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Really well done, by the Guardian US interactive team with Richard Adams and Erin McCann:
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In Paris through 19 May: TeZukA, "a fusion of comic strip and contemporary dance" honoring the creator of Astro Boy.

ETA: also in Paris (through 21 May), a large (400 works!) Art Spiegelman show at Centre Pompidou. And in yesterday's NYT op-ed section, Spiegelman is among the contributors of illustrations paying tribute to Sendak.
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Rhea34 over at LJ has recorded my little futurefic (700 words) about Bikky, "Forward." *bounce bounce bounce* If you enjoy it, please let her know. The link to download it is at

...and, if you click on the amplificathon tag for FAKE, you'll see two other podfics she's recorded. "Shrapnel" was a Yuletide gift written for me by paperuni three years ago, so I'm extra-excited to find it now exists in audio as well. :-)
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  • Sundown being so early last Friday night meant I was able to light eighth-night candles before my overnight Room in the Inn shift.

  • It was a pretty mellow shift, all things considered. We didn't have time to rustle up a more recent movie, but Bulletproof Monk was stupid fun, and while everyone else slept, I whaled through some copyediting and read volume 2 of Antique Bakery.

  • Sometimes it really is timing: when I first tried reading AB a couple years ago, I couldn't get through more than a couple episodes, and had brought along v2 mainly to give it one last try before putting it in my trade-in pile. This time, though, I was grinning from ear to ear. (It didn't hurt that Recipe 9 is a Christmas story. With croquembouche.)

  • This, of course, means looking at what AB fic there be out there. I am so in love with Omikuji, and Cakemate is soooo cute.

  • !@%#$^ vorpal fic of doom is still !@%#@!% vorpal fic of doom EATING MY HEAD. I have nothing to say about it that isn't profane or blasphemous. Moving on...

  • Picked up some sort of lemon-flavored liquid energy shot from Whole Foods back in the summer, stuck it in the fridge, and promptly forgot about it. Tried it yesterday after naps stopped working. Tasted nasty, but damn if it didn't work. But I think I'll try to return to getting enough sleep and brewing strong tea.

  • Things I'd like to get to today, in addition to billable obligations: reviewing some spots I stumbled over when I was sight-reading this year's Lessons and Carols pieces; prepping for the dinner I'm hosting for my beau-pere's birthday; writing some holiday/New Year notes; working on my Penny Experiment art -- oh, who am I kidding, that's more mountain than I can scale today as it is. (Also, we have houseguests. Fortunately, the BYM has been wholly in charge of that, and they all headed out for breakfast while I was still asleep.) Onward!
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  • Today's subject line comes from a poem by Hafiz that begins, "Admit something: / Everyone you see, you say to them, 'Love me.'"

  • 142 words today on Not as Dumb. With yet another OC ambling in from left field.

  • [ profile] geri_chan's comment detailing which dog breeds correspond to various Harudaki characters -- I have no words, because I am still laughing too hard to come up with them.

  • Read scans of Vassalord v3 yesterday, and my print copy of Yellow v1. Also came across scans of a manga titled Welcome to the Chemistry Lab. Who knows if it's any good, but with a title like that, of course I'm going to peek at it at some point.

  • The Talking Library shares a parking lot with a County Clerk branch, which means the congestion's impossible the last and first business day of each month (when people queue up to renew their car tags), so it turned out to be the perfect morning for a 6.5-hour shift: the first two hours were devoted to the Tennessean (which is fading right before our eyes -- the editorial section is literally half of what it was, and at least one funeral home lists its website in lieu of actual obituary details for its clients), and the rest to wrapping up The Red Necklace, which added up to twenty episodes (roughly twenty pages per half-hour).

  • The to-do list is reproaching me, but I am heading to bed anyway: I don't think I've caught the latest whats-it that knocked out at least three members of the chamber choir over the weekend, but I am definitely inordinately achy and out of sorts, in spite of copious quantities of both sleep and dried squid over the past forty-eight hours (in spite of being relatively well-behaved the forty-eight hours before -- I stayed in Friday night to work on a business tax return, and haven't touched any alcohol since Wednesday). I'm hoping more sleep and orange juice and Greek yogurt will do the trick...

