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At [personal profile] spiralsheep, Julia Donaldson's Eight Tentacles...

...which reminded me of the marvelous illo [ profile] almostclara created for my birthday some years ago...

(...and in a thread at [community profile] poetree, spiralsheep mentions that the post was in response to someone else posting a Robert Herrick fantasy about lascivious vines)
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[Subject line from All Creatures Now, a standard from my madrigal-warbling days. Now is the month of maying and all that.]

A pawful of notes:
about tennis, fandom, and eggplant souffle... )

  • [personal profile] okrablossom and I wrote a linked pair of sonnets a couple of years ago; Blue Print Review just published it, with calligraphy added into the mix. Both the piece and the issue have received some rave reviews, which pleases me greatly. (There's also been some pieces at 7x20, including a rare autobiographical one, and a bundle at PicFic -- and, thirty-five rejections. [Lots of editors catching up on their backlogs last month. And there was much sulking and sighing, and my To Revise stack remains taller than the dog. Ars ever-freaking longa...])

  • and more on poetry, and the Pentagon Papers... )
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    (Via the VPAs at

    Current state: working on work; preparing things to put in the mail; Greek-style apricot-blueberry-walnut bread rising on my kitchen counter. Onward!
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    Tennis and tentacles! In the New Yorker!
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    Summary: Rafa wins, but it was a respectably tight match -- some beautiful points among Rafa's 85 to Roger's 84 (and some headscratching ones, including championship point #2). Considering Roger's general inability to play two good sets in a row against Top 100 players since AO, I honestly didn't think much of his chances to make the final at all, never mind making it competitive; I'm pleased at how many games went to deuce (even if some of those were due to Roger's making twice as many UFEs as Rafa), and if they both tune up their first serves for 3-5 sets at RG, I'll be making noises to give Sally of "When Harry..." a run for her pastrami. *g*

    matchcall, copied here mainly so I can look back when memory fails to serve )

    And before the match:

    @dootsiez "tongue in cheeks" -->not so obviously a typo with slashfic goggles on. I'd say more but I've already scarred my tweeps for life.
    about 4 hours ago via web in reply to dootsiez's "Yeah folks, tongue in cheeks" about the caplocks smacktalk + follow-up "CHEEK* OBVIOUSLY"

    @[redacted] "Rafa's eyes widened as the Giant Squid sped up its stroking of Roger's..." #Rule34 #sogoingtohell #nohandbasketrequired
    about 4 hours ago via web in reply to [redacted]'s "What is a tentacle smut?"

    *shakes head at all the shouting, goes back to writing Rafa/Roger tentacle smut*
    about 5 hours ago via web

    Yesterday spammed by drunken Aussies. Today spammed by caffeinated Aussies (#thisiswarbitches). The things I do to feed my tennis habit.
    about 5 hours ago via web
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    Space squid, at that. (Hi Valis!)

    From misc

    (On an outdoor wall of a cafe in Tel Aviv.)

    Also emblematic of wrongness, albeit in a different realm: LJ:azdak offers the start of a Bunter/St. George in LJ:nineveh-uk's Yuletide Hell Game. Ulp...
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    From 1804 renovations

    From 1804 renovations

    From 1804 renovations

    Would any of you lot be interested in a handful of Chinese pattern magazines from the early 1970s? I'm willing to ship them gratis to anywhere in North America (overseas airmail has gotten too pricey, sorry).

    Still coping with the Bronchitis of Doom Revisited, which means delays in dealing with everyday life, which correspondingly means delays in making progress on audiofics, "Not As Dumb," care packages, reading the bajillion-word backlog of fics y'all have been building up in my bookmarks, etc. All in good time. I do have a handful of quick recs before I head back to the de-stashing:

    A Night In by currently anon. Fandom: The Dark Is Rising. Will/Jane/Bran. Three friends coping with Midsummer heat. A mix of potential hurt-comfort and massive UST leading to... Jane's POV; beautiful characterization.

    Geri-chan started posting Haru wo Daiteita fic in November, primarily about Kikuchi. Some really thought-provoking examinations of the dynamics among the characters and about their careers.

    Cartography by penknife. Fandom: A Little Princess. A beautiful, thoughtfully narrated piece from Ram Dass's point of view.

    Little Settlement on the Moon by Rina. Fandom: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series. [ profile] busaikko-san, I am looking at you.

