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I have a pot full of groats. It's going to take me all week and then some to get through it, as cooked groats appear to have the density of, say, the Chicago Manual of Style. A blonde, round, squooshy brick...

(Not really complaining, of course: I have a tub of okra-chickpea curry I just defrosted, and the groats should also go well with dried fruit, honey, yogurt, and other fixin's. No, what I'm cranky about is running on three hours of sleep and it already being past noon and me not yet back to my billable work, what with church-related deadlines -- and that last is really where I blame LMB, because that bit from Shards of Honor about tests being a gift, damn if it doesn't up and smack me when I want to curl up and blow things off.)

Right, then. Food, then shower, and then back to finetuning citations (interspersed with spates of laundry). Love and strength to all y'all.
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Nineveh-uk, a rustle in the branches mentioned it being your birthday. I fear that St. George/Charles remains beyond me, but hope Ivan/Jerry will do as a token offering.

Title: Running, They Never Run From It Away (pace Donne)
Pairing: Ivan Vorpatril/the 17th Duke of Denver (Viscount St. George in Wimsey canon)
Rating: G
Words: 178
Premise: I don't subscribe to the apocrypha that St. George bought it in WWII. At any rate, imagine both lads in their late 30s, a friendship developing over periodic hops in space/time by Lord Vorpatril...

Ivan Vorpatril allowed himself to shiver once the door closed behind his companion's visitors. When Jerry raised an eyebrow at him, he said, "Your uncle's manservant. He reminds me a little too much of my cousin Gregor."

"Oh? Does this Gregor mercilessly drench you in a cold, silent shower of you can do better than thises every time he sets eyes on you?" The words were as light as spun sugar, and as brittle as candy glass.

"He doesn't bother with the you can do betters," Ivan said, his shoulders still hunched up. "These days, he just sends me onto the next 'little job' he needs done before I even get out a 'hello.'"

Jerry sidled over to Ivan's chair, casually seating himself on one of the antique armrests. "Saying 'no' isn't an option?"

Ivan said, helplessly, "It was what I was born to do."

Jerry glanced at the coat of arms on the firescreen, the familiar cat and three mice courant forever mocking him. He placed his hands on Ivan's shoulders as he murmured, "I really do understand."
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  • A rec: Frostfire's Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack Harkness/Chewbacca, 3480 words, NC-17, awesometastic crossover goodness:

    "Right," said Chewbacca. "Jack. And what brings you here, besides the blue drinks and the attractive Wookiees?"

    "Well, I wouldn't need any more reason than that," said Jack, "but you know, I have these friends," he waved towards the other two humans, "and they like to travel around and get into other people's business."

    Chewbacca tensed. "How into other people's business?"

    "Oh, they won't do anything unless you're in trouble. Or getting someone else in trouble. Or if you look like you're going to get into trouble or get someone else in trouble." Jack sighed. "So, if you're in the business of getting people in trouble--maybe put it on hold until you don't see us around anymore?"

    Chewbacca thought about this. "Han doesn't like people who stick their noses into other people's business," he said finally.

    Jack gave him a quick, penetrating look. "Oh yeah? And what do you think?"

    "He's the captain," said Chewbacca.

    Jack leaned onto the bar, looked down into his drink. "Right. I know how that works. Get caught up in something, meet this guy, suddenly you're flying around with him in his ship, doing what he does, except whoops, by the way, he's fucking crazy."

    Chewbacca couldn't help it; he started to laugh.

  • Via a friend: science badges. The existence of a "I'm a marine biologist and, to be honest, I kind of f***ing hate dolphins" badge and its manifesto nearly made me spit my tea all over my netbook.

  • Via my alma mater's alumni magazine: a look at an ongoing effort to produce in vitro meat.
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    I am being a wuss about the things I ought to be doing... which translated into tackling the long-ass book meme [ profile] busaikko tagged me with a couple eons ago. Standard disclaimer: I am mercurial and moody and absent-minded. My favorites change by the hour. And this questionnaire's questions are weighted so weirdly it's impossible to take it all that seriously, but you probably already knew that.

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    From 1804 renovations

    From 1804 renovations

    From 1804 renovations

    Would any of you lot be interested in a handful of Chinese pattern magazines from the early 1970s? I'm willing to ship them gratis to anywhere in North America (overseas airmail has gotten too pricey, sorry).

    Still coping with the Bronchitis of Doom Revisited, which means delays in dealing with everyday life, which correspondingly means delays in making progress on audiofics, "Not As Dumb," care packages, reading the bajillion-word backlog of fics y'all have been building up in my bookmarks, etc. All in good time. I do have a handful of quick recs before I head back to the de-stashing:

    A Night In by currently anon. Fandom: The Dark Is Rising. Will/Jane/Bran. Three friends coping with Midsummer heat. A mix of potential hurt-comfort and massive UST leading to... Jane's POV; beautiful characterization.

    Geri-chan started posting Haru wo Daiteita fic in November, primarily about Kikuchi. Some really thought-provoking examinations of the dynamics among the characters and about their careers.

    Cartography by penknife. Fandom: A Little Princess. A beautiful, thoughtfully narrated piece from Ram Dass's point of view.

    Little Settlement on the Moon by Rina. Fandom: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series. [ profile] busaikko-san, I am looking at you.

    A Willow/Squid/Whomping Willow drabble by drusillas_rain. Fandoms: BtVS/HP. *glee*

    Escaping Gravity by misura. Fandom: Vorkosigan. Ivan/By. Mostly with Miles', ah, assistance, but Gregor gets the last word. *glee*

    I'll Find You In the Morning Sun by rilla. Fandom: Angels in America. Beautiful, insightful, heartbreaking, real.

    Commonplaces by astolat. Fandom: Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Adler. Irene's POV. Fine characterization and dynamic.
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    Four things I am not handling especially graciously or gracefully right now:
    (1) raging yeast infection
    (2) rampaging guilt gorillas
    (3) clutter and disruption of routines resulting from current work on my kitchen and bathroom
    (4) imminent deadlines of various stripes

    Four things that amused me tonight:
    (1) my husband pouting because the Think Geek package was addressed to me, not him (thank you Dichroic!)
    (2) Helvetica screening at the library, and the conversations afterwards
    (3) a line in my own fic. That's a good feeling...
    (4) chatting with the co-owner of my favorite bar about dealing with enemies

    Four fics I've recently enjoyed:
    potential spoiler for Buffy the Vampire Slayer under the cut )
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    [As with the other lists, not quite complete, but a start. I hadn't realised it until just now, but today's the fourth anniversary of the first drabble I ever posted, IIRC]

    ["TDiR" = The Dark Is Rising (Susan Cooper)
    "Wimseyverse" = Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane series (Dorothy L. Sayers)
    "Vorkosiganverse" = Miles Vorkosigan series (Lois McMaster Bujold)]

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    Happy birthday, my dear. May you enjoy good health, good books, and many other felicities the whole year 'round.

    [100 words, G, Alys/Simon with a hint of past Bunter/Alys. ;-) ]

    There was a vase of red flowers in their room. The bouquet had looked perfect to him when he turned on the lights, but it looked even better after Alys glided up to it and rearranged three of the blooms.

    Her compulsive competence contained an invisible edge that intrigued him, but he'd held off asking where she'd honed her skills. Later, she showed him several vid pix of herself dressed in a peculiar costume, carefully rinsing and drying porcelain ornaments.

    "Someone who understood you took those," he murmured.

    "Yes," she said, and she let her head rest against his shoulder.
    bronze_ribbons: snapshot of me in standing bow (houndbunny) know who I really want to see paired with Bunter? Alys Vorpatril.


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