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Due to various quantities of mishegoss in various areas of my life, I'd fully intended to sit out Yuletide this year. Didn't nominate, didn't sign up, didn't even bother reading many of the pinch-hit requests.

Didn't unsubscribe from the list, though. Too much entertainment to be had when I do read the prompts, in part from never having heard of 95% of the fandoms (which are nonetheless snapped up right away by someone else, which seriously, truly makes me marvel at the sheer glorious breadth and abundance of fandom) and in part from sheer voyeuristic curiosity (which characters - especially secondary ones - are compelling enough for fans to plea for more stories? what kinds of stories are being asked for?).

This, of course, is like a sushi junkie sitting in Masu for hours and thinking she'll just drink tea. Final tally: two pinch-hits and two Treats. To wit:

[Haru wo Daiteita] No Life Save When the Swords Clash, for Snapelike [Yuletide letter]. Mochimune/Miysaka, Kikuchi/Onozuka, Sawa/Yukihito, Iwaki/Katou. Probably too much swearing and smooching to be worksafe. 7937 words.

Writing this was a typical Ribbons fest experience in many respects. Day 1: "It's only a 1000 word minimum, so if I get stuck, I'll just write ten drabbles so that S. gets something." Day 2: "WAHHHH!" The fic pretty much ended up eating my head every spare moment and then some for eleven days, took 27+ drafts, and required an all-nighter to finish, but it was also fun as hell. Most important, it made S. laugh, and two other readers enthusiastically rec'd it.

[Dar Williams - "Alleluia"] The Cafeteria's Got Everything, for Wasuremono [letter]. Magenta-haired angel/Narrator. 1888 words.

Pinch-hit #314, posted the afternoon before pinch-hits were due. I claimed it before dinner, worked out the logistics in my head during choir rehearsal, and wrote the whole thing overnight, in-between bouts of wrestling with the Haru fic.

[RPF - 18th/19th-century politics] Every Thing Necessary to Procure, for [personal profile] twtd [letter]. Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens. 342 words.

So, it's around 6 a.m., and I'm thinking of grabbing a couple hours of sleep before starting prep for the birthday dinner I'm hosting that night, but first I need to come down from the high of finishing two stories, and the list of unfilled prompts has gone up, and - What!? Someone else has heard of John Laurens? SOMEONE ASKED FOR JOHN LAURENS FIC FOR YULETIDE???EEEEEEEEE!!!!

(Ultimately, Kevin Conroy is to blame: he played Laurens in a 1980s miniseries about George Washington, and that was enough for me to trawl through dozens of books on the American Revolution, gathering up every shred of info I could on the guy, about whom I wrote one grade-school paper and one not-yet-ready-for-prime-time professional essay. Conroy's current claim to fame is as the voice of the animated Batman, and yes, now I really want a Dark Knight/Founding Fathers crossover in the worst way.)

[Springsteen - "Thunder Road"] In Rags At Their Feet, for strangecobwebs [letter]. Mary and the guy with a guitar. 882 words.

Back in grade school, a friend gave me a cassette with "Thunder Road" on it, and I danced across my bedroom countless times while it played on the boom box. From my window, I could see the huge Pentecostal church at the center of the subdivision. A couple hundred feet to the north, cattle farm. A couple hundred feet north of that, the road to my old school, so narrow and bumpy that riding the bus on it was like an amusement park ride (especially when the janitor subbed for the regular driver, a lady with a foot-high beehive who lived maybe six or eight houses away from mine).

In short, it wasn't New Jersey (although I eventually dated someone from there, whose father's history students included Jon Bon Jovi), but I sure knew "stranded." Boy, did I know "stranded." Another friend told me I had the hugest smile out of everyone in the yearbook graduation group photo. And while all of this is way more background than anyone needs for "In Rags At Their Feet," it wouldn't be a stretch to say the years of feeling stranded has informed a good deal of what I write. And do.
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  • We spent Christmas evening at my parents-in-law's, where the shawl [personal profile] marginaliana had made for me was much admired, and I received the first volume of Love Control from my sibs-in-law, who had sent it in a box with other things for other members of the family. My mother-in-law said, "At first I thought the box was for us, but when I saw that, I figured I'd better look for a note explaining who was getting what."

