete, sigh) / FAKE / 19,638 words / 624 hits

3. "Hidden Intelligence" / Lord Peter Wimsey / drabble / 597 hits

4. "The Ties that Do Not Bind" / FAKE / 2,303 words / 472 hits

5. "The Second One Is Love" / RPF - tennis / 10,297 words / 455 hits

6. "The Cafeteria's Got Everything" / Dar Williams's "Alleluia" / 1,871 words / 434 hits

7. "Someone Who Understood" / Lord Peter Wimsey & Vorkosigan saga / drabble / 415 hits

8. "Everything Necessary to Procure" / RPF - 18th and 19th century politics / 332 words / 413 hits

9. "Running, They Never Run from It Away" / Lord Peter Wimsey & Vorkosigan saga / 181 words / 398 hits

10. "Holding One's Own" / Vorkosigan saga & The Dark is Rising / 359 words / 392 hits
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At LJ, katieandrew presents a lovely recording of my drabble "Mistletoe." (With festive cover art by jkivela, too!) *squee*
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Rhea34 over at LJ has recorded my little futurefic (700 words) about Bikky, "Forward." *bounce bounce bounce* If you enjoy it, please let her know. The link to download it is at

...and, if you click on the amplificathon tag for FAKE, you'll see two other podfics she's recorded. "Shrapnel" was a Yuletide gift written for me by paperuni three years ago, so I'm extra-excited to find it now exists in audio as well. :-)
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Um. This morning [ profile] antisoppist posted a Harriet/Bunter fic. There are ensuing strands of discussion in the comments carrying various quotients of illuminating, thought-provoking, and scarring-for-life potential. Which has led, of course, to this.

Title: Much More Original
Wordcount: ~ 200
Warnings: Waxplay and dubcon. I fancy that's NWS in most contexts.
spoiler cut for remaining notes )

Much More Original )
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From photoblogging

My birthday was excellent. I sang at two services; helped make sandwiches for delivery to flood survivors; took a long nap; read parts of the New York Times; and went to a local bar for a cocktail and steak tartare. I wore a silk dress I'd found via eBay and earrings from [personal profile] xanthophyllippa.

There were funny cards and lovely messages and notices of donations to Second Harvest and other charities. And there were poems and fic, too!
  • [ profile] maribella008 sent me "Phantom Yardstick," a Safin/Berdych drabble. (For you non-tennis people: think Sirius Black and, uh, the love-child of Viktor Krum and Luna Lovegood? *ducks* Put another way: Marat has a reputation as one of the hottest and craziest elite players. Tomas is five years younger - practically a generation in tennis-years - is arguably attractive, looks bug-eyed when he wears his damn caps, and has a reputation as a flake.) (For you tennis slashers: yes, there's literally a long story behind this. No, I'm not going to explain or share it right now.)

  • [ profile] brit_columbia posted a poetic portrait of a bull in celebration of our Taurean-ness

  • [ profile] geri_chan dedicated episodes 13 and 14 of Unmasked (her Haru wo Daiteita series) to me, giving my favorite character (Yoshizumi) considerable screen time and goosing along my OTP in her Comeback-verse (Yoshizumi/Kenzaki).

  • *happy flailing*

    Oh, and I finally finished the FAKE one-shot I'd started as a one-nighter nine days earlier: The Ties That Do Not Bind. (Dee/Ryo, 2300 words, NWS, handcuffs)

    Monday morning, microcosms tweeted one of my poems.

    The rest of the week has been a blur of volunteering, working, coughing, scrubbing, and plotting (Snupin remix assignment; the next scene of Not as Dumb; other poems and stories I have no business teasing into existence until I finish the ones already in progress). There's been a little bit of tennis-watching (the end of Gulbis-Federer and most of Murray-Ferrer) and some poetry-dipping (A.E. Stallings's Seasonal Anxiety reminded me of the academics among you).

    The game plan for next week: edit like a fiend and take a walk every day. That's it. (There will be paperwork I can't ignore and poems I'll want to draft, but this is me telling my hamster-wheel brain to take a break from its ceaseless self-badgering about Things That Will Still Be There To Do/Make/Encourage a week from now.)
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    Here's to a great year ahead for you! In celebration, a leetle fic in your honor (and inspired by some of your quirks... *g*):

    Title: Fruitful
    Rating: work-safe
    Wordcount: 176
    Disclaimer: All characters are Sanami Matoh's. The jacket shows up in Brit's A New Day.

