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Flint still does not have clean water, and Congress isn't inclined to do more about it.

So -- a proposal: buy Measured Extravagance or tweet about "Look at that, you son of a bitch" by the start of 26 December (CST) and I'll donate $2 per purchase/boost to the Flint Water Fund. Details here.
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[The subject line is from Lu Yu's "Autumn Thoughts," which Dawn Potter quotes at the end of her Thursday post.]

There is much going on that has been frustrating, frightening, or disheartening. But there has also been great happiness:

thirty years of friendship

My friend Daniel (left) was the groom at the wedding I attended in Brooklyn two weekends ago. We first met at a conference in 1985. (My honorary big brother, Steve, is the other guy in the photo. He was the officiant.)

My poem "O Clouds Unfold" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

7x20 featured five pieces last week...

half... well as five pieces back in October:

Co-cola salad...
painting spells...
mother interred...
Persian calligraphy...
Code Name Taurus...

On a fandom note -- Peter Wimsey sighting, y'all! a Soviet film poster currently at the Jewish Museum in New York. Which one of you is going to explain that? ;)
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[Subject line from Mary Jo Salter's "Alternating Currents," a long poem (12 pages) about Helen Keller, Alexander Graham Bell, Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes, and more, dedicated to the memory of Jeremy Brett; in A Kiss in Space, 1999]

[personal profile] okrablossom included a poem about Irene Adler in the poetry reading she, I, and Joanne Merriam conducted at the Nashville Public Library last Saturday.

Also at the other journal: assorted photos of flowers and various notes.

Other poetry-related goings-on:

  • Two new poems, "A Multiple of Sorrows" and "Good Morning," were published Monday at Houseboat (halfway down the page)

  • My sonnet "Leftovers" is one of six finalists in the current poetry contest at Goodreads. Voting is open until March 31.

  • [personal profile] jjhunter's hosting "How Are You?" In Haiku.

  • The epub (aka Nook-compatible) edition of the book was released this past weekend.

  • This entry has been brought to you by the Avoidance of Committee Work Department. (But the meeting's in less than two hours, so I'd better get back to it. Hang in there, me loves!)
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    The PDF edition of my book has been released! It is available at Smashwords. US$4.99 gets you 41 pages of poetry (including "Displacement," a poem about physics accepted almost a decade ago for an anthology about blowjobs that somehow never made it to press. What are you waiting for? [grin]).

    (Kindle and epub editions coming soon. I will be sending postcards of the cover to anyone wanting one -- just send me your mailing address via PM or e-mail.)

    :-) :-) :-)
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    [Subject line from All Creatures Now, a standard from my madrigal-warbling days. Now is the month of maying and all that.]

    A pawful of notes:
    about tennis, fandom, and eggplant souffle... )

  • [personal profile] okrablossom and I wrote a linked pair of sonnets a couple of years ago; Blue Print Review just published it, with calligraphy added into the mix. Both the piece and the issue have received some rave reviews, which pleases me greatly. (There's also been some pieces at 7x20, including a rare autobiographical one, and a bundle at PicFic -- and, thirty-five rejections. [Lots of editors catching up on their backlogs last month. And there was much sulking and sighing, and my To Revise stack remains taller than the dog. Ars ever-freaking longa...])

  • and more on poetry, and the Pentagon Papers... )
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    Highlights of week so far: lunch with [personal profile] xochiquetzl; drinks and dinner with Mike and Mary; notes from assorted friends; the latest episodes in [ profile] geri_chan's Unmasked

    Downsides: much swearing at Microsoft; current project kicking my butt enough that I've had to punt tennis, correspondence, and getting together with other friends. Also feeling worried-helpless about some of those friends.

    Signal boost: Blizzard's Global Writing Contest: "The company is accepting 2,500 to 7,500-word pieces of fiction set in the Diablo, StarCraft or WarCraft universes until August 23, 2010."