  • Chouette! ;-)
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    * Coming across Spanish scanlations of the extras from the Japanese reissues of FAKE. Now if I could only find a reputable North American source for the licensed Spanish editions. (I'm steering clear of alibris.)

    * Ryotaro Iwanaga's Pumpkin Scissors: Imperial Army State Section III. The manga is up to nine or ten volumes in Japan, with four volumes translated into English so far; I borrowed the first three from my local library and devoured them this afternoon. I am impressed by Del Rey/Ballantine/Kodansha's efforts: the first volume includes a good guide about Japanese honorifics, and each volume includes some translation notes at the end, where Ikoi Hiroe notes several spots where different choices could have been made, or provides additional cultural context.

    Also, it has several kickass female characters - the field commander of the unit is 2nd Lt. Alice Malkin - and there's a doggie, and some cats... (am softie. Don't tell! *g*).

    * We're currently stove-less, so we've been exploring various "just add hot water" and/or microwavable products. Today's was Shirakiku brand "Fresh Japanese Style Sanukiya Udon." I admit to picking it up partly because I just liked the cartoon of two country dudes with their noodles (whoa, that came out way more filthy than I intended), and this review pretty much nails the experience (including the spongy veggie bits I didn't care for either; I can't comment on the openability of the packets, though, since I approached the bowl with scissors in hand). In a nutshell: good noodles, and the water doesn't actually have to be hot before you add it.
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    A while back, LJ:shayheyred nominated Vassalord for Yuletide with this description: "because what's not to love about a gay vampire and an angsty vampire cyborg with priestly intentions? This is a brand new passion of mine, because it's cracky and dangerous and very cool indeed."

    That was enough to put it on my "check it out someday list." I was browsing at a local store today, though, and came across the back cover copy: "Find out as the devilish duo go up against a childlike vampire princess, a mysterious branch of the Unitarian Church...and each other."

    The main reason I didn't buy it then and there is because I'm pretty sure I saw a copy at a secondhand store last week. But "someday" definitely just became "soon." :-)
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    I am being a wuss about the things I ought to be doing... which translated into tackling the long-ass book meme [ profile] busaikko tagged me with a couple eons ago. Standard disclaimer: I am mercurial and moody and absent-minded. My favorites change by the hour. And this questionnaire's questions are weighted so weirdly it's impossible to take it all that seriously, but you probably already knew that.

    Read more... )
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    All work-safe unless marked otherwise.

    Not As Dumb (WIP - 6 parts planned): Part 1 (2000 words). Part 2 (6800 words). Part 3 (4200 words). Ryo/Dee and others.

    Professionals. Second half of a drabble pair. Dee.

    Some Glimpses of More Than Anything. 50 sentences, some light R. Dee/Ryo.

    Not a Floating Spar. 130 words. Diana and Carol.

    Developing. 100 words. Ryo (about Aunt Elena).

    When Damsels Grow Up. 100 words. Carol.

    Emiry Nightingale. 100 words. Emiry.

    Any Direction in High Heels. 218 words. Diana.

    Ten Hats and a Gallon. 1665 words. Ryo-centric.

    Room. 2187 words. Crossover with The Dark Is Rising. Bikky and Bran, gen.

    When the Night Falls on You. 2000+ words. Ryo/Dee and others.

    Forward. Seven linked drabbles about Bikky.

    A Little Bit of Sugar. 265 words. Severus Snape/Rikka Kaito.

    Lolita 1, Love 0. Two-minute comment-fic challenge. Ryo and Dee.

    Because I Love You More Than I Can Say. 2850 words. R. Ryo/Dee and Iwaki/Katou (Harudaki). Sequel to "Fair to See."

    Harried. Severus Snape/Dee Laytner. Not a nice drabble.

    Fair to See - drabble. Ryo/Dee and Iwaki/Katou (Harudaki).

    The Randy "Ryo" Maclean fanlisting The Dee Laytner fanlisting
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    In this morning's New York Times, there's an article about "The Drops of the Gods", a manga about wine that etrangere reviewed just last week in her LJ (French title: Le Gouttes de Dieu).

    Why did the Times judge the series newsworthy? "Since coming out of nowhere four years ago, this 20-something Japanese would-be sommelier [the lead character] has quickly become the most influential voice in Asia’s wine markets. In Tokyo, wine sellers monitor his weekly pronouncements before adjusting their stocks accordingly."
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    From, via a friend: "The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has signed on as a special consultant to the defense of Chistopher Handley, an Iowa collector who faces up to 20 years in prison for possession of manga."

