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alors: bon anniversaire, [personal profile] salinea!

And happy birthday wishes to [personal profile] whiskeydaisy and [personal profile] wendylove, too!

Even though none of us are posting as much as we used to, I am thinking of you and hoping that this next year of your lives brings you much happiness, fun, comfort, and cooperation-from-the-powers-that-be, as well as cake, cheese, champagne, and/or whatever your celebratory food of choice may be. :-)

With love,
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[The subject line's from Allen Ginsberg's The Lion for Real]

A downside to being an adult: having to say no to picnic plans because copyediting comparative lit crit is currently kicking my butt.

An upside to being an adult: I am currently baking banana-cardamom-rum-chocolate-chip bread. Because the bananas were ripe, and because I can.

Another downside: more mourning. The price of becoming fond of more people.

Another upside: friends sending Smooch Lions!


In today's mailbox: the newest issue of UU World, which includes my poem "Proportions."

Horsies I correctly picked to win today: Dancing Lion (Monmouth allowance), Imposing Grace (Arlington Matron Stakes)

A horse that placed: Admiral Kitten (Arlington Classic)
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It's [ profile] brit_columbia's birthday! and she has asked for FAKE ficlets. There are already some fun offerings from her other admirers at her journal.

As part of the celebration, I decided to see if there was any part of part 5 of "Not as Dumb" that was postable. This has not been beta'd, and I reserve the right to determine this doesn't belong in the story after all (in which case, Brit, you can think of this as an blue cheese tartlet illicitly snuck out of the bakery kitchen for you that then didn't end up on the official menu...).

Anyway, happy birthday, Brit! May there be less stress and more time to write/graze/chill in the year ahead!

The next morning, when Ryo woke up... )
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Alan's feeling about bronze, a metal with hard permanence, conveys that fluidity between worlds. "It sort of has its own life. It’s the only metal that has that living quality."

- Captured in Bronze: The Lequire Legacy

Happy birthday, [personal profile] xanthophyllippa! May the year bring you much ski-upon-worthy snow, cooperative classes, fruitful friendships, and a jillion other joys to brighten your being. (Friends with cheesy alliteration attacks notwithstanding. ;-) )

(Dining table back to looking like a paper-gobbling triceratops threw up all over it. Skimming journals only sporadically. Owe so many notes and cards. Sending all y'all heaps of energy and encouragement to do what needs doing. When I do peek in, I glimpse wonder and hilarity and passionate engagement, and it makes me miss you like you wouldn't believe, and it inspires me.)
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From photoblogging

My birthday was excellent. I sang at two services; helped make sandwiches for delivery to flood survivors; took a long nap; read parts of the New York Times; and went to a local bar for a cocktail and steak tartare. I wore a silk dress I'd found via eBay and earrings from [personal profile] xanthophyllippa.

There were funny cards and lovely messages and notices of donations to Second Harvest and other charities. And there were poems and fic, too!
  • [ profile] maribella008 sent me "Phantom Yardstick," a Safin/Berdych drabble. (For you non-tennis people: think Sirius Black and, uh, the love-child of Viktor Krum and Luna Lovegood? *ducks* Put another way: Marat has a reputation as one of the hottest and craziest elite players. Tomas is five years younger - practically a generation in tennis-years - is arguably attractive, looks bug-eyed when he wears his damn caps, and has a reputation as a flake.) (For you tennis slashers: yes, there's literally a long story behind this. No, I'm not going to explain or share it right now.)

  • [ profile] brit_columbia posted a poetic portrait of a bull in celebration of our Taurean-ness

  • [ profile] geri_chan dedicated episodes 13 and 14 of Unmasked (her Haru wo Daiteita series) to me, giving my favorite character (Yoshizumi) considerable screen time and goosing along my OTP in her Comeback-verse (Yoshizumi/Kenzaki).

  • *happy flailing*

    Oh, and I finally finished the FAKE one-shot I'd started as a one-nighter nine days earlier: The Ties That Do Not Bind. (Dee/Ryo, 2300 words, NWS, handcuffs)

    Monday morning, microcosms tweeted one of my poems.