    Recent publications (all very short):

  • "Hazy on the Details," a PicFic

  • "By the waters..." at microcosms

  • "A Study in Setting" (text and audio) at qarrtsiluni

  • "free from school..." at tinywords
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  • The Daily Cabal celebrated their third anniversary by writing Kabbalah-themed flashfic. I was especially taken by Rudi Dornemann's The Third Golem, which features Jorge Luis Borges.

    And then, today, there was this:

    It is a time of joy, for strangers have landed on Mechaieh.


  • 7x20 published one of my haiku today

  • A while back, [ profile] geri_chan and I traded some thoughts on Sharaku, a legendary Japanese artist. Coincidentally, the Tennessee State Museum currently has a Sharaku exhibit, so I scooted downtown earlier this week to check it out.

    I snapped some cell-phone shots of a couple of the posters, which I'll upload later. Some things that struck me:

    * some of the contemporary artists' obsession with Sharaku's rendering of eyes
    * one artist riffing on that obsession by devoting his poster to "Sharaku's mouths"
    * several posters focusing on mask/veil elements
    * the nifty (albeit ill-supervised) kid project: in theory, each kid was given an envelope that contained two cards, each preprinted with a Sharaku portrait on one side. On the reverse of one card, a kid from another country had drawn a picture of their favorite person. The reverse of the other card was blank. The kid would keep the drawn-upon card, draw a picture of their favorite person, and put that card back in the envelope, which will presumably travel with the exhibit and "might someday be given to someone in another country."
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    Open Palm Press has been producing a series of pocket-sized poetry booklets for Haiti relief. #10 in the series consists of three poems by me: "Drop," "Portion," and "Assignment."

    The cost is $3 per copy; please click here for details on how to place an order. Thanks!

    My minister is a great pastor overall, but she does have her blind spots: I encountered one of them this past Sunday when, in her sermon, she spoke with pity of someone whose social life was primarily online rather than in the "real" world.


    It's easy to point out where the disconnects stem from: the minister is around 15-20 years older than me and an extrovert. Her job depends on her being able to interact with people face-to-face at will 24/7 with equanimity, no matter how unreasonable some of those people can be. (This is something I really wish more people considering div school would get asked sooner rather than later: in my experience, too many of them aren't realistic about the demands of providing pastoral care.)

    Whereas my own work depends on me spending a lot of time alone, and that's how I prefer it. I do have a decent set of social skillz - this week, I started/sustained a fair number of conversations during Sunday's coffee hours, chaired a meeting, attended two lunches and a wine tasting, and have a third lunch date lined up for tomorrow. I would've gone to movies with the BYM Sunday night if I hadn't fallen asleep.

    But these are equally "real," in my book: Trading snark and squee with another tennis junkie over the ongoing mishegoss that is Indian Wells. (Short version: Nadal looking great, how did I end up rooting for Nico over Blake, and davai Elena!) The box of gorgeous tea that just arrived in the mail, from a longtime Snape/Lupin-and-now-manga copine. Postcards from St Kitts, South Africa, downtown Seattle... The gift-card-as-casserole another longtime Snupin friend sent when my mother died two years ago today, along with literally dozens of condolence notes from others. The acquaintances and strangers who quote and rec not only my fics but my poems (and sometimes my rants, eep). The fun of being generous in like wise to others. The quiet satisfaction of volunteer work done late at night and behind the scenes so that old texts and new stories reach more people.

    I enjoyed reading Ivan Ljubicic's perspective about various aspects of playing on the ATP tour. As a fan of both Roger and Rafa, I loved the opening:

    The people on tour are different than they were 15 years ago. You see more players doing so much more fitness. I remember coming into the locker room 10-15 years ago and guys would be talking about other sports and now if you want to survive you have to be focused 100 percent. That's what Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal have done for our sport as they are asking 100 percent out of all of us. If you are not totally committed, you can't even play with them, and I'm not even talking about beating them, I'm talking about how ridiculous you would look out there if you are not playing your best and totally there mentally because you can't even compete.