  • Started James Turner's Rex Libris: I, Librarian over breakfast. Cover blurb: "The World's Favorite Kick-Ass Sesquepedalian Librarian!" There is an evil mastermind with cat. Evil masterminds with cats = happy Ribbons.

  • I had no intention of writing a fic yesterday. I blame geri-chan for the bunny-ambush that resulted in Present Understanding (Yoshizumi/Kenzaki, Haru wo Daiteita, PG, ~1025 words).

  • I made beef bourguignon for my father-in-law's birthday earlier in the week, and "garlicky beef daube" for lunch just now. And the nephews+niece gave the BYM a bag of peppermint chocolate bark. Nom nom nom.


    I'm reading very sporadically, and bookmarking anything over 5K for later (current powers of concentration = nil). With that caveat, the standouts for me so far:

    Haru wo Daiteita: Dust to Dust. 3273 words. Iwaki/Katou, with significant Yoshizumi and Mochimune. Make that awesome!Yoshizumi. This fills me with almost more glee than I know what to do with.

    FAKE: Things Moving and Known. 2404 words. Dee/Ryo, with a Bikky cameo that is full of win. Set a month after Like Like Love.

    Lord Peter Wimsey: The Sceptre at the Feast. 2784 words. Vignettes across the life of Viscount St. George. I especially felt that the author did well by Helen, which is not an easy ask.

    Brideshead Revisited: The Invisible Line. 1182 words. Charles and Cordelia meet after the war. A glimpse of different ways to love the lost.

    Brideshead Revisited: Gillyflowers. 1308 words. Charles and Sebastian. Sensual and heartbreaking.

    If on a Winter's Night a Traveler: I'm recommending the entire category, because they are all centered on a reader trying to access his/her Yuletide fic, and the comments on both the fest and fandom behavior in general are a collective hoot. If you are a fandom meta junkie, you must read these.

    A side note: There is Cambridge Latin Course fic (locked to archive members only). With a BDSM tag. Dude.

    Another side note: I am not yet clicking on the link to the massive Dr. Who/Lord Peter Wimsey Great War crossover out of sheer self-preservation, but I hear tell that it rocks the casbah, and that there is significant Bunter. (Is that a redundancy? Anyway, that'll be a treat for some afternoon when I'm not out of orange juice and marjoram...)
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    Happiness is snacking on homemade chocolate-covered orange peels (a gift handed to me last night after Lessons and Carols) and listening to the Beautiful Young Man laugh at a brutal video dissection of The Phantom Menace and making some gifts (baking, wrapping, writing...).

    I'm virtuously staying away from Yuletide until the first frenzy is over - the server's groaning under the load, and I'm that hoping whatever's ailing the comment function will get sorted out by the time I do start bingeing on reading this year's offerings. I did compulsively refresh last night until I went to bed, just because it was making me giggle. ("Pssst... I see you shaking your presents!" "I can't tell you how much I wish I had put a hit counter on this damn thing." Etc.)

    Then again, it's not as if I'm caught up on any of the other fests, never mind my teetering stacks of offline reading. I admit part of me is simply eager to find out if and how some of the more brain-breaking requests got filled (for instance, Mardy's prompt for the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" video: Please oh please tell me what in the name of dancing ninjas is going on in this thing, and /why/? ).

    In the meantime, though, there's a ficlet to finish and cranberry bread to bake. Happy feast-day, y'all, if feasting you be.
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    I have neither the chops nor the time to do it justice, but Lyra Sena's prompt just tickles me no end:

    Herman Melville/Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Any slashy-vibe fic with Hawthorne and Melville would be lovely. If you could work in Melville's ridiculous ennui and Hawthorne's obliviousness, that would be awesome.

    (From the master list of 2009 requests. Yuletide Madness is currently open to anyone with an A03 account and closes sometime this afternoon or evening.)
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    (1) meretricula's
    four reasons Roger Federer wished the Japanese Davis Cup team would fall into a really deep hole (and one reason they weren't that bad after all)
    . Tennis RPS / Prince of Tennis crossover, 2800 words, absolutely hysterical, and with mentions of the Spanish Davis Cup team as well. Its opening lines:

    To be fair, Roger actually liked playing Echizen. The kid was good, he was getting better all the time, and the stretch of trying to beat him was satisfying. The problem was that whenever he played Echizen, he would almost inevitably have to talk to Echizen, and as soon as the brat started speaking Roger felt an extremely uncharitable urge to punch him in the mouth. Since Echizen was seventeen years old and less than five and a half feet tall, Roger thought that this might be problematic for his reputation.