    This is perhaps a good time to note that the BPAL scents inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett have raised over $38,000 for the CBLDF (as of earlier this summer, and not specific to this case. As Gaiman has observed, "there are always worms nibbling away at the First Amendment").

    (Disclosure: I didn't buy it direct, but I do own an imp of "Madame Tracy" and it's very nice indeed.)

    Via Gaiman's blog: New Yorker vs. xkcd cartoon-off. Note use of "pulled a Palin" in one of the captions -- I wonder how long that phrase will stay comprehendable in general usage?

    *thinks back to Mondale vs. Hart*
    *slings cardigan over hourglass, wrenches concentration back to chores*
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    I am having no luck getting past the first paragraph of any of the fics I've attempted to start the past couple of days, so I indulged in some surfing instead:

  • I saw on eBay that there was a copy of v2 in Spanish for sale for 8 Euros. Unfortunately, shipping to the US would run 35 Euros...

  • Here's a page with some panels from the French edition. The very last one is an example of why I've become keen on collecting different translations: in the English edition (Tokyopop), Ryo says "Bad kitty!" as he thumps Bikky on the head. In the French edition (Tonkam), it's "Take that!" I caught sight of a German edition on this side of the pond just now (Carlsen), so I'm looking forward to seeing how it lines up (or not) with the other two. Not to mention that it's funny seeing how different languages translate stuff like moans and shrieks and sneezes...

    (Which reminds me, I had NO IDEA that "sneezefic" was a genre large enough to have a name, let alone a sizable archive. Fandom, you will never run out of ways to give me gigglefits.)

  • Sadly, it's looking like I was really lucky to find my copies of v1-3 in French when I did (from a Montreal bookstore (Bidonlivre) via AbeBooks, at reasonable prices). I've tried ordering v4-7 elsewhere only to receive out-of-stock notices a few days later, and last week there were a couple vendors listing those volumes at exorbitant prices (I may be obsessed, but I ain't that keen...) I don't see them on this week, though, so I'm wondering whether they gave up or got swept out.

  • There are French scanlations of "Like, Live, Love" and Dee's backstory!!! *flails happily* (It's the same group working through Haru wo Daiteita, so that's another Nitta-Matoh connection.)

  • A lead character in Matoh's Access bears a strong resemblance to Dee, and his co-star evokes a younger Ryo.
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    The HP art rec: The Art Streak. Artist currently anonymous. PG-13 but not exactly worksafe. A hysterically funny, stunningly-detailed portrait of a game of strip poker. Wow.

    Assorted FAKE recs )
    postscript: how Dee/Ryo reminds me of Snape/Lupin )
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    Nineveh-uk has posted another bit of Sayers-inspired brilliance, this time featuring Bunter and tissue-paper. Work-safe.

    Marginalina linked to the Yuletide brainstorming post; I clicked. That crashing sound you hear in the background is my resolve to stay out of fests this year colliding with the possibility of prompting some good FAKE fic. More on that in a sec.

    My original shortlist + runners-up is on page 7 of the comments therein, but I had a three-hour drive earlier today, which meant I had time to ponder what I really want. So the fandoms I currently plan to nominate are looking more like this:

    1. FAKE - Sanami Matoh
    2. Haru wo Daiteita - Youka Nitta
    3. Copenhagen - Michael Frayn
    4. Muppets
    5. Chicago Manual of Style
    6. Vicky Bliss - Elizabeth Peters

    Some thoughts (in reverse order) on fic I'd like to see, whether via Yuletide or some other panfandom challenge or me-writing-it-myself-during-some-future-bout-of-insomnia (and yes, this is partly so I don't forget all this when it's time to write my "Dear Yuletide Santa" letter -- although it'll definitely need trimming so as not to scare whomever's assigned to me out of her or his gourd). I guess I should cut for spoilers for some of these...

    6. Vicky Bliss )

    5. CMOS - oh, the possibilities. CMOS/MLA bondage or hatesex, CMOS/APA, two CMOS rules together, one single CMOS rule... mwahahahahaha. I really am not kidding when I say that 17.169 would lend itself nicely to an extended exploration of UST.