    The current haul from the library includes a concert recording of Chess (the one with Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, and Adam Pascal as the leads), Tired of Being Tired (like my tangent above, I don't truly expect it to say much of anything new to me, but seeing old truths in different type is sometimes the kick my brain needs to get out of its ongoing ruts), and Posy Simmonds's Tamara Drewe, blurbed as a graphic-novel retelling of Far from the Madding Crowd (my favorite Thomas Hardy novel).

    But before I get to any of those: thank-you notes, housework, spreadsheets, several hundred more words, and a long walk (or at least twenty minutes involving some variation of situps). Onward!
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  • Journalism it ain't, and it shouldn't even be news, but I'm nonetheless tickled by this update on Sprite and Saffron, the koalas who got frisky on-camera last week during an Andy Roddick interview.

  • Flavia Pennetta beats Sam Stosur 63 61 in spite of landing only 33% of her first serves in the first set. Li Na beats Caroline Wozniacki in spite of 67 UFEs. Ye goddesses and fishes.

  • On the bright side, Kimiko Date Krumm beat Nadia Petrova 63 57 64. As Doots put it, Petrova got "outplayed, outrun, and out-thought by a 39 year old" (in a sport where the majority of elite players are under 30). Woot!

  • New poem up at Strange Horizons: By Way of Sorrow
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    So, maybe you remember how I was thinking of riffing on "Lay All Your Love on Me" to get it out of my system?


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    ... or so the song goes. Actually, the difficulty is that life careens on no matter whether I'm paying attention or not, which means I'm nowhere near unpacked, I'll be sightsinging 11 pieces at tonight's rehearsal (and learning one by ear; the remaining two I've sung before), and I'm daunted at the necessity of getting my house company-ready by Monday.

    Also, I ache all over, and I'm not sure if it's residual jetlag, residual-falling-off-a-horse-in-Jordan (I did get back on, go me), climate shock (I wore a bikini top in Tel Aviv last Saturday; today, I'm swaddled in my fleece robe and flannel nightgown, and I'm still cold), resuming my acquaintance with Tennessee Valley allergens, or if I'm succumbing to one of the many colds lurking around me (the BYM has been complaining of a scratchy throat). I better not be - I have high notes to hit! - but I've had to defer catching up with people, just in case, and that's a bummer.

    Mopiness and munched-up-by-obligations-ness aside, HI! (For those of you just tuning in, I was in Israel for a month - primarily to attend a friend's wedding in Tel Aviv, but also to indulge my wanderlust while I have the legs and flextime to give it rein. There are more details and photos at my general journal.) I couldn't help but think of y'all while I was over there - there was a sushi restaurant in Jerusalem with a manga-styled girl in its ads; cartoon crustaceans on subway walls; shiny, shiny beach structures and a gorgeous library at the Israel Supreme Court, both of which made me miss marginaliana like you wouldn't believe (and so did seeing the Sesame Street stream of Google-logos (November 4-10) every time I hopped onto to figure out buses, trains, and other logistics); and a Woodpigeon cover of "Lay All Your Love Down on Me" that had me remembering geoviki's lists.

    (I have been unnaturally obsessed with that song for the past nine days - the Information Society version happened to be playing while I was at the Japonika in Haifa, and somehow rooted itself into my system before I was done with my coffee, and the plane home had the ABBA original in its database, so I ended up playing it over and over from Turkey to Quebec in tandem with dance mixes of "All Out of Love" and "Don't Leave Me This Way." It was weirdly soothing to doze to, although the teenage girl in the seat next to me probably thinks I'm a sad, sad freak. I'll just have to riff on it for My Poem Rocks or some other venue - something in my psyche wants its turn on the dancefloor...)

    Um, so, yeah, lots going on, and lots more to say, but I've definitely exceeded my babble quota for the day. Plus, lunch to make and cards to send and files to edit and submissions to assemble. Speaking of the last, there are now poems scheduled to appear at Strange Horizons and Dead Mule in the near-ish future, and just a couple hours, qarrtsiluni went live with both the text and audio versions of I am waiting for the right instant to say your name. (For what it's worth, I feel this is my best reading to date of anything I've written, so I'm extra-pleased about that.)