    (2) There's a teacher in Nevada seeking donations in order to purchase a gyotaku (rubber fish) printmaking set for her students.

    (2a) The anonymous donor from LJ's fandom-of-one comm is still making contributions to charity in honor of New Year's Resolution fic. She or he donated $5 to the rubber fish project in honor of Deserving. This has made me ridiculously happy, as did his/her earlier donation to a tennis-equipment-for-kids project (now fully funded) in honor of Interrobang.

    (2b) [blatant hinting] There are still 3625 prompts up for grabs at the Yuletide archive. You do not have to be a previous participant to play. You do not claim a prompt - you simply submit the story when it is done. (You do have to write the story specifically for NYR, and it has to be 1000 words minimum.) The open prompts currently include one for Harudaki (*cough* - yeah, it's mine) and others for Three Investigators, Bujold, the a-ha "Take on Me" video, and a bajillion manga/anime titles I've never even heard of...
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    So, so tired, and yet more middle-of-the-night bug-chasing anticipated. On the plus side, having to be on standby online all damned day resulted in some catching up via e-mail (which in turn resulted in some rearranging of my language-study plans -- it turns out I'll be attending a wedding in Israel this fall, so Hebrew just leapfrogged over Mandarin. I'm loving the library's Pimsleur CD series, by the way...) and the writing of a New Year's Resolution fic:

    Title: Deserving
    Fandom: Haru wo Daiteita
    Characters: Yoshizumi, Iwaki, and Katou
    Rating: PG
    Summary: "What the hell am I in the middle of now?" Yoshizumi doesn't know what to think when he lands a starring role opposite Katou's Iwaki.
    Wordcount: 1054
    Written for: glass-icarus, who had specified that "possessiveness is a giant thing for me; thus, obviously, when I mentioned Yoshizumi, I didn't mean a threesome. :P Katou and Iwaki being sweet are fabulous, Yoshizumi calling them out on it is also fabulous, Yoshizumi poking fun at them or talking to them about their relationship (in passing or not), any combination of the three of them bonding over acting..."
    (I'll repost in this journal in a couple days or so - the file's on another machine)

    * * *

    twenty first lines meme: arguably spoilers for FAKE and Haru below the cut )

    Patterns? Um... That I tend to write longer sentences than most of you is probably not news (*waves at [personal profile] westernredcedar, who wrangled with this firsthand when she recorded "The Hounding of the Baskervilles"*). That I often start out stories with characters in media thinkety is likewise Not A Revelation. Beyond that... aaah. At the moment I wouldn't be able to recognize a Fibonacci sequence if it smacked me with a slide rule. I think it's time to go check on my cauldron of tomato stew and then either kick a sonnet closer to shape or succumb to another two-hour catnap.
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    A while back, LJ:shayheyred nominated Vassalord for Yuletide with this description: "because what's not to love about a gay vampire and an angsty vampire cyborg with priestly intentions? This is a brand new passion of mine, because it's cracky and dangerous and very cool indeed."

    That was enough to put it on my "check it out someday list." I was browsing at a local store today, though, and came across the back cover copy: "Find out as the devilish duo go up against a childlike vampire princess, a mysterious branch of the Unitarian Church...and each other."

    The main reason I didn't buy it then and there is because I'm pretty sure I saw a copy at a secondhand store last week. But "someday" definitely just became "soon." :-)
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    From 1804 renovations

    From 1804 renovations

    From 1804 renovations

    Would any of you lot be interested in a handful of Chinese pattern magazines from the early 1970s? I'm willing to ship them gratis to anywhere in North America (overseas airmail has gotten too pricey, sorry).

    Still coping with the Bronchitis of Doom Revisited, which means delays in dealing with everyday life, which correspondingly means delays in making progress on audiofics, "Not As Dumb," care packages, reading the bajillion-word backlog of fics y'all have been building up in my bookmarks, etc. All in good time. I do have a handful of quick recs before I head back to the de-stashing:

    A Night In by currently anon. Fandom: The Dark Is Rising. Will/Jane/Bran. Three friends coping with Midsummer heat. A mix of potential hurt-comfort and massive UST leading to... Jane's POV; beautiful characterization.