    Dudes, gotta hide! Ryo's on the warpath! )
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    Title: Not As Dumb, part 4 of 6
    Author: [personal profile] bronze_ribbons
    Rating: M/NWS (majorly Mature, seriously Not Work-Safe)
    Wordcount: 6,900+ this part, adding up to over 20,000 total so far. And to think I thought this was going to be a fluffy little drabble when I started it.
    Warnings: handcuffs, bowel movements, fisting, and consent/privacy issues
    Sweet, perspicacious, and unbelievably speedy beta: [ profile] maribella008
    Disclaimer: Ryo and Dee belong to Sanami Matoh. Their beliefs and opinions do not always correspond to mine.
    Notes: Still striving to finish my [ profile] springkink sign-up from (ack!) November 2008. I'm as red as a mega-mortified Ryo for taking so long with this. I hope you find it worth the wait, and yes, there'll be more in (I hope! man, do I hope) far less than another year from now. (*thunks head against own shower tiles*)

    All four chapters now at Archive of Our Own
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    what I've written

    "Paper, Scissors, Stone, Well" [Harry Potter; Lupin/Snape; PG; 1600]

    "Flattered and Insulted" [Haru wo Daiteita/WMLM/Comeback; Yoshizumi/Kenzaki; PG; ~3500 words]
    At AO3 At IJ

    "Just Dessert" [Haru wo Daiteita/WMLM/Comeback; Mochimune, Yoshizumi, Kenzaki, and Miyaska; PG; 1025 words]
    At AO3 At IJ

    Much More Original [Wimseyverse; Bunter/James; NWS (waxplay and dubcon); ~ 200 words]

    The Ties That Do Not Bind [FAKE; Dee/Ryo; NWS (handcuffs); ~ 2300 words]

    Fruitful [FAKE; Ryo/Dee; work-safe; 179 words]

    Part 4 of Not As Dumb [FAKE; Ryo/Dee and others; NWS (warnings for handcuffs, bowel movements, fisting, consent/privacy issues, and more); nigh 20,000 so far and counting]

    The Second One Is Love
    [Tennis RPF; Roger, Rafa, Mirka; PG; ~10,600 total]

    starring the Whomping Willow [the trope meme à la tree]

    what I've read aloud

    "the universe is a procession, with measured and beautiful motion" by busaikko
    fandom: harry potter (snape/lupin, NWS)
    text mp3 (17:38 / 17KB)

    "Remus Lupin, Early Pioneer in the History of Magical Minority Rights" by [personal profile] magnetic_pole
    fandom: harry potter (remus-centric gen with background lupin/snape)
    text mp3 (11:40 / 11KB)
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    Title: The Second One Is Love (part 1 of 2)
    Author: [personal profile] bronze_ribbons
    Fandom: Tennis RPF
    Primary characters: Roger, Rafa, Mirka
    Rating: PG
    Wordcount: ~10,600 total
    Disclaimer: No malice intended, no profit expected, and this fic be fictional -- although the gigglefit that starts it all really happened.
    Notes: Written for the LJ fedal_slash comm's winter ficathon, and originally posted there January 29 and March 26. The prompt was "seven days in the life of Rafa and Roger...could be seven days over the course of a month or even years." Grateful thanks to [ profile] maribella008 for providing multiple, detailed beta readings and massive heaps of encouragement, as well as alerting me to the presence of a custom handcuff-crafter in Barcelona. The blame for clunkers and darlings remaining in the mix is mine alone.

    A man has two reasons for things that he does
    The first one is pride and the second one is love
      - Hüsker Dü

    When CNN airs the outtakes of his gigglefits during his session with Pedro Pinto, Roger is away from the television, reading aloud to Myla from a German car magazine. )

    Part 2
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    Nineveh-uk, a rustle in the branches mentioned it being your birthday. I fear that St. George/Charles remains beyond me, but hope Ivan/Jerry will do as a token offering.

    Title: Running, They Never Run From It Away (pace Donne)
    Pairing: Ivan Vorpatril/the 17th Duke of Denver (Viscount St. George in Wimsey canon)
    Rating: G
    Words: 178
    Premise: I don't subscribe to the apocrypha that St. George bought it in WWII. At any rate, imagine both lads in their late 30s, a friendship developing over periodic hops in space/time by Lord Vorpatril...

