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It's [ profile] brit_columbia's birthday! and she has asked for FAKE ficlets. There are already some fun offerings from her other admirers at her journal.

As part of the celebration, I decided to see if there was any part of part 5 of "Not as Dumb" that was postable. This has not been beta'd, and I reserve the right to determine this doesn't belong in the story after all (in which case, Brit, you can think of this as an blue cheese tartlet illicitly snuck out of the bakery kitchen for you that then didn't end up on the official menu...).

Anyway, happy birthday, Brit! May there be less stress and more time to write/graze/chill in the year ahead!

The next morning, when Ryo woke up... )
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Rhea34 over at LJ has recorded my little futurefic (700 words) about Bikky, "Forward." *bounce bounce bounce* If you enjoy it, please let her know. The link to download it is at

...and, if you click on the amplificathon tag for FAKE, you'll see two other podfics she's recorded. "Shrapnel" was a Yuletide gift written for me by paperuni three years ago, so I'm extra-excited to find it now exists in audio as well. :-)
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5. Favourite book and why?
This changes every three minutes. Two minutes ago it was volume 4 of FAKE, because I was spot-rereading it: it contains some of my favorite episodes, I'm almost 1000 words into drafting Part 5 of "Not as Dumb," and it makes me nostalgic for Chicago because I bought it at Myopic Books and read it while staying in a nice hotel while attending a convention where I met too many fun people to list and discovered that I loooovvvve dancing with [personal profile] ravenna_c_tan, and I remember reading the last page of volume 4 and going, OMG, I've got to find the rest of the series now (I'd picked up v2 and v4 because that's what the bookstore had, and [ profile] lore had said good things about the series in her Coming Out of the Yaoi Closet post right before I'd left for Chicago), and whenever I think about that trip I also remember all the faxing I did (I was in the process of selling my mother's house) and [personal profile] marginaliana and [personal profile] valis2 bursting into laughter when they saw my face after Quidditch in Grant Park and the beautiful collage [personal profile] marginaliana later made of a poem I wrote, and sometimes I also remember the giddy e-mail [ profile] musigneus sent me after drafting Not About You and I feel all "Toi and Moi" bouncy about having lured her into reading the series. :-)

(In short, it's not just about the book, it's about the places and people twined into my memories of finding, reading, and revisiting it.)

And ten minutes from now it will be the CMOS... )
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From photoblogging

My birthday was excellent. I sang at two services; helped make sandwiches for delivery to flood survivors; took a long nap; read parts of the New York Times; and went to a local bar for a cocktail and steak tartare. I wore a silk dress I'd found via eBay and earrings from [personal profile] xanthophyllippa.

There were funny cards and lovely messages and notices of donations to Second Harvest and other charities. And there were poems and fic, too!
  • [ profile] maribella008 sent me "Phantom Yardstick," a Safin/Berdych drabble. (For you non-tennis people: think Sirius Black and, uh, the love-child of Viktor Krum and Luna Lovegood? *ducks* Put another way: Marat has a reputation as one of the hottest and craziest elite players. Tomas is five years younger - practically a generation in tennis-years - is arguably attractive, looks bug-eyed when he wears his damn caps, and has a reputation as a flake.) (For you tennis slashers: yes, there's literally a long story behind this. No, I'm not going to explain or share it right now.)

  • [ profile] brit_columbia posted a poetic portrait of a bull in celebration of our Taurean-ness

  • [ profile] geri_chan dedicated episodes 13 and 14 of Unmasked (her Haru wo Daiteita series) to me, giving my favorite character (Yoshizumi) considerable screen time and goosing along my OTP in her Comeback-verse (Yoshizumi/Kenzaki).

  • *happy flailing*

    Oh, and I finally finished the FAKE one-shot I'd started as a one-nighter nine days earlier: The Ties That Do Not Bind. (Dee/Ryo, 2300 words, NWS, handcuffs)

    Monday morning, microcosms tweeted one of my poems.

    The rest of the week has been a blur of volunteering, working, coughing, scrubbing, and plotting (Snupin remix assignment; the next scene of Not as Dumb; other poems and stories I have no business teasing into existence until I finish the ones already in progress). There's been a little bit of tennis-watching (the end of Gulbis-Federer and most of Murray-Ferrer) and some poetry-dipping (A.E. Stallings's Seasonal Anxiety reminded me of the academics among you).

    The game plan for next week: edit like a fiend and take a walk every day. That's it. (There will be paperwork I can't ignore and poems I'll want to draft, but this is me telling my hamster-wheel brain to take a break from its ceaseless self-badgering about Things That Will Still Be There To Do/Make/Encourage a week from now.)
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    Here's to a great year ahead for you! In celebration, a leetle fic in your honor (and inspired by some of your quirks... *g*):

    Title: Fruitful
    Rating: work-safe
    Wordcount: 176
    Disclaimer: All characters are Sanami Matoh's. The jacket shows up in Brit's A New Day.