    Geri-chan started posting Haru wo Daiteita fic in November, primarily about Kikuchi. Some really thought-provoking examinations of the dynamics among the characters and about their careers.

    Cartography by penknife. Fandom: A Little Princess. A beautiful, thoughtfully narrated piece from Ram Dass's point of view.

    Little Settlement on the Moon by Rina. Fandom: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series. [ profile] busaikko-san, I am looking at you.

    A Willow/Squid/Whomping Willow drabble by drusillas_rain. Fandoms: BtVS/HP. *glee*

    Escaping Gravity by misura. Fandom: Vorkosigan. Ivan/By. Mostly with Miles', ah, assistance, but Gregor gets the last word. *glee*

    I'll Find You In the Morning Sun by rilla. Fandom: Angels in America. Beautiful, insightful, heartbreaking, real.

    Commonplaces by astolat. Fandom: Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Adler. Irene's POV. Fine characterization and dynamic.
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    See this post for header info. This post goes into the wherefore, what-in-the-world-spawned-THAT, gratuitous wibblings/wailings, etc.

    Other Work for Us to Do )

    About the next four stories -- these were all intended as additional rather than primary gifts. Since my wholly optional mission was to scatter some shiny silver nonpareils across the frosting rather than producing the cakes themselves, I could tell my tendency to try cramming kitchen sinks into prompted fics to go circle some other drain (especially since, in the case of the three manga-based stories, I was working only from the info in the Yuletide letters -- the original prompts weren't visible to me until mid-day Christmas Eve), so these got written more quickly and with significantly less self-inflicted angst than my usual efforts.

    Room )

    Witches Can Be Right, Giants Can Be Good )

    Ten Hats and a Gallon )

    Filling )
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    Happy 2009, all y'all! My year so far has included some hardcore polka (not an euphemism - I was at a dance gathering), five hours of driving, and a worsening head cold, so I'm feeling more achy and addled than usual, which means it will take me even longer than usual to be less behind on reading your posts and responding to your comments. But I do hope to get to most of them sooner rather than later -- there are so many new stories that look so very delectable, and the encouragement is always, always much appreciated, even when I don't quite get around to saying so right away.

    It has been a good day regardless - the Irish set (= the ten-odd rounds of polkas) was humongous fun, I spent the later part of the afternoon with friends, I have a bowl of soft tofu and seaweed next to me...

    ...and, Yuletide reveals are up! veracious and paperiuni gave me great joy with the FAKE fics they created for me, and so did the lovely commenters and rec'cers for the pieces I posted.

    I wrote one assigned fic, three Treats, and a last-minute stocking stuffer. (I'll separate my gabblings about processes/influences into a different post to spare those of you who wish to avoid extended spoilers, don't wanna know how the bunnies got into their hats, and/or don't want to hear about what didn't get written.) They are listed here in the order I completed them. (It is likely not coincidental how the wordcounts and ratings progressively went down as the days marched toward and then past the deadline, though I'm amused that the pattern is so marked in this set.)

    Other Work for Us to Do for Bebe. [The Dark is Rising, 3645 words, R] summary ) Beta'd by [ profile] aunty_marion.

    Room for edenbound. [FAKE / The Dark is Rising crossover, 2187 words, PG] summary ) Beta'd by [ profile] geri_chan.

    Witches Can Be Right, Giants Can Be Good for Aja. [Rahm Emanuel RPF / Harry Potter crossover, 1689 words, PG] summary ) Beta'd by [ profile] marginaliana (of Snape/Miss Piggy fame).

    Ten Hats and a Gallon for Cendri. [FAKE, 1665 words, G] summary )

    Filling for glass_icarus. [Embracing Love / Haru wo Daiteita, 427 words, G] summary )

    [What I wrote for past Yuletides: A Donne Deal (Wimseys + Arbuthnots), Unspeakable Beauty (Angels in America), and Bringing His Lordship Around (Lord Peter/Bunter; not actually in the archive, because I missed the posting window that year by a week or two, but it was written in response to a NYR prompt).]
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    SQUEE! FAKE fic for me! "you, me and none of the others." I have reread it several times already and will continue to revisit it, because it is so good - it's seven vignettes from Ryo's point of view, and I especially love #4, because the interactions amongst the guys at the 27th as well as Ryo's internal thoughts - pitch-perfect. *glee*

    And someone else was kind enough to give me an extra treat in the form of "Shrapnel," a FAKE ficlet. Lyrical, vivid, jaggedly sad, and yet ultimately hopeful.

