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Seeing these cookies at a Starbucks after today's workout reminded me of time spent laughing and drabbling with y'all -- especially [identity profile] ;)

octopus cookies at a Starbucks

And the recent "36 hours" feature on Tokyo in a mainstream US newspaper brought to mind fics shared with [personal profile] geri_chan, [personal profile] lysanatt, and the rest of the Harudaki deep-divers.

(I have not cancelled my subscription to said paper, primarily because access to its archives remains essential for my work, but the defensive condescension displayed by various staff members -- see analyses at Fusion, Esquire, American Orthodox if you need context -- has me irritated enough to cease linking to or quoting from said paper for the time being. As I said in my note to its executive editor, "In publishing writers whose claims wouldn't make it beyond a New Yorker fact-checker, and headlines that not only soft-pedal but normalize the Trump administration's crimes, [your paper] has plummeted in reputation to the point that I can no longer link to or tag [any piece from the paper] -- even nonpolitical ones -- without asking myself to what degree my own credibility will take a hit.")

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8/5/17 00:50 (UTC)
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I saw those cookies too, and I was tempted to buy one! They were so cute it almost made me feel guilty about eating real octopus.

Funny you mentioned Harudaki, because I just saw a Direct Talk episode on NHK World that featured photographer Mika Ninagawa, daughter of the director Ninagawa. It was short but really interesting, and she talked a little bit about the difficulties of growing up in the shadow of her famous father. I might do a short post about it later.


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