    Ivan Vorpatril allowed himself to shiver once the door closed behind his companion's visitors. When Jerry raised an eyebrow at him, he said, "Your uncle's manservant. He reminds me a little too much of my cousin Gregor."

    "Oh? Does this Gregor mercilessly drench you in a cold, silent shower of you can do better than thises every time he sets eyes on you?" The words were as light as spun sugar, and as brittle as candy glass.

    "He doesn't bother with the you can do betters," Ivan said, his shoulders still hunched up. "These days, he just sends me onto the next 'little job' he needs done before I even get out a 'hello.'"

    Jerry sidled over to Ivan's chair, casually seating himself on one of the antique armrests. "Saying 'no' isn't an option?"

    Ivan said, helplessly, "It was what I was born to do."

    Jerry glanced at the coat of arms on the firescreen, the familiar cat and three mice courant forever mocking him. He placed his hands on Ivan's shoulders as he murmured, "I really do understand."
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    You deserve so much more, but this is all the fic my brain is willing to yield right now:

    Their lives on the farm were peaceful, for the most part, although both men remained in fighting trim well into old age. Their superlative fitness was in part due to Lupin's inability to resist teasing his partner on occasion, resulting in few-holds-barred duels until they were both exhausted. Lupin never did find out why, during Snape's turns to milk the Guernseys, the word "cow-ward" was such a trigger.

    *grins* *HUGS* *flees barrage of pumpkin seeds*
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    You can blame my commenters (specifically dru and [personal profile] meretricula) for these. (That, and it's easier to nosh on leftover crabcakes indoors, where the sand is not... [/last true day of vacation, wah])

    Title: Sisterhood
    Fandom: Tennis RPF (Mirka and Xisca)
    Prompted by: meretricula's "wish for fic where [Mirka, Xisca, et al] are all BFFs and hang out at tournaments and talk trash about their respective husbands and boyfriends." And a fresh upswing in Rafa-proposing-to-Xisca rumors all over the tennisphere.
    Useful background info: Mirka's parents are jewelers.
    Wordcount: 200

    Are you sure? I didn't want to get married when I was your age )

    Title: Furthermore
    Fandoms: Harry Potter and Tennis RPF (with a nod to Prince of Tennis)
    Characters: Hooch and Snape/Lupin
    Prompted by: drusilla rain's request for "crack-fic involving Remus, puppies, that pic and Snape"
    Side info: Juan Carlos Ferrero's nicknames include "Juanqui" and "Mosquito"
    Wordcount: 400

    Hooch had seen Snape speechless before, but she never would have bet on a litter of puppies producing that effect. )

    Title: In the Present
    Fandom: Tennis RPF
    Pairings: Juan Martin del Potro/Juan Monaco; background Nole/Rafa
    Prompted by: meretricula's wishlist
    Warning: outright fluff
    Side note: I actually looked at everyone's tournament schedule to confirm that all four of them plan to play in Beijing. For a double drabble. Is it any wonder why it takes me so freakin' long to finish fics? [/rolls eyes at self]
    Wordcount: 200

    We are not waiting until Sunday to eat this. )
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    Title: Not Yet Cooked
    Author: [personal profile] bronze_ribbons
    Fandom: Tennis RPF
    Characters: Roger, Mirka, Rafa
    Wordcount: 617
    Disclaimer: Fic is fictional. No malice intended, no profit expected.
    Rating: worksafe
    Notes: Originally posted to LJ's fedal_slash comm (locked). I'm essentially on a hiatus from fic-writing until mid-February, but it would appear that I had some USO angst to get out of my system.

