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As I was leaving for work yesterday morning, a man and his dog were loping their way toward the park near the end of my street.

A woman driving by rolled down her window and held out a stuffed reindeer toy to the man. "Could you use this?"

The man shook his head regretfully. "It wouldn't last the day."

The woman smiled sadly. "Oh well. My doggie died, that's why."

I wish I'd been near enough to offer her a hug before she drove on.

Last night, at a holiday gathering at L27, I overheard the BYM replying to someone who'd apparently asked him to sum up his 2016 in a sentence. He said, "We bought my shop a building and our dog died."

That does cover the range.
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Near Strasbourg Cathedral

The subject line is from Fleur Adcock's "Kissing," which begins, "The young are walking on the riverbank," which immediately had me thinking about Paris in May 2009, where there were some lovely strolls along the Seine.

Even so, 2009 was a crucible of a year. When things get stupid intense these days, I sometimes think back to 2009, and then I say, "Ha! 2015, I am armed. I have survived gnarlier years than you!"

Among other things, 2009 was when I hauled two laptops with me around the Czech Republic and France and sucked down litres of soda while whaling through work that couldn't wait:

working some more

working in reims

But I made time for some sightseeing anyway. These shirts in the window of a Strasbourg kiddie clothing shop window reminded me of the tentacle crowd:

in a strasbourg shop window in a strasbourg shop window

And now, like then, there will be doting on doggies:

French train station
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I'm shallow, and I admit it: while it's true that a good crosscourt backhand or approach volley can make me wriggle my shoulders with appreciation, I'm also wholly capable of cheering for a player (or at least cutting them some slack) simply because they are kind to puppies. The most recent photos on my timeline:

David Ferrer:
Petra Kvitova:

(Past sightings, which I'll blog about some other time, include Djokovic, Murray, Mauresmo, Ferrero, V. Williams, and Lendl)


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