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This NYT photo essay on wagashi is cracking me up -- elegant portraits of sweets with cats:

Sweets as Poignant as Poetry
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... when you see a New York Times piece about the fish market's imminent move ...

... and your first reaction is, "Oh, saints and gills, that's going to complicate what I might yet get around to writing."

And your second reaction is to swat away the hordes of plotbunnies suddenly swarming around your ankles with each new paragraph.
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From Yotam Ottonlenghi's Plenty, p. 188, in his introduction to "Soba noodles with wakame":

In 2009 I traveled to Tokyo with the sole purpose of eating. I have always liked Japanese food but this time I was blown away, completely taken over by food and by the fact that the Japanese, like no other culture that I know of, are all foodies. It was fantastic being in the company of so many who, just like me, are willing to line up for the best sponge cake in the world, the finest slice of raw fish or the greatest soba noodles. The latter I tasted, along with dozens of businessmen in fancy suits, at Yabusoba, an unassuming restaurant in the old neighborhood of Kanda.

Unrelated: [personal profile] anke's illustration of [personal profile] jjhunter's Bakemono-san
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Earlier this year, I visited an exhibition of works by and about Sharaku. I snuck a few snapshots on my phone (click the images to view larger versions):

From sharaku

From sharaku

From sharaku

I took home with me a brochure that listed all the items in the exhibition, but it's currently buried or misfiled under the other clutter in my "stuff to do something with" stacks, so I'll have to come back later to credit the artists.

There was also a playpen-like area for kids to draw pictures on the back of cards (to be delivered someday to kids in other countries):

From sharaku

From sharaku

In hunting around for a catalog of the original Mainichi exho, I came across a number of other allusions to Sharaku. Of particular interest to me:

Shigeo Fukuda poster (It's funny how many artists have done collages of a particular feature -- eyes, mouth, and now hair -- in their studies of Sharaku. I bet there's an essay about that somewhere...)

Korean movie proposal

exhibition history/details by the Japan Foundation, one of the sponsors. I'm impressed by where-all it's been (I nearly visited the museum in Haifa, but the timing didn't work out).

Life in Old Japan coloring book

Coloring Book of Japan

Lots of shlock on eBay, including chopsticks, tanktops, tea mugs, iPod skins, playing cards.

(I'm not doing anything with any of these just yet. Just stashing 'em here for later reference and to feed [ profile] geri_chan's plotbunnies, heh)
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  • The Daily Cabal celebrated their third anniversary by writing Kabbalah-themed flashfic. I was especially taken by Rudi Dornemann's The Third Golem, which features Jorge Luis Borges.

    And then, today, there was this:

    It is a time of joy, for strangers have landed on Mechaieh.


  • 7x20 published one of my haiku today

  • A while back, [ profile] geri_chan and I traded some thoughts on Sharaku, a legendary Japanese artist. Coincidentally, the Tennessee State Museum currently has a Sharaku exhibit, so I scooted downtown earlier this week to check it out.

    I snapped some cell-phone shots of a couple of the posters, which I'll upload later. Some things that struck me:

    * some of the contemporary artists' obsession with Sharaku's rendering of eyes
    * one artist riffing on that obsession by devoting his poster to "Sharaku's mouths"
    * several posters focusing on mask/veil elements
    * the nifty (albeit ill-supervised) kid project: in theory, each kid was given an envelope that contained two cards, each preprinted with a Sharaku portrait on one side. On the reverse of one card, a kid from another country had drawn a picture of their favorite person. The reverse of the other card was blank. The kid would keep the drawn-upon card, draw a picture of their favorite person, and put that card back in the envelope, which will presumably travel with the exhibit and "might someday be given to someone in another country."
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    (1) meretricula's
    four reasons Roger Federer wished the Japanese Davis Cup team would fall into a really deep hole (and one reason they weren't that bad after all)
    . Tennis RPS / Prince of Tennis crossover, 2800 words, absolutely hysterical, and with mentions of the Spanish Davis Cup team as well. Its opening lines:

    To be fair, Roger actually liked playing Echizen. The kid was good, he was getting better all the time, and the stretch of trying to beat him was satisfying. The problem was that whenever he played Echizen, he would almost inevitably have to talk to Echizen, and as soon as the brat started speaking Roger felt an extremely uncharitable urge to punch him in the mouth. Since Echizen was seventeen years old and less than five and a half feet tall, Roger thought that this might be problematic for his reputation.

    (2) There's a teacher in Nevada seeking donations in order to purchase a gyotaku (rubber fish) printmaking set for her students.

    (2a) The anonymous donor from LJ's fandom-of-one comm is still making contributions to charity in honor of New Year's Resolution fic. She or he donated $5 to the rubber fish project in honor of Deserving. This has made me ridiculously happy, as did his/her earlier donation to a tennis-equipment-for-kids project (now fully funded) in honor of Interrobang.

    (2b) [blatant hinting] There are still 3625 prompts up for grabs at the Yuletide archive. You do not have to be a previous participant to play. You do not claim a prompt - you simply submit the story when it is done. (You do have to write the story specifically for NYR, and it has to be 1000 words minimum.) The open prompts currently include one for Harudaki (*cough* - yeah, it's mine) and others for Three Investigators, Bujold, the a-ha "Take on Me" video, and a bajillion manga/anime titles I've never even heard of...
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    (1) Project P finally delivered to client this afternoon. Yay! I am looking forward to sleeping through the night!

    (2) While it was not a good thing to hear the dentist say, "That fracture went deeper than I thought," nor to feel said dentist's drill against said fracture, the repair has been made, I have painkillers at hand, and also a blenderful of homemade tomato soup. And because of good thing #1, I can also indulge in shots of St. Germain.

    (3) I also had a jar of sardinade au thym I'd brought back from France. Lovely on toast.

    (4) Listening to Stile Antico's recording of Byrd's "Vigilate."

    three recs: Tokyo Babylon, Harudaki, Rachel Manija Brown )


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