    The rest of the week has been a blur of volunteering, working, coughing, scrubbing, and plotting (Snupin remix assignment; the next scene of Not as Dumb; other poems and stories I have no business teasing into existence until I finish the ones already in progress). There's been a little bit of tennis-watching (the end of Gulbis-Federer and most of Murray-Ferrer) and some poetry-dipping (A.E. Stallings's Seasonal Anxiety reminded me of the academics among you).

    The game plan for next week: edit like a fiend and take a walk every day. That's it. (There will be paperwork I can't ignore and poems I'll want to draft, but this is me telling my hamster-wheel brain to take a break from its ceaseless self-badgering about Things That Will Still Be There To Do/Make/Encourage a week from now.)
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    Here's to a great year ahead for you! In celebration, a leetle fic in your honor (and inspired by some of your quirks... *g*):

    Title: Fruitful
    Rating: work-safe
    Wordcount: 176
    Disclaimer: All characters are Sanami Matoh's. The jacket shows up in Brit's A New Day.

    Dudes, gotta hide! Ryo's on the warpath! )
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    In spite of being a rational, "it's just a number" gal 99.13% of the time, I'm admittedly somewhat freaked out about a Certain Birthday being less than a month away. So, to tell my subconscious to SHUT UP ALREADY... )

    ... but the ultimate point of this list is that these treasures shouldn't stay confined to my hodgepodge of archives and memories; if by linking to them I can spark new connections, commissions, and/or gleeful mayhem among all y'all -- or just provide you with an extra bit of sparkle or comfort to your day -- that will make me very happy indeed.

    40 splendid creations )

    In short: network of awesome. And now I gotta get back to hammering away at my own stuff... :-)
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    Nineveh-uk, a rustle in the branches mentioned it being your birthday. I fear that St. George/Charles remains beyond me, but hope Ivan/Jerry will do as a token offering.

    Title: Running, They Never Run From It Away (pace Donne)
    Pairing: Ivan Vorpatril/the 17th Duke of Denver (Viscount St. George in Wimsey canon)
    Rating: G
    Words: 178
    Premise: I don't subscribe to the apocrypha that St. George bought it in WWII. At any rate, imagine both lads in their late 30s, a friendship developing over periodic hops in space/time by Lord Vorpatril...

    Ivan Vorpatril allowed himself to shiver once the door closed behind his companion's visitors. When Jerry raised an eyebrow at him, he said, "Your uncle's manservant. He reminds me a little too much of my cousin Gregor."

    "Oh? Does this Gregor mercilessly drench you in a cold, silent shower of you can do better than thises every time he sets eyes on you?" The words were as light as spun sugar, and as brittle as candy glass.

    "He doesn't bother with the you can do betters," Ivan said, his shoulders still hunched up. "These days, he just sends me onto the next 'little job' he needs done before I even get out a 'hello.'"

    Jerry sidled over to Ivan's chair, casually seating himself on one of the antique armrests. "Saying 'no' isn't an option?"

    Ivan said, helplessly, "It was what I was born to do."

    Jerry glanced at the coat of arms on the firescreen, the familiar cat and three mice courant forever mocking him. He placed his hands on Ivan's shoulders as he murmured, "I really do understand."
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    You deserve so much more, but this is all the fic my brain is willing to yield right now:

    Their lives on the farm were peaceful, for the most part, although both men remained in fighting trim well into old age. Their superlative fitness was in part due to Lupin's inability to resist teasing his partner on occasion, resulting in few-holds-barred duels until they were both exhausted. Lupin never did find out why, during Snape's turns to milk the Guernseys, the word "cow-ward" was such a trigger.

    *grins* *HUGS* *flees barrage of pumpkin seeds*


    27/8/09 00:05
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    There once was a fan named Valis
    renowned for her absence of malice
    as through each vacation
    with lens and crustacean
    she analysed Snape's busy phallus.

    (Happy birthday, sweetie! *grins and flees*)
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    (1) We were both raised in Southern states.

    (2) We both graduated from colleges in Chicago.

    (3) We've both played in RPGs.

    (4) We both have birthdays in May.