    *hugs you all, bounds off to terrorize the mailman* *eg*
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    Owie, owie, ouch. I burned my left pinkie while baking tonight. That makes two weeks in a row with cooking-related injuries. (Last week it was jalapeno burns.) Let's see if I can make it through tomorrow's dinner prep...

    On the bright side, I now have warm-from-the-oven chocolatey oatmeal cookies, just because I felt like it. Which I am having with my third glass of red wine. I do love being a grownup. Even though, at the moment, I would much rather be working on the monster WiPs or angry/sexy/GTFO-my-head-NOW poems instead wading through twenty-year-old tax paperwork.

    Speaking of poetry, "I Hear You With Half of My Heart went up at My Poem Rocks last month, and three very short poems up at 7x20 over the summer.

    To my considerable startlement, I also picked up this...

    From tennis

    for this:
    NWS fridge-magnet ficlet under the cut )

    ...which, you know, not bad for something pulled together three hours before the deadline. Now if I can stop living the rest of my life like that... *grimace*

    the words on the fridge )

    Also? BBC livetexts and radio are lovesome things. And then there are the aspects of fandom that are not. )


    Not that I have any room to talk. I had lunch with a colleague yesterday, and we got to talking about my upcoming month in Israel:

    J: Are you going to visit any other countries while you're there?

    R: I seriously considered Egypt and Jordan, but probably not. The problem is that I don't have time to learn enough Arabic before I leave. [beat] Um. Yeah. I know I don't have to, but...

    J: Yeah, but I know you well enough for that to actually make sense.
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    [Subject line from Robert Pinsky's Tennis]

    My original plans for the day have been curtailed by my left foot (not sure what I did, but I can't put weight on it, which precludes gadding to/from hot chicken festivals and fireworks and the like) and some encroaching deadlines, but I have a pitcher of iced peach tea at the ready and a whole raft of Haru wo Daiteita fics by geri-chan that I'm going to reward myself with as soon as I put some reasonable distance between me and Canis deadlinus chompus.

    Not that that's stopped me from obsessively following Wimbledon. Proud of Dementieva for showing up with a serve, and especially proud of Roddick for working so hard to raise his game to finalist level. I do like Muzz (he's Scottish, he's fond of his dog, and his head's screwed on right -- "It's a pathetic attitude to lose one match and let it ruin your year"), but I'm pleased as punch that A-Rod prevailed in four sets, and I'll be happy about either him or Federer winning tomorrow as long as A-Rod brings his A+ game and pushes Federer to earn the darn thing. (Not that Federer won't have earned it otherwise, but I want to see more of him in flight. Match point yesterday against Haas was lovely to behold.)

    Also (with apologies to [personal profile] aunty_marion), I have to say that following yesterday's semifinal via livetexts (BBC, Guardian, and Wimby) and scoreboarding (we get neither cable nor NBC at my house -- long story -- and the videostreams I've tried so far send my hard drive into seizures) was highly entertaining. There was one UK member of the TennisWorld forum who periodically burst out with lines from "Scots wha hae," and Stephen Fry let loose on Twitter with "Oh, in the name of cock-mothering arse mustard" mid-match and "Holy suck-pigging BITCH!" upon its conclusion. The Wimbledon Poet has posted A-Rod's iPod War Boast, which may be the first Beowulf-Rick Astley mashup in the history of online poetry.

    Speaking of online poetry, I have three new pieces up at Dead Mule: "The Language of Waiting," "Fuel," and "Sonic Crochet Hook."
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    Today's NaPoWriMo prompt from Poetic Asides was "travel." I started to write about Amsterdam, but somehow ended up with this:


    Last summer, while in Chicago, I gave away )

    Oh, and I've got two cinquains in the new issue of AMAZE. One of them was inspired by the Japanese Festival of Seven Herbs.