    4. Muppets. Heh. Coming up with potential guest-stars (which may or may not violate the "no crossovers" guideline - I'm just brainstorming here) was a welcome mental break. Possibilities, in rough order of preference:

  • anyone from Tenth Doctor Who or Torchwood (actor or character)

  • Cthulhu or Hastur from User-Friendly (and dudes, current storyline involves the Large Hadron Collider. Whee!)

  • anyone from Haru wo Daiteita

  • anyone from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series

  • Lord Peter Wimsey. Bonus for scenes showing Bunter dealing with the insanity

  • Irene Adler

  • Jonathan Papelbon

  • 3. Copenhagen. More discussion and/or flashbacks among those involved.

    2. Haru wo Daiteita: Yoshizumi or Shimizu gen; Iwaki/Katou PWP...

    1. FAKE - some possibilities:

  • Ryo/Dee hurt/comfort

  • Dee and Jim Campbell friendship fic

  • Ryo's early twenties - answering questions from Dee, Carol, and/or Bikky about his time in the Army (if that's what he did), or Dee mulling over how Ryo's Army habits/skills show up in his current habits, or how Ryo met his bomb-making friend (if it wasn't via the Army)

  • Ryo and Dee discuss and compare their knowledge of bombs

  • Kai and/or Louise (second season) - what are their stories?

  • The 27th precinct heads to Bikky and Carol's wedding. Craziness and crises meet them there.

  • second season spoiler )

    And now for the mini-manifesto... my personal preferences re: FAKE fic )
    Ok, that's more than I meant to say... and I'm not done yet. Some other day. The to-post list also includes a delightful German translation of "Those I Can Save" (courtesy of LJ:incapability87), a couple of audiofics (once I stop coughing long enough to record them), some recs of FAKE fics (especially ones not in the usual archives), and the ever-floating raft of to-writes (once they're written, heh). But for now it's back to the comma mines. *hugs to all who wants 'em*
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    HP: I knew I was forgetting a fic when I posted last night! (Incoming company and 983 footnotes (in three languages and umpteen styles, no less), they make a gal scatterbrained. And the 983 is not a made-up number.): [ profile] westernredcedar's Odeon Leicester Square: May 25, 1980, which is2K, NC-17, and has to do with Snape and Lupin watching The Empire Strikes Back. It is related to the [ profile] dearsanta fic she wrote for me last year, Why Severus Snape Might Have to Shout 'Yoda' in the Midst of Battle (and one of these days I will rec something that isn't related to something I prompted, but like so many of you, I'm focused much more on my own IOUs than reading new work at the moment). "Odeon..." has dangerous!Lupin and protective-under-veneer-of-contempt!Snape, which are two of my biggest, fattest, come-smack-and-then-massage-me kinks, and [ profile] nehalenia says it made her nipples hard. :-D

    Fake (Sanami Matoh): A while back, [ profile] lore posted a Big Post of Awesomeness about getting into yaoi, and she, [ profile] iheartbowie, and [ profile] geminia905 mentioned how much they liked this series, so when I saw several volumes at Myopic Books earlier this month, I decided to see for myself. ... and I ended up really, REALLY liking them, so I picked up another volume from a library reseller and then the remaining four from Amazon, which is having a "4-for-3" sale that happens to include various manga. (Also, FWIW, I saw a listing on eBay yesterday for all seven volumes that was under $10 at the time I was on.) And now I have RA-1 on order, and I've devoured scans of the first season extras/second season episodes and Like, Like, Love.

    It's nowhere near a perfect series (the mangaka readily admits she gets a lot of things wrong), but it doesn't take itself too seriously to start with, and its mixture of hawtness, tenderness, violence, and zaniness has been what I've been in the mood for -- there's even a point where one character is lurking outside of another character's hotel room door and says, "Just you wait... we're going to bang a nice little M into this sorry excuse for a manga yet."

    As lagniappe, from a translation geek POV, there are some old scanlations still floating around the Net, and it's fun for me to compare those with the licensed versions.

    [Ack, called away. More in a bit!]
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    Fics written in the universe of Haru wo Daiteita (Embracing Love), a manga series by Youka Nitta.

    Read more... )


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