    (5) We're both registered at, which coordinates donations (of any amount) to help fund supplies and projects for classrooms in need.

    To wish Mr. Colbert a happy birthday, click here.

    To look at some of the proposals I'd love to see funded, see here.

    *blatant nudging and encouragement*

    On a side note, I'm going to be away from home most of May, which means I'm about to become even slower and more sporadic about reading, writing, and general getting-around-to-stuff than I already am. If you've reason to hear from me and it fails to happen promptly (or at all), please do feel free to send me a heads-up via e- or snail mail (which is a good general rule in any case, since the spam filter is at times overly zealous). Also, if you've reason to hope for a postcard from me and you've moved (or if you'd like to become someone with whom I exchange postcards...), now would be an excellent time to update me on your current coordinates. :-)
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    Dear [ profile] bitterfig, I am late in the day, but this is for you. May your 37th year bring you better health and bright joys.

    If I owned the wind and the trees, I would )
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    Title: Outskirting the Dark
    Reason: It's [ profile] valis2's birthday! ... and at Terminus, she mentioned being such a h/c junkie that she'd read h/c "even with Lupin in a fairy skirt," which is pretty much tantamount to waving a fat juicy cabbage in front of a plotbunny with my name on its hell-bound handbasket.... (Happy birthday, sweetie! *squeezes*)
    Words: ~1600
    Pairing: Snape/Lupin
    Rating: PG
    Warning: I couldn't resist including a Valis Sue, a Gillian Sue, a [ profile] marginaliana Sue, and a Ribbons Stu. *ducks barrage of flying vegetation*
    Summary: Snape's in Chicago. Lupin's in a fairy skirt. Hurt-comfort ensues.

    Fall 2008

    Severus Snape had fainted only once before in his life... )

    [1] That would be Michael Jordan. After he left Chicago, he played for a team called the Wizards -- what, you thought that was just happenstance? ;-)
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    (1) [ profile] drachenmina's An Unpleasant Man at the Bellona Club (drabble with LP, Bunter, and Snape...)

    (2) [ profile] drachenmina's An Inconvenient Affliction. Author's summary: "Harry’s been kicked out by Severus and is having to share Ron and Hermione’s spare bed with Crookshanks. Who gets Kneazle Flu. Can things get any worse? Oh yes." Ribbons's reaction: It's NC-17 Snarry, which I know some of you would normally avoid like the plague, but I feel compelled to point out that Harry's of age, there's non-sickening Hermione/Ron, there's mention of Bagpuss, and that the author knows cats. Oh, does she know cats. Put beverages out of range of keyboard before reading.

    (3) It has been a hell of a week - one of these years, I hope to get my shit together enough to stop feeling like I haven't managed to get my shit together since, well, ever...

    ...but it is also absolutely impossible to feeling sorry for myself for more than a few moments at a time, considering the myriad blessings in my life -- including a surprise package in Monday's mail that contained...

    ...a necklace featuring the Whomping Willow. With a Snape quotation, no less. Made by the utterly, unbelievably fabulous [ profile] westernredcedar. (I almost titled this post "From tree to shining tree..." *eg*) I feel like I've somehow won some sort of cosmic bingo for OTP-indulgence I didn't even know I was playing - I can snuggle the pendant up to my squid when I'm not wearing it, and when I feel like celebrating my other OTP, there's a Remus-keytag [ profile] marginaliana made it can nestle with.

    And I can also go revisit the other treasures written and drawn and translated for me, or inhale a scent, or brew some tea, or reread cards and letters, or fondle feathers, beads, and ribbons -- I have such clever, crafty, comforting, generous friends. I am so utterly grateful that you are in my life. It's not the things in themselves, fun and hilarious and charming as they are - they wouldn't matter one bit if they weren't infused with how you are fun and feisty and thought-provoking and thoughtful. And because they are and because you are, my life is rich beyond measure.
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    Happy birthday, my dear. May you enjoy good health, good books, and many other felicities the whole year 'round.

    [100 words, G, Alys/Simon with a hint of past Bunter/Alys. ;-) ]

    There was a vase of red flowers in their room. The bouquet had looked perfect to him when he turned on the lights, but it looked even better after Alys glided up to it and rearranged three of the blooms.