    A Willow/Squid/Whomping Willow drabble by drusillas_rain. Fandoms: BtVS/HP. *glee*

    Escaping Gravity by misura. Fandom: Vorkosigan. Ivan/By. Mostly with Miles', ah, assistance, but Gregor gets the last word. *glee*

    I'll Find You In the Morning Sun by rilla. Fandom: Angels in America. Beautiful, insightful, heartbreaking, real.

    Commonplaces by astolat. Fandom: Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Adler. Irene's POV. Fine characterization and dynamic.
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    ...and, here we are. This is what arrived in the mail from the one and only amazingness that is busaikko-san:

    photos beneath the cut )

    (And oh, there is indeed much mayhem planned. *manic grin* But first I need to reheat my tea and do some of the dances-with-PowerPoint that will help underwrite said mayhem, and to deter the dog from sticking her snout into a certain bag of mini-Reese's-cups I've set aside (smiles at [ profile] aunty_marion), and to figure out how I'm actually going to end part 2 of the fic I've just meta-rambled about to y'all over the past three-odd posts. Onwards!)
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    Now that I've finished bleeding words through my forehead my deathmatch with the most recent albatross, I can finally deal with some photos that've been sitting on my hard drive since mid-August(click images to view larger versions). Dodgy quality (they're from my cellphone) but good memories...

    Chicago - so full of yay! )

    squids! )

    The rec:
    Trubbleclef's A Simple Misunderstanding. Neville/Harry, NC-17, 3187 words, discussion of watersports, Luna being awesome, funny.

    The randomness (because I have got to stash this somewhere, because I am going to want to look this up again, but heaven knows why): there was an article in the New York Times this morning about people whose relatives' ashes are in Yankee and Shea Stadiums,... Read more... )
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    It came to pass that, amidst a fearsome deluge of work and chores, a shriek of unbridled joy was heard in the land. For a package suddenly arrived contained swathes of shininess, from which emerged early birthday greetings and a wondrous creature fashioned by none other than the marvelous Marion:

    (click on image to view larger version of photograph)

    After emitting aforementioned shriek, Ribbons reluctantly returned to careening around in circles and hopping through hoops, but not before introducing her newest housemate to one of its more sedate companions-to-be:

    :-D :-D :-D Thank you, [ profile] aunty_marion! :-D :-D :-D
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    (1) Thanks to [ profile] marginaliana, there is now Giant Squid bandfic. (Not to mention penguins humming "My Heart Will Go On"...)

    (2) Sahiya writes about writing Ivan/By, and, as she put it, "Slashing the Canonically VERY Straight Male, or, Coming Out: Why We Do It and Why, Sometimes, We Don't."

    (3) Teddy bears! Custom-made for this year's Equity Fights AIDS auction. Some of you will covet Elphaba!bear ("...lashed, shadowed and blushed with Idina Menzel's personal 'Landscape Green' makeup, specially formulated for use in the show"), and [ profile] busaikko came to mind when I saw Xanadu!bear. And I'm amused that the creator of Cyrano de Beargerac (*swoon*) listed a special credit for "nose assistance."
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    [Placeholder post. I need to clean this up, to re-archive and tag a tree-load of stuff over here, and I fear I'm forgetting someone, but SnuSa is still hijacking what's left of my brain. *flail*]

    Fics/Art Featuring the Whomping Willow, the Giant Squid, or both

    tree! tentacles! GLEE! )

    The March 2006 list
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    Icon by LJ:fairmer, from this set.

    Not wholly unrelated: Saturday's User-Friendly strip.
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    I knew that meme was going to get me in trouble...

    Title: A Different Holiday in Scotland
    For: nineveh-uk, whose prompt was "Bunter/Squid. Snape watches."
    Words: 100

    Probably no spoilers for Sayers here, but under a cut just to be safe )

    The rec: Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, by the same fiend friend who prompted the above.
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    Heaven knows why y'all humor me, but I adore you for it: it occurs to me that I've now badgered you all to produce collected enough tree- and tentacle-inspired fic that I ought to start an album for it. To wit:

    Squid and/or Willow-centric glee! )

    Neither for nor by me, but too cool not to mention:
    [ profile] gnatkip's Pugilistic Plants page 137, "Whomping Willow".

    Squid/Willow illustration by [ profile] gojira65.
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    The Giant Squid
    Never did
    Quite understand Ginny
    Or her penchant for dipping skinny.

    The Whomping Willow
    Surmised that a pillow
    Might have helped the Potions master
    As he yelled, "Lupin! Faster!"


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