    When Roger arrives at his suite in Genova, there is a beribboned basket overflowing with pasta sitting on the coffee table. )
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    So, so tired, and yet more middle-of-the-night bug-chasing anticipated. On the plus side, having to be on standby online all damned day resulted in some catching up via e-mail (which in turn resulted in some rearranging of my language-study plans -- it turns out I'll be attending a wedding in Israel this fall, so Hebrew just leapfrogged over Mandarin. I'm loving the library's Pimsleur CD series, by the way...) and the writing of a New Year's Resolution fic:

    Title: Deserving
    Fandom: Haru wo Daiteita
    Characters: Yoshizumi, Iwaki, and Katou
    Rating: PG
    Summary: "What the hell am I in the middle of now?" Yoshizumi doesn't know what to think when he lands a starring role opposite Katou's Iwaki.
    Wordcount: 1054
    Written for: glass-icarus, who had specified that "possessiveness is a giant thing for me; thus, obviously, when I mentioned Yoshizumi, I didn't mean a threesome. :P Katou and Iwaki being sweet are fabulous, Yoshizumi calling them out on it is also fabulous, Yoshizumi poking fun at them or talking to them about their relationship (in passing or not), any combination of the three of them bonding over acting..."
    (I'll repost in this journal in a couple days or so - the file's on another machine)

    * * *

    twenty first lines meme: arguably spoilers for FAKE and Haru below the cut )

    Patterns? Um... That I tend to write longer sentences than most of you is probably not news (*waves at [personal profile] westernredcedar, who wrangled with this firsthand when she recorded "The Hounding of the Baskervilles"*). That I often start out stories with characters in media thinkety is likewise Not A Revelation. Beyond that... aaah. At the moment I wouldn't be able to recognize a Fibonacci sequence if it smacked me with a slide rule. I think it's time to go check on my cauldron of tomato stew and then either kick a sonnet closer to shape or succumb to another two-hour catnap.
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    The squee: [personal profile] emungere was playing the write-the-next-five-lines meme at her journal, and humored my request for a glimpse of Dee and Berkeley at the U.S. Open.

    The drabble:

    100 words, Roger/Rafa, Dee/Ryo, worksafe )
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    Nerve is less pinched, thank goodness. Was up almost all night writing. Am supposed to be whaling through something else right now. Bunnies are scary, especially when they look like this:

    kinda scary photo prompt from a member of LJ:fedal-slash under this cut )

    Which led to this:

    Title: Cover
    Author: [personal profile] bronze_ribbons
    Pairing: Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal
    Words: 400
    Rating: PG
    Disclaimer: Real names, fictional people.

    Roger almost didn't recognize himself )
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    Title: It's Okay
    Author: [personal profile] bronze_ribbons (mechaieh at Yuletide and Skyehawke)
    Rating: G
    Disclaimer: My fics are fictional, even when I use the names of real people.
    Wordcount: 100 + 100 + 100
    Note: Inspired by reports of Roger's 10-second chat with Rafa: "...I asked him how his knee was. He was like, 'it's okay'. So I kind of knew it wasn't great, because he's very honest to me." ...and a fedal-slash comm discussion (locked) about the languages the guys (don't) speak.
    Another note: I know, I know, I keep getting ambushed by these bunnies. If I had any sense I'd make myself stay away from Wimbledon coverage, but the sheer amount of snark and woobiedom and headcasery (among the players, the journos, and the fans), it's like 1980s General Hospital, there's all sorts of doom hovering around the horizon and there's no telling what's going to happen next. And that's just in canon...

    Roger fully intends to learn Spanish someday... )
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    Title: Private Feelings
    Pairings: background Roger/Rafa; octopus/Rafa
    Rating: It's not really explicit, but there's definitely tentacle sex, y'know?
    Disclaimer: Fic is fictional, even when I use the names of real people.
    Wordcount: 500 even
    Summary: Curiosity doesn't kill Andy Roddick, but...
    Note: I blame meretricula. (Quote: "You know what tennis fandom needs? moar tentacles!" I hate my brain.)

    Andy privately wonders if he's going to end up feeling like a third wheel all week )
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    Title: Interrobang
    Fandom: RPF – Tennis
    Rating: PG
    Fest: New Year Resolutions 2009 Challenge at Yuletide. For beth666ann, who requested Rafael Nadal/Roger Federer: "Anything, from sex, romance, to friendship--I am a big fan of character development. Also, I'd enjoy an AU if you felt like it."
    Disclaimer: My fics are fictional, even when the characters share the same names as real people. No malice intended, no profit expected.
    Lagniappe: A kind and generous anon is making a contribution to charity for each NYR fic posted this summer. In response to this story, she or he has made a donation to a public school seeking to purchase tennis rackets and balls for its "Geeks and Games" club.
    Summary: Detective Federer likes being the guy with the answers. Detective Nadal likes being a question mark.

    Roger Federer isn't shy about being the top detective in his precinct. )


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