    Dudes, gotta hide! Ryo's on the warpath! )
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    Title: Not As Dumb, part 4 of 6
    Author: [personal profile] bronze_ribbons
    Rating: M/NWS (majorly Mature, seriously Not Work-Safe)
    Wordcount: 6,900+ this part, adding up to over 20,000 total so far. And to think I thought this was going to be a fluffy little drabble when I started it.
    Warnings: handcuffs, bowel movements, fisting, and consent/privacy issues
    Sweet, perspicacious, and unbelievably speedy beta: [ profile] maribella008
    Disclaimer: Ryo and Dee belong to Sanami Matoh. Their beliefs and opinions do not always correspond to mine.
    Notes: Still striving to finish my [ profile] springkink sign-up from (ack!) November 2008. I'm as red as a mega-mortified Ryo for taking so long with this. I hope you find it worth the wait, and yes, there'll be more in (I hope! man, do I hope) far less than another year from now. (*thunks head against own shower tiles*)

    All four chapters now at Archive of Our Own
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    New words on "Not as Dumb" since lunchtime: 2692. Plus longhand notes on both sides of four old library sign-out cards, and yes, I'm alive to the irony of appropriating them for the purposes of plotting online fic. (I'll post a photograph later.)

    LJ link-farming fail: detailed here and elsewhere. Read more... )

    Anyhow, main point: posting it here as a FYI for those of you who do want to know what LJ is doing with your link-clicks.

    On a happier note, I've indulged in a fair amount of really good fic the past couple of days. The standouts include:

    An Interesting and Difficult Woman. Author currently anon at the hp_beholder fest. Aunt Muriel/Ollivander. 10K, NWS. Splendid depiction of two older people keeping on and playing chess with each other, both literally and figuratively.

    [... and I had another "over 40 kickass female" rec I was thinking of in relation to this, but the bookmark might be on the other computer. Oops...]

    Half the World is Waiting by [ profile] dreamlittleryo. FAKE, Bikky/Carol and Dee/Ryo and others, futurefic, about 5K, PG-13, terrific characterization (including of tertiary characters like Lai). Love, love, love.

    Okay, that's enough tab-wrangling for the moment. Post on wolves and sheep TK...
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    The recs (both by currently anon):

    Open Hand
    Nc-17, Snape/Lupin, 6000 words
    Author's summary: After the war, Severus must decide whether or not he wants to pick up where he left off with Remus, and Remus helps him make up his mind.
    Author's warnings: not canon compliant in that Snape and Lupin survive the war and Teddy isn't Remus' biological child, mutual masturbation, use of Legilimency during sex, desperation, established relationship
    Ribbons's reaction: Superb hurt-comfort, dry humor, a Remus equal to Severus

    "...the media are portraying you as a redeemed anti-hero," Remus said, amusement lacing his voice. "A wizarding version of Heathcliff, if you will."

    Severus rolled his eyes at that and gave an annoyed huff.

    "Well, you are tall, dark, and broody," Remus pointed out. "I dare say you'll have women flinging their knickers at you after this, eager to help you forget the lingering memory of your doomed and tragic love for Lily."

    Remus was giving him a pointed look, and Severus tried not to appear sheepish as he glanced away and picked idly at the bed sheets, grateful he couldn't talk at the moment.

    "Admit it: you were trying to rattle Harry even in your almost-dying moments."

    Severus grimaced and nodded, silently damning Remus for knowing him too well.

    Amor Vitae
    Rating: PG-13, gen, 5K
    Character(s): Flitwick, McGonagall, Snape, Moody, Lupin
    Author's summary: "Some people wonder why Filius Flitwick is always so cheerful at Christmas"
    Ribbons's reaction: I have a soft spot for fics that give Flitwick his due, and this one does so in a way that's both heartbreaking (I was in tears by the end) and hopeful (as befits the season). The author is deft with both characterization and revelation, and rereading it, I keep admiring how s/he shows you what's just happened without over-detailing or over-dialoguing it, if that makes sense.
    Excerpt (and yes, I'm conscious this bit doesn't mention Flitwick at all, but it's the first, short, non-spoilery part that best illustrates why I'll be rereading this story):

    "Anyone else for tea?" Minerva snapped her book shut and got up from her armchair by the fireplace.

    "Not me, thanks," Remus said as he slumped down on the lumpy sofa.

    "What you call tea should be a Class A tradable substance," Alastor Moody growled. "But I'll have some if you're making it anyway. And how often have I told you to take your wand with you, even if you go to the kitchen?"