    Some notes and recs, featuring Lord Peter Wimsey (with major Mrs Climpson), Vicky Bliss (with major Schmidt), Aphrodite/various, Tennant/Barrowman, Will/Bran, Emanuel/Obama, Schroeder (Peanuts), and Federer/Nadal )
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    (1) Note to self: when you are doing your best take of Plath's "The Beekeeper's Daughter," it helps to have the mic on. *facepalm*

    (1a) An aside to the rest of y'all: I'm doing a series of poetry readings as a giftie to [ profile] red_day_dawning over at [ profile] red_day_love. (No author tag yet, but clicking the mp3 tag should filter 'em for you.)

    (1b) Some of you should also check out the comm because of [ profile] torino10154's sweet, short Snupin-lets.

    (2) Fic rec: [ profile] geri_chan's Kentucky Fried Christmas (Haru wo daiteita). Spot-on characterization and a nice read on Christmas in Japan.

    (2a) Mini-Christmas Romance fest currently on at [ profile] youka_nitta.

    (3) I'd hoped to finish at least one more treat for the Yuletide fest (not linking at the moment because of server congestion), but between work and church obligations, it's looking less than likely. Ah well. Considering the fandom in question had less than a half-dozen participants (out of over 1600) offering to write for it, odds are it'll be available as a New Year Resolutions prompt, and if it's not, I can always write it as a non-fest fic if the bunny's still alive and kicking after the reveal.

    (3a) Besides, I've posted four full-length stories already. What can I say? So much shiny...

    (4) Very few people come specifically to Nashville for its own sake, but it happens to be on the way to many other places, which is lovely: Monday night, an old flame on his way to Georgia treated me to a glass of hard cider at the Three Crow Bar, and yesterday two friends from New Orleans came by with satsumas, which was cause a-plenty to gather around my momentarily-cleared dining-room table with a bottle of 21 year old Glengoyne (marvelous) and a packet of Planets (meh). Good times. :-)

    Onwards! *blows dark chocolatey kisses at all y'all*
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    *looks at the latest plot that just hopped in*

    *utter horror*

    *scrambles to dodge Imperius*

    [Uploaded my assigned story Friday night (#136!). I have other things due. Brain, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?]
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    Busaikko-san, you are a NUT. And I freaking adore you. Domo arigato gozaimasu!!!

    (A surprise package showed up today. From Japan. Its treasures include a squid-mobile. Photo TK!)

    Writing log
    LJ-springkink fic: finally broke past the paragraph I'd been pummelling into existence the past two days. 935 words today + some new insights on canon + several hours of research ...and an unexpected OMC, who ended up being a major reason the additional research became necessary. (And most of it won't even appear in the story -- it's just me wanting my timelines and schedules to correspond at least glancingly with canon and reality.) Seriously - 652 words in, I tried to put some words into a canon character's mouth, but they didn't ring true, and I couldn't think of anyone else who would say them -- and then the OMC suddenly sauntered into the scene with both a name and a personality, and the dialogue's got the right snap to it again, and his presence sorts out some other plot issues I hadn't dealt with yet, but ACK, this started out as a short fluffy PWP and so far there's been one belt unbuckled. Why have I not learned to run like hell whenever a prompt crooks its finger at me and asks, "Got a minute?"?

    Yuletide fic: wrote the first half of the first line last night. The assignment is very well-suited to me, and yet it's something I wouldn't prompt myself into writing on my own, so yay algorithm!
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    I rambled so much in my prompts to you that I feel talking more about them here is kinda overkill - especially since I can't think of too many things I'd be absolutely, irrevocably dead-set against seeing in a fic if it's what it takes to make the plotbunny hop. Plus, y'know, you've agreed to write FAKE, Harudaki, or Vorkosiganverse fic for meeeeeeeee, and that's just so incredibly wicked cool all by its shiny self.