    In other news, all y'all can go ahead and laugh at me: I have indeed been staying up until stupid hours with part 3 of "Not As Dumb" -- and I think it's on the verge of done. (The smut's been deferred to part 4, however - there's a reason I've mentally labelled this fic "The One Where the Characters Will Not Shut Up"...). I'll post it in a day or two (i.e., after I finish this Sunday's sermon, and provided I don't find anything unspeakably irreparable when I go tidy it up).
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    To borrow Gramarye1971's articulation, I'm among those feeling like "December 2008 crept up behind them and coshed them on the back of the head," but much of it's my own darn fault, and the stuff that isn't can't be helped, so I will restock on dried squid tomorrow and brew buckets of tea all month, and all will eventually be well.

    Plus, it seems churlish to wax anxious or fretful about anything when there's so much well with me already:

  • The new issue of flashquake is up, and it includes two of my poems: "The Sharpshooter Assembles A Relish Tray" and "A Stack of Cards."

  • I just got back from a week in the United Kingdom, where I got to meet up with [ profile] aunty_marion at the Islington Slug and Lettuce, poked around Bletchley Park (which is in Buckinghamshire, and yes, there may eventually be TDiR fic from this), and meandered around Glasgow and Belfast with my sweetie. (And as with every trip, there were more people we would have liked to see than time to see them in, but we hope to be back (and for a longer holiday) in a couple of years...)

  • "Cthulhu" -- the BPAL scent, that is -- came to the rescue on our train ride from London to Glasgow, since I hadn't adequately anticipated the reek vs. sleep factor (i.e., sharing a very enclosed cabin after a long day sans showers).

  • Lots of anecdotal notes to self on differences between US and UK customs (what is(n't) comped in hotel rooms, etc.) and general climate (Belfast: lots of short skirts and high heeled boots in spite of the cold) and other things, which may show up here later either in fic or general natterings. I'll save it for January or later, though, since it's not like any of you lack things to read right now, and many of you are in the same boat as I am re: Stuff That Must Be Written Before Solstice. (All together now: EEK!) (And, deep breath: EEE!) (Who knows when they'll get written, but the plots, they are like the innards of intricately carved chesspieces...)

  • In Glasgow, there's a major road called Sauchiehall Street (pronounced "suckyhall"). It translates to "Way of the Willows."

  • In Glasgow's Museum of Transport, there's a Ford Anglia on display. There's a white owl perched inside...

  • After the Beautiful Young Man heard about Marion's plan to copyedit Book 7, he said, "You know how some dude edited Star Wars and got rid of Jar-Jar? Someone needs to phantom-edit HP and ditch Dobby."

  • Cedar, every time I saw the Odeon Leicester Square sign, I thought of you.

  • One of Belfast's most fashionable clothing stores (in the new, uber-fashionable Victoria Square complex) is called Remus Uomo. I've been telling you all for years that the shabby clothes were a front...

  • Cannot get "Together in Electric Dreams" out of my head. This is primarily from a late-night drink at the Stiff Kitten, where the DJ was playing what both the BYM and I think of as "80s comfort music" - which was all the more entertaining because two local, not-too-drunk lads periodically kept trying out breakdancing moves, with no one else in the bar paying them any mind. (We also stopped by the Morning Star, another pub where several tables of older people kept bursting into song. Some of it wasn't bad, but the multiple attempts at "New York, New York" were rather dire, and in spite of ordering a drink that came with its own plastic oar, I was not near tipsy enough to encourage them directly.)

  • There's more, but I need to tidy up and grab a quick bite before a meeting. Later, loves! *blows kisses and wafts warm studying/shopping/surviving/sketching/snoozing vibes at all y'all*
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    Three poems up at Clean Sheets: "Storm After Drought," "Letter," and "Coriander Vodka."