    Minerva pursed her lips and shoved her wand between the folds of her robes.

    "TIP DOWN! You wouldn't be the first witch to lose a..."

    He was reduced to silence by the arched eyebrow that every British witch or wizard under the age of thirty-eight knew to interpret as a danger sign. "Thank you for your concern, Alastor, but not everybody handles their wand with such brute force that they blow off their..."

    "I think I may have some tea after all," Remus said and got up from the sofa. He was still rather new to the Order of the Phoenix.

    A side-note: I learned about both these fics through the recs of other fans (in this case, lore and pale-moonlite respectively). Please, please comment on the ones you enjoy (even a one-word YES! warms the cockles of most writers' hearts) and rec if/when you are able (even if it's months later) - it means so much to the creators, and it is, in the end, our only means of rewarding them for sharing their gifts.

    The outright squee: LJ: opalmatrix's Appetizing: FAKE, Ryo/Dee, PG-13, 675 words. Prompt was "kissing someone to shut them up - eggplant." GLEE!

    The moan:

    Saints and saeurbraten, the fic-I-am-not-really-working-on-yet is ALREADY being a mejorama epic PAIN IN THE ASS. (And that's without a single mention of cows. Or cream. Yet, anyway.)

    Ok, back to work now. *shoves out-of-control outline into duffel bag and slams the locker door shut, panting*
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    The squee: [personal profile] emungere was playing the write-the-next-five-lines meme at her journal, and humored my request for a glimpse of Dee and Berkeley at the U.S. Open.

    The drabble:

    100 words, Roger/Rafa, Dee/Ryo, worksafe )
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    Musigneus has written Not About You, which is Ryo/Dee (FAKE, NC-17), and it is AWESOME.

    [For those of you newer to Snape/Lupin: Mus is one of THE classic writers of the ship (you don't have to take my word for it -- six other people have rec'd her work on crack_broom; here masterlist is here (including translations in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Czech). Hie thee to her stories if you are not yet acquainted with them!]
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    Title: Not As Dumb, part 3 of 6
    Rating: M. I've deferred the explicit smut to part 4, but this one has a bit of skin, some kissing, and a lot of cussing. And handcuffs.
    Wordcount: ~ 4,200 this part; 13,100 total so far, with at least three more chapters ahead.
    Warnings: issues of consent, privacy, quality of life, and handling of bodily waste. (Put bluntly, this chapter includes discussions of rape, aging, and suicide/mercy killing. So sexy, I know, but the characters insisted; please know your triggers and boundaries before proceeding further.)
    Notes: Ryo and Dee belong to Sanami Matoh. Their beliefs and opinions do not always correspond to mine. Written for LJ:springkink.

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Part 3

    Ack! What the FUCK!? )
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    Today's NaPoWriMo prompt from Poetic Asides was "travel." I started to write about Amsterdam, but somehow ended up with this:


    Last summer, while in Chicago, I gave away )

    Oh, and I've got two cinquains in the new issue of AMAZE. One of them was inspired by the Japanese Festival of Seven Herbs.

    In other news, all y'all can go ahead and laugh at me: I have indeed been staying up until stupid hours with part 3 of "Not As Dumb" -- and I think it's on the verge of done. (The smut's been deferred to part 4, however - there's a reason I've mentally labelled this fic "The One Where the Characters Will Not Shut Up"...). I'll post it in a day or two (i.e., after I finish this Sunday's sermon, and provided I don't find anything unspeakably irreparable when I go tidy it up).
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    Remember a couple weeks ago, when I begged the boys to go back to their own story and start talking to each other already? And remember how I decided yesterday, oh, how much harm could there be in visiting them for a couple hours before dinnertime?

    ...Here's the weekend report. The story is looking more and more like a six-parter. The fest gods have got to be laughing at me, considering all I had in mind when I claimed the original prompt was a drabble.

    ... and speaking of springkink, the new round of prompts is now available for signup. There are at least four prompts for FAKE (not all of them from me), two for Harudaki, and one for Umaimon Kuwasero available for claiming. No, I'm not touching any of them, but it'd be really cool if some of you did, especially considering the minimum's only 100 words. *is so Not Subtle about catapulting bunnies at friendslist*

    ETA: I keep forgetting to mention that I did finish the Embracing Spring ficlet, and it was beta'd by the ever-encouraging [ profile] geri_chan, who has a story in the fest as well that's both wicked hot and a fun study of several secondary characters (especially given how said characters are notable in how they don't like being secondary, which is admittedly a theme I am myself drawn to). I ended up calling mine "Gimlet"; my working title for the series is "Squeeze," but first I need Ryo and Dee to get to that Crisco. *resumes glaring at characters*