    Still, since I was so rambly, here's a more succinct summary of my tastes:

    (1) I prefer fic set in the future, about grownups.
    (2) Competency is arguably my biggest kink. I really enjoy getting to see Katou excelling at acting, Ryo showing that he can be as much of a badass as Dee, Ivan and By unintentionally demonstrating that there's much more to them than their reputations -- that sort of thing...
    (3) I'm not keen on preg or kids or cross-dressing - male or female. Nothing against any of it in real life, just not my thing fic-wise.
    (4) Any rating is fine.
    (5) Gen is fine.
    (6) Crossovers are fine.
    (7) Please don't name-drop real-life celebrities or brands if you can help it. Like my anti-uber-domesticity, this is not a judgment but a personal allergy -- it tends to eject me out of happy, cozy, escapist fic-enjoyingness when I stumble upon it.
    (8) That said, crack guest appearances from other fictional universes can make me giggle for hours, if you happen to enjoy foolishness like that. So, should you be visited by an urge to sneak a Tardis or a Whomping Willow or a plum tree (pace Jo's Boys) or a ginger cat (pace Busman's Honeymoon) into the background anywhere (or shipping any of those with a minor character, heh), feel free.
    (9) Seriously? Don't take anything on this list too seriously. These are hints, not ironclad rules. Did I mention how thrilled I am that you're writing for me? Thank you for offering the fandom(s) that matched you up with me, and I'm so looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Warmest regards,

    ETA: The prompts, for archival/general reference:

    RequestFandom1: FAKE (anime or manga)

    RequestFandomChar1: Dee Laytner/Randy Maclean aka Ryo

    RequestDetail1: Some sort of established-relationship fic would be awesome - you can include or disregard Season 2 and Like, Like, Love. Fluff, PWP, or drama all welcome as long as there's a happy ending. I especially adore hurt/comfort, badass!Ryo, and vulnerable-but-not-floods-of-emo!Dee. Another possibility that would thrill me would be a scenario where Ryo demonstrates (preferably in action rather than words) how much he trusts Dee and his trust is rewarded. I've read the entire series in English and parts of it in French, German, and pre-licensed scanlations -- enough to know that the Tokyopop translation takes a LOT of liberties, so if you want to depart from the official English dialogue in flashbacks or whatever, feel free.

    RequestFandom2: Embracing Love aka Haru wo Daiteita

    RequestFandomChar2: Iwaki Kyousuke/Katou Youji

    RequestDetail2: I really enjoy seeing canon relationships through the eyes of secondary characters (this goes for all my requests), so a fic where Kaneko, Shimizu, Mochimune, and/or Yoshizumi share their observations of Iwaki/Katou would delight me. Another possibility would be Mochimune interacting with, say, Sawa or Yoshizumi, and how they respond to his attempted mindgames. I confess to having a crush on Yoshizumi, so any gen featuring him (in-series or futurefic) would be great. I've read through everything that's available via English and French scanlation, and volumes 4 and 5 of the licensed English version, and if you want to take liberties with the dialogue, feel free. I'm fine with most kinks if you want to play that way, although I'm not keen on crossdressing or mpreg (nothing against it personally in real life, just so not a turn-on); conversely, guys looking sharp in ties and suits -- ooh, yeah! (This goes for FAKE, too.)

    RequestFandom3: Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan series

    RequestFandomChar3: Byerly Vorrutyer/Lord Ivan Vorpatril

    RequestDetail3: A scene where Ivan trusts By beyond reason and is rewarded with results beyond hope would thrill me. Alternately, By trusting Ivan to that extent would also give me happy shivers. Can be gen or slash, and any rating. Another possibility would be a fic featuring friendship and/or respect between either Ivan or By and the emperor -- especially Ivan or By talking to Gregor about the other. Among the three of them and their various agendas, there must be some very interesting things that have been (un)said over the years. And as yet another alternative, Alys Vorpatril gen would also please me (she's frankly the character I personally most identify with. In Harudaki, it's Shimizu).

    RequestFandom4: FAKE (anime or manga)

    RequestFandomChar4: Diana Spacey

    RequestDetail4: A Diana-centric fic would really rule. I'd love to see her helping Bikky or Dee with some scheme to do something nice for Ryo, or helping Ryo rescue Dee from something nefarious, or Dee rescuing Ryo, or helping Drake cope with JJ, or taking Carol Christmas shopping for their guys (with much loving snark about 'em).
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    Very fried and frustrated with self at the moment, but I also got told after this morning's sermon that I had beautiful hands. I'll seize my cheer where I can...