    Confidential to [ profile] snapelike and [ profile] lore: "Letter" was written after seeing an auction listing for a Harudaki pencil board...
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    Hey, look! I wrote something above PG! And more than a couple hundred words!

    Because I Love You More Than I Can Say. Ryo/Dee (FAKE) and Iwaki/Katou (Haru wo Daiteita), ~2850 words. R.

    (Unless I've forgotten something, my last R-rated flashfic was 200 words on Bunter last October (and that R is arguable - rereading it, I'd knock that one back to PG). And my last NC-17 fic was the Lord Peter/Bunter for [ profile] marginaliana. Yikes, how time does fly.)

    (An aside to [ profile] snapelike: Yes, I know the Snape/Whomping Willow for your fest has to be R or higher. I'm still figuring it out...)
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    First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who bid on my offerings at livelongmarry. *loves you all*

    More joys and glee:

    [click image for larger view]

    [ profile] ravenna_c_tan, organizer extraordinaire, has posted additional details on how to get to Quimby's. It is on Wednesday night and it is open to the public. You do not have to be registered for Terminus to attend this reading. There will be fabulous prizes (some of which are on my "To Make As Soon As Work Stops Eating Me Alive" list). ETA: Yet more info from the store's blog.

  • I have received my Quidditch team assignment: I will be playing for Betas Anonymous Punctuation Pixies. (There are least three readers of this journal now laughing their sweet arses off at the sheer appropriateness of this assignment.)

  • Via [ profile] tjwritter: Tears of the Phoenix is hosting a gathering at the conference, Saturday night. Copying and pasting the description from the Intersections page:

    Tears of the Phoenix Presents "The Little Room"
    RSVP: Tamela at
    Date: Saturday, August 9, 2008
    Time: 8 p.m. - midnight
    Location: Kitty O'Sheas Irish Pub, Hilton Chicago Hotel
    The 1920s Literary Renaissance of Chicago was called "The Little Room". We want to recreate that resurgence Harry Potter-style by having a night of creativity with drabbles, flash fiction, drawbles or whatever else your gin-soaked bunny demands. Drop-ins welcome, challenges every half an hour! Twenty-one years of age and older only, please.

    [As listed here, my other Saturday commitments include a 9 p.m. drabble booth shift and a 11 p.m. reading of "D'accord, d'accord," so I'll be holding off on the gin until those are done.]

  • In personal news, I'm still in the midst of making my mother's house saleable, among myriad other chores. The professional docket remains crowded, and the warren of plot- and poem-bunnies seems to have multiplied by a factor of twenty over the past week, which is exasperating at the moment, since I have way too many things on the "To Finish" list as it is. At the same time, it's rather exhilarating looking at the world through the eyes of new characters-to-be. I should shut up already and write, so I will. More later, my dears. *scatters carrots amongst all your bunnies, and hugs to those who want/need them*
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    Highlights from the dance-card so far:

    * Slash reading at Quimby's Wednesday 6 August, 7 p.m.- 8 p.m. There is much scheming in progress for this - stay tuned for what's in it for you (in additional to hearing good slash, of course! And yes, Snape/Lupin and/or bronze ribbons will be audible and/or visible in some fashion or another...)

    * Working two shifts at registration (4 to midnight, with a dinner break) on Thursday. See some of you then. :-)

    * Quidditch in Grant Park - Saturday morning and afternoon

    * Drabble booth 9 p.m - 10 p.m. Saturday

    * Reading "D'Accord, d'accord" 11 p.m. - 11:50 p.m. Saturday

    * OotP screening Sunday midnight (I still haven't seen it yet. I figure I'll wait and really make a party of it. *g*)

    I haven't gone through the whole schedule yet, and there's a heap of you on the schedule, f-list, but I do have to say I'm really looking forward to [ profile] gmonkey42 and [ profile] valis2's presentation on "Snape's Mary Sues: A Visual Field Guide for Identifying and Understanding Mary Sues Paired With Snape" (Sunday morning). Just reading that title fills me with all sorts of anticipatory glee. :-D


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