    ETA 2: I'm currently wearing a tank top with the word "POWNED" on it -- it's the name of a heavy metal band for which the painter of my Mom's house is the lead singer. When he saw the logo, my husband demanded, "What's that 'O' doing in there?" -- the same thing I did when I grabbed the shirt this morning. We both spend way too much time online, is what.
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    Dear Detectives Maclean and Laytner:

    Guys, behave already. Enough of your straying into the universe of my Embracing Spring ficlet. I'm aiming for less than a thousand words, so there won't be enough scenes for you to steal (even if the darn thing balloons to two or three K), and it's a Nitta fest, so I'm not about to indulge in an Exposition of Doom to explain how the hell you ended up staking out Roppongi clubs in the first place (especially considering that, in my fanon, neither of you speaks Japanese).

    Do me a favor, please: get yourselves back into the story that IS about you and get on with yelling at each other about what you've each been holding back. I mean it. There's some majorly kinky sex ahead for you, but until you come clean about some of the things you haven't been telling each other, your clothes are staying on and the Crisco's staying in the kitchen.

    [Don't give me that look, Ryo. It'll be worth it. You'll see.]

    Exasperatedly yours,
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    Title: Professionals
    Characters: Sawa Nagisa is Youka Nitta's. The inspectors and Kohaku are mine. The American in the second drabble is Sanami Matoh's.
    Rating: G
    Notes: Two 100-word drabbles. They are prequels to the ficlet I am currently working on for the Embracing Spring fest (caveat: if the plot gets any more out of control, I will table it for later and come up with something simpler and fluffier for the fest). There is in fact a travel advisory currently in effect regarding Roppongi bars. Originally written for [ profile] youka_nitta's current drabble prompt, "Business," for which I also wrote "Fountains of Opportunity".
    Summary: There has been an epidemic of drinks being spiked in Roppongi. Some of the patrons are professionally interested in the situation.

    As Assistant Inspector Akatsu led away the perpetrator... )
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    * Coming across Spanish scanlations of the extras from the Japanese reissues of FAKE. Now if I could only find a reputable North American source for the licensed Spanish editions. (I'm steering clear of alibris.)

    * Ryotaro Iwanaga's Pumpkin Scissors: Imperial Army State Section III. The manga is up to nine or ten volumes in Japan, with four volumes translated into English so far; I borrowed the first three from my local library and devoured them this afternoon. I am impressed by Del Rey/Ballantine/Kodansha's efforts: the first volume includes a good guide about Japanese honorifics, and each volume includes some translation notes at the end, where Ikoi Hiroe notes several spots where different choices could have been made, or provides additional cultural context.

    Also, it has several kickass female characters - the field commander of the unit is 2nd Lt. Alice Malkin - and there's a doggie, and some cats... (am softie. Don't tell! *g*).

    * We're currently stove-less, so we've been exploring various "just add hot water" and/or microwavable products. Today's was Shirakiku brand "Fresh Japanese Style Sanukiya Udon." I admit to picking it up partly because I just liked the cartoon of two country dudes with their noodles (whoa, that came out way more filthy than I intended), and this review pretty much nails the experience (including the spongy veggie bits I didn't care for either; I can't comment on the openability of the packets, though, since I approached the bowl with scissors in hand). In a nutshell: good noodles, and the water doesn't actually have to be hot before you add it.
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    Title: Some Glimpses of More Than Anything
    Fandom: FAKE
    Pairing: Dee Laytner/Ryo Maclean
    Challenge: 1 sentence (50 prompts, 1 sentence per prompt)
    Theme set: Gamma
    Rating: up to light R in a couple of spots

    After the aborted test drive... )
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    Title: Not a Floating Spar
    Author: bronze_ribbons
    Fandom: FAKE
    Characters: Diana and Carol
    Timeline: After Like, Like, Love
    Words: 130
    Rating: G
    Note: One last post for halfamoon 2009. Title from Edna St. Vincent Millay.

    Read more... )
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    Title: Developing
    Fandom: FAKE
    Characters: Ryo thinking about his Aunt Elena
    Rating: G
    Word count: 100 words
    Notes: Takes place after the series. Direct references to the Ryo "side story" published a couple years ago as extra chapters in the Japanese reissues (scanlations here - listed as "FAKE extra ch 4" and "ch 5"). Written for halfamoon 2009, day 11.

    Ryo and his Aunt Elena seldom talk about the summer he was eighteen... )
    bronze_ribbons: snapshot of me in standing bow (Ryo/Dee)
    Title: When Damsels Grow up
    Fandom: FAKE
    Character: Carol
    Rating: PG (references to violence)
    Timeline: After Like, Like, Love.
    Words: 100. Written for day 8 of halfamoon 2009.

    Read more... )


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