  • A Massive (Literally) Guilty Pleasure: reading through the ginormous RPF character lists on the Yuletide Master List of Fandoms/Characters. (Nothing against RPF, but these are Really Long Lists and I Ought to Be Doing things that Pay the Mortgage, but they comprise such a staggering collection of recorded geekery/potential horror that I cannot tear my eyes away.)

    And I'm trying to resist the temptation of "RPF-20th c. Scientists," but it's going to be a near, near thing.

  • I am also exceedingly amused that the RPFs on the ineligible fandom list (for not being rare/obscure) are "The Daily Show" and "Good Eats/Mythbusters."

  • Here's the official pre-signup info post with lots of useful links on how to have the mostest fun at the clambake.

  • I don't know if it'll be on this year's list, but I did catch sight of Verbotene Liebe on the Master List.... *cheerfully baiting friendlist*

  • Sorted out some of the off-kilteredness of the current fic (currently at 2K), at least in terms of identifying where its dead spots are. I don't know if I can fix them in fourteen days, so, I dunno. For now the plan is to keep researching/writing it at full scale and then to scrape out some sort of stand-alone drabble if need be.
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    Nineveh-uk has posted another bit of Sayers-inspired brilliance, this time featuring Bunter and tissue-paper. Work-safe.

    Marginalina linked to the Yuletide brainstorming post; I clicked. That crashing sound you hear in the background is my resolve to stay out of fests this year colliding with the possibility of prompting some good FAKE fic. More on that in a sec.

    My original shortlist + runners-up is on page 7 of the comments therein, but I had a three-hour drive earlier today, which meant I had time to ponder what I really want. So the fandoms I currently plan to nominate are looking more like this:

    1. FAKE - Sanami Matoh
    2. Haru wo Daiteita - Youka Nitta
    3. Copenhagen - Michael Frayn
    4. Muppets
    5. Chicago Manual of Style
    6. Vicky Bliss - Elizabeth Peters

    Some thoughts (in reverse order) on fic I'd like to see, whether via Yuletide or some other panfandom challenge or me-writing-it-myself-during-some-future-bout-of-insomnia (and yes, this is partly so I don't forget all this when it's time to write my "Dear Yuletide Santa" letter -- although it'll definitely need trimming so as not to scare whomever's assigned to me out of her or his gourd). I guess I should cut for spoilers for some of these...

    6. Vicky Bliss )

    5. CMOS - oh, the possibilities. CMOS/MLA bondage or hatesex, CMOS/APA, two CMOS rules together, one single CMOS rule... mwahahahahaha. I really am not kidding when I say that 17.169 would lend itself nicely to an extended exploration of UST.

    4. Muppets. Heh. Coming up with potential guest-stars (which may or may not violate the "no crossovers" guideline - I'm just brainstorming here) was a welcome mental break. Possibilities, in rough order of preference:

  • anyone from Tenth Doctor Who or Torchwood (actor or character)

  • Cthulhu or Hastur from User-Friendly (and dudes, current storyline involves the Large Hadron Collider. Whee!)

  • anyone from Haru wo Daiteita

  • anyone from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series

  • Lord Peter Wimsey. Bonus for scenes showing Bunter dealing with the insanity

  • Irene Adler

  • Jonathan Papelbon

  • 3. Copenhagen. More discussion and/or flashbacks among those involved.

    2. Haru wo Daiteita: Yoshizumi or Shimizu gen; Iwaki/Katou PWP...

    1. FAKE - some possibilities:

  • Ryo/Dee hurt/comfort

  • Dee and Jim Campbell friendship fic

  • Ryo's early twenties - answering questions from Dee, Carol, and/or Bikky about his time in the Army (if that's what he did), or Dee mulling over how Ryo's Army habits/skills show up in his current habits, or how Ryo met his bomb-making friend (if it wasn't via the Army)

  • Ryo and Dee discuss and compare their knowledge of bombs

  • Kai and/or Louise (second season) - what are their stories?

  • The 27th precinct heads to Bikky and Carol's wedding. Craziness and crises meet them there.