    Her compulsive competence contained an invisible edge that intrigued him, but he'd held off asking where she'd honed her skills. Later, she showed him several vid pix of herself dressed in a peculiar costume, carefully rinsing and drying porcelain ornaments.

    "Someone who understood you took those," he murmured.

    "Yes," she said, and she let her head rest against his shoulder.
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    The wrongness: The Dark Is Rising movie is sponsoring a fanfic contest for teenagers. On FanLib.

    Actually, I should hold off on the snark until I see what transpires. After all, it'll likely prompt some kids to read the source material, which would be to the good.

    The goodness: it's [ profile] musigneus's birthday! How is she marvelous? Let me enumerate a handful of the ways:

    (1) she was one of the very first people to comment on my fics, and she has continued to provide encouragement and sympathy during my protracted battles with plotzillas.

    (2) she issued my skyehawke invitation.

    (3) she has written some of my favorite Snape/Lupin fics. The Short Measure series is one of my comfort reads.

    (4) she beta'd two not-yet-in-circulation fics that I consider among my better stories.

    (5) she digs science and children's books and other niftinesses.

    Happy birthday, dear one! *lights fireworks and scampers off to hunt down a certain plot-bauble*
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    Darling [ profile] busaikko-san --

    It's already the 21st in Japan, I do believe. The fic-bunnies remain banished under the bed, but here, you mentioning Will/Bran woke up the 100-word-muse for a sec...

    Castling: two pieces moving simultaneously... )

    Quote of the day: "Rabbits are creatures of warm, volatile temperament but shallow and absurdly transparent." - Beatrix Potter. Ha! Take that, you plot-fiends! :-)

    Last but most definitely far from least: [ profile] almost_clara has drawn The Hat! Gleeeeeeeee!
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    Title: Taken, Not Granted
    Author: [ profile] bronze_ribbons
    Pairings: Tonks/Lupin, Lupin/Snape
    Warning: adultery and angst (no, they aren't synonyms)
    Rating: R
    Words: ~ 1600
    Summary: It was not the epiphany Snape had been looking for.
    Beta: the beauteous [ profile] busaikko (who suggests the White Stripes' cover of "Jolene" after reading this)
    A/N: For [ profile] regan_v, in honour of her birthday. She recently reminded her friends that she's been harbouring a hankering for fics about Snape as a party to adultery. I hope this helps scratch a corner of the itch. :-)

    Read more... )
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    [Snape/Lupin, 100 words. Lupin's question shamelessly nicked from some macher commenting at my other LJ... ;-) Yom hudelet sameach, chaveri!]


    Lupin knit his brows. “I don’t get it. What good will it do you that baking soda is mutar if you’re to shun gebrachts?”

    Snape snapped his knife-case shut. “Now you realise how much the Minister hates me? Not only am I to impersonate a Muggle pastry chef, I’m to pass as a kosher cake-baker. I’d rather juggle Ashwinder eggs.”

    “It’ll keep your arms in shape,” Lupin soothed. “The better to surround me with, when you return.”

    Snape pinned Lupin against the wall. “The better to devour you with.”

    Lupin sighed, and then gasped. “O, my love, what teeth you have…”
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    For [ profile] thermidor. Happy birthday, gal, and may the Force of Well-Wrought Clawses be with you always.

    [100 words, G, Snape/Lupin, Draco/Charlie.]

    “It looks like a giant lobster,” Lupin mildly observed.

    Draco hid his mortification by demanding, “Since when was lobster ever in your budget?

    Lupin’s pleasant expression didn’t change. “As it happens, tomalley’s an essential ingredient in Wolfsbane.”

    Snape was eyeing the hybrid dragon speculatively. “We could experiment…”

    Draco groaned. “Do you ever look at anything without seeing it as a prospective ingredient?”

    Lupin murmured, “If it’s not an ingredient, it’s usually target practice.”

    Snape shot him an “Is not!” look. Lupin slyly added, “I’m often one or the other.”

    “Fine, Lupin. You measure the creature for its jumper from Molly.”


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