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Via [personal profile] el_staplador: Share the final line of five of your fics ...

[Yes, it's been a while. These are neither most recent or most favorite - merely what comes first to mind tonight.]

[Yes, I do intend to write some more someday. And to record more audio. Which reminds me that I have been horribly remiss in not-yet-mentioning Rhea's podfic Ten Hats and Gallon (FAKE). Podfic! Wheeyay!]

In the meantime - meme!

And since he was alone - the rest of his family already asleep, as he himself should have been - Alexander buried his face in his hands and silently wept.
Everything Necessary to Procure (Political RPF - Hamilton/Laurens)

"Let us begin, then."
D'Accord, D'Accord (Harry Potter - Snape/Lupin)

And as the other man leans into him -- eighty-five kilos' worth of affection, passion, and challenge -- Roger begins to fingercomb the exclamation points out of Rafa's thick, dark hair.
Interrobang (Tennis RPF - Fedal)

She pours herself another bowl of cereal while I punch the button on the hot cocoa machine, and once we're sitting across the table from each other, we're exactly where we're supposed to be.
The Cafeteria's Got Everything (Dar Williams's "Alleluia")

The light fades.
One is One and All Alone (The Dark Is Rising)
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... to the anonymous friend who sent me a generous parcel of DW points this morning! ♥ ♥ ♥

I have a sneaking suspicion about who you are, so here's a thank-you drabble for old times' sake. (If I've guessed incorrectly, mysterious friend, my apologies -- please feel free to leave a prompt, which I'll then do my best to fill. [I am out of practice, obvs.])

Where the Lent Lilies Bloom

(words - 100; gen (faintly implied Snape/Lupin); postwar AU)

Remus's garden wasn't large, but it contained at least forty-three species of daffodils. That's how many Harry had managed to count before Severus appeared at the gate, a potion in hand.

Harry looked up from a peach-colored trumpet. "Why do some of these smell like vanilla, and some of them like burnt tires? I thought Remus wasn't using any magic on this plot?"

"He's not," Severus growled, impatience flashing in his eyes. "Will you ever learn to go beyond your first impressions?"

"I have," Harry calmly replied. "I may not ask the right questions right away, but I'm still learning."
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It's [ profile] brit_columbia's birthday! and she has asked for FAKE ficlets. There are already some fun offerings from her other admirers at her journal.

As part of the celebration, I decided to see if there was any part of part 5 of "Not as Dumb" that was postable. This has not been beta'd, and I reserve the right to determine this doesn't belong in the story after all (in which case, Brit, you can think of this as an blue cheese tartlet illicitly snuck out of the bakery kitchen for you that then didn't end up on the official menu...).

Anyway, happy birthday, Brit! May there be less stress and more time to write/graze/chill in the year ahead!

The next morning, when Ryo woke up... )
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Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating/Pairings: G / gen
Summary: There aren't always instructions.
Warning: HBP spoilers. Character deaths.
Challenge: Written for le Fic-a-Feast of les [ profile] dames_magique.

Unwritten )
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Buon compleanno, cara!

Title: Placet
Author: [ profile] mechaieh
Summary: Ten years after the War, there is what is believed and what is received.
Pairings: Snape/Lupin and Sinistra/Granger; mention of Harry/Draco. Established relationships (backstories not included; HBP not referenced).
Rating: mild R
Disclaimer: I don't own these people; I just like eavesdropping on them. The Wimseys and Parkers originate from Dorothy L. Sayers.
Warnings: Light bondage. More fluff than plot. 2200 words.
Notes: Spawned by discussions here and there; the initial sketch contained just Peter, Harriet, Remus, and Severus at a Handel concert, but the damn bunny kept hopping sideways. Beta'd by the splendid [ profile] swooop.

Placet )
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For [ profile] significantowl. Because it's her birthday. :-)

A Dark Is Rising drabble-fluff )
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Inspired by [ profile] jane_somebody's "Watchman"

a TDIR/Wimsey drabble )

(The title's from chapter fourteen of Gaudy Night.)