  • second season spoiler )

    And now for the mini-manifesto... my personal preferences re: FAKE fic )
    Ok, that's more than I meant to say... and I'm not done yet. Some other day. The to-post list also includes a delightful German translation of "Those I Can Save" (courtesy of LJ:incapability87), a couple of audiofics (once I stop coughing long enough to record them), some recs of FAKE fics (especially ones not in the usual archives), and the ever-floating raft of to-writes (once they're written, heh). But for now it's back to the comma mines. *hugs to all who wants 'em*
    bronze_ribbons: snapshot of me in standing bow (wirite)
    [As with the other lists, not quite complete, but a start. I hadn't realised it until just now, but today's the fourth anniversary of the first drabble I ever posted, IIRC]

    ["TDiR" = The Dark Is Rising (Susan Cooper)
    "Wimseyverse" = Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane series (Dorothy L. Sayers)
    "Vorkosiganverse" = Miles Vorkosigan series (Lois McMaster Bujold)]

    Read more... )
    bronze_ribbons: snapshot of me in standing bow (Default)
    Title: Bringing His Lordship Around
    Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey
    Pairing: Lord Peter/Bunter
    For: [ profile] marginaliana
    Rating: NC-17
    Challenge: Yuletide's "New Year Resolutions"... which closed earlier this month. My brain unfortunately has the horsepower of a jalopy rather than a Daimler.
    Prompt: "I'd really love to see some Peter/Bunter set pre-series at the time when Peter is having his nervous breakdown and Bunter shows up and puts him back together. Hot explicit mansex is a plus, but I'd also like to see something that prefigures Peter's relationship with Harriet - not that P/B would be angsty or end with B pining or anything like that, but something that wouldn't be utterly AU."
    Summary: Bunter yearns for more than the status quo.
    Wordcount: 3,700
    Betas: The incomparable nineveh-uk and the inimitable [ profile] aunty_marion. What infelicities remain are my own, alas. Notes on quotations here.

    As he cracked the shell of an egg and whisked its yolk into a sauce for the fish, Mervyn Bunter rejoiced in his perception that Lord Peter truly seemed to be getting better. )
    bronze_ribbons: snapshot of me in standing bow (Default)
    I'm looking over the requests I filed...

    Susan Cooper - Dark is Rising series (book)
    RequestFandomChar1: Bran Davies/Jane Drew/Paul Stanton/Will Stanton
    RequestDetail1: Would like a glimpse of one or more of these characters in their 20s or older -- who have they become? Romance optional.

    RequestFandom2: Sarah Cauldwell - Hilary Tamar mysteries (book)
    RequestFandomChar2: Any

    RequestFandom3: Edmond Rostand - Cyrano de Bergerac (book)
    RequestFandomChar3: Any

    RequestFandom4: Elizabeth Peters - Vicky Bliss mysteries (book)
    RequestFandomChar4: Dr. Victoria Bliss/Sir John Smythe (and aliases)

    ... and seeing that I didn't give you a whole lot of help. Sorry about that - I didn't want to cramp your style, honest. I still don't, so I'll try to keep this brief.

    Here's what jingles my bells: futurefic, romance (any rating), happyish endings, cheerful snark, crack, mad crossovers, hurt/comfort, conversation/correspondence as foreplay, bondage.

    Here's stuff I'm not so keen on: unresolvable angst, breathplay, excrement, incest, females being shrill or pathetic or revoltingly soppy (not that I'm keen on the males behaving that way either, but few things make me more irritable than a smart, sassy heroine suddenly infected with a bout of out-of-nowhere stupidity that's curable only via Romantic Interest Ex Machina).

    Relationships-wise, I'm fine with het, slash, pile-ons, UST, gen -- whatever works best for the story in question.

    Now that I think about it, one of the things all four of these fandoms have in common are that their canons are closed (I know, Bliss-Tregarth technically isn't, but I don't see any signs of MPM returning to that series...), and yet I'm still so very eager to glimpse what happens later. So I'd be delighted if you were to tell me a truth about what they find to love....


    P.S. I'm extra fond of Cantrip and Le Bret, but again, please write about who intrigues you the most. I enjoy seeing both major and minor characters through different lens...

    P.P.S. My own TDIR fic (mostly drabbles) is indexed here.

    P.P.P.S. If I'm still being maddeningly vague, feel free to say so and I'll post some prompts in the comments. (I promise I won't hold you to 'em.) to let the mods know... [Edited because I spaced on the rules. *